Hagen von Tulien, LE BAGGATH-TJNEMOUR, Livre Noir & Livre Rouge (Liber B-T), Society of Esoteric Endeavour (19cm x 15cm x 5cm, 240pp). Hardback in full leather binding. The leather is blocked and inset. To make manifest the natures of the work, there are two versions; one predominantly black with red insets, the other predominantly red with black insets. The endpapers are of Himalayan paper with a doublure panel inset into the pastedown which is made from to layers of pure silk organza. The netlike weaves of these layers create shimmering interference patterns that move as the book is handled, though these is hard to capture with a camera. The also give an impression of depth, that one is looking into the book's covers. The shimmering is carried on with the edges of the pages which are blocked with a holographic pattern


This graphic grimoire is a manifestation of the Saturn Gnosis as taught by Michael Bertiaux who contributes an Introduction and Afterword, the latter being the record of a séance that was intended to secure the voudon passporté that secures access to the realms articulated in the book. The passporté - was then realised through full colour automatic art by Bertiaux - it is reproduced in the back of the book for the use of the reader. As with many mundane passports, the passporté is laminated.


The original artwork which forms this grimoire was executed in a variety of techniques including pen and ink, papercuts and digital formats. Its spiritual and symbolic form is designed to enable the deeper realms of the unconscious and its attendant powers to be realised. Twenty five of the talismanic images in the book are manifested in metal, being blocked in silver coloured metallic foil upon a background of pure silk. The silk plaque is then embedded in the page.  It is intended that there should be some slight loss of foil, as the acquire a suitable aged appearance.



These books are entirely handmade.




The structure of the book is thus:-



Introduction, Michael Bertiaux


Livre Noire

Herein are found the mysteries of the Saturn-Gnosis of the Ghuédhé Cultus: its mystical initiations, and its many forms of magic, sorcery and elemental power. Its headings are:-



Saturn-Gnosis of Guédhé Cultus



One - Serpent Seed

The Esoteric Ritual of Light (from the sacred texts of the Fraternitas Saturni)


Two - The Magical Body of Legbha

Empowerment Ritus

General Ritual Procedure


Three - Children of the Black Goddess

Les Houdeaux

Three - Les Linglessoux

Les Cadavres Piquants

Les Faiseurs-des-Zombi

Four - Guédhé Cultus  of Saturn




The Gateway

In order to make incarnate its nature as the passage from the black to the red aspect of the current, one page has an vesica shaped window cut in it so that a component of the preceding and following page designs can be viewed as part of a different design.




Livre Rouge

describes the mysteries of the Stellar-Gnosis of the Me'on Cultus: the stellar stirrings of the unmanifest in an alien realm beyond the conceptions of human consciousness, creatinmg the potential for transmissions from the transyuggothian Outside, from the vast reaches of cosmic beyond. Its headings are:-


Stellar Gnosis of Me'on Cultus

The Technologies of the Sacred

Ba'al Gnosis

Choronzon Cult

The Elder Gods

Appendix I

Ma Ayon - Dark Doctrine


Appendix II

Séance - Michael Bertaiux


























Each copy is uniquely signed and talismanised by Hagen von Tulien by means of a tipped in sheet which is enstamped and each carries a unique hand drawn saturnian spirit signature. This was generated by means of a magical board designed by Michael Bertiaux in combination with the throw of a dice to establish contact with a Saturnian Spirit and obtain its three lettered name. From this name a Magical Kamea and sigil is generated. Thus each book has a unique Saturnian spirit attached.









Also each copy has the Society of Esoteric Endeavour bookplate blocked in pure gold. As these books are made to order this bookplate will confirm the final print run and bear a handwritten inscription made by a professional calligrapher which gives the copies number and also to whom it has been issued. PLEASE INDICATE HOW YOU WISH THE BOOKPLATE TO BE INSCRIBED. The space for the name can be left blank or inscribed:-





a member of the Society of Esoteric Endeavour


or any magical name or pseudonym that is desired. But if no pre­ference is stated it will be inscribed with your name as  given on your order.








More images of the book can be found here:-









The optional slipcase and chemise.


This is an optional extra and are made to order. The slipcase is of board bound in faux leather, the chemise is faux leather lined with felt forming a limp wrapper which embraces the book before it is inserted into the slipcase. Thus the book is entirely enclosed and so protected from light etc. The part of the chemise protecting the spine is inset with counter coloured faux leather and blocked.














The Deluxe Slipcases


There will 25 deluxe copies. The book itself is the same as the standard copies but the deluxes are supplied in a clamshell slipcase which is blocked in silver coloured metallic foil on the spine and on the side. Aside from holding the book it has a solid oak draw opened with a brass knob. This holds one of the engraved brass dies that were used to block the silk plaques which is held in place with black foam. This is aesthetically framed by the oak draw and its foam insert. If desired, the brass knob can be unscrewed for display purposes. But also the brass die/sculpture can be removed entirely for inspection. These are quite chunky pieces of metal, about 8cm x 11cm, 6mm thick and weighing roughly 350 grams. Effectively this is the talismanic design realised as a three dimensional metal sculpture. Also it can be utilised as a printing block or to make impressions in suitable materials, thus creating further talismanic images. The die enclosed is used to block the side of the slipcase. The deluxe slipcase is 22cm x 19cm x 10cm















The print run of these books will be very limited. Enough copies will be made to supply those who order them now and it will then go out of print and the Society of Esoteric Endeavour will then move on to its next project. Copies will be supplied in the sequence of orders received * and the numeration of the book will reflect that sequenced. So, the first person to order a copy receives number 1 and so on.


* Except copies with deluxe slipcases with have to be supplied later on, when the die is no longer required.






Book                                                                             £275

Book with the optional slipcase and chemise           £325

Book in deluxe clamshell slipcase with brass die    £575



Plus postage and insurance (by a carrier service that will collect from me and is fully insured):-


UK                           £7.98            

Europe                   £17.50           

Rest of the World  £30.00  





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