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Frater Achad, Anatomy of the Body of God, Being the Supreme Revelation of Cosmic Consciousness, Weiser 1969. Hardback Ltd. Ed. Of 750 copies. xv + 111pp Coloured Frontispiece Plate. Elegant book, facsimile of 1st Ed Exquisite & important Thelemic Qabala. Ownership inscription, missing dustwrapper otherwise Very Good Charles Stansfield Jones (1886-1950) Thought for awhile to be Crowley's magical successor but he and the Beast fell out. Order No. 9-21-001 45


AE, Candle of Vision, Macmillan 1920 Smaller format hardback viii + 175pp Author, George William Russell, was a prominent Irish Thesophist, socialist and nationalist. Whilst his pacifism precluded active service he designed the Starry Plough flag raised in the heroic Easter Rising in Dublin 1916. The shocking brutality of its suppression led, ultimately, to the creation of the Irsh Free State. In this book he explores his mysticism, describing awareness of realms beyond the normal, dreamwork and Celtic spirituality. Wear to coners, some browning to preliminaries Good Order No. 10-21-027 40


Frater A.H.E.H.O., Angelic Images, Sorcerer's Apprentice 1996 Card covered booklet 40pp In fact by A.C.Highfield, author of Book of Celestial Images. Explores the use of Telesmatic figures by the Golden Dawn mark to cover Order No. 10-21-028 12


Major C.D.M. Adam, Occult Astrology, Modern Astrology, not dated (1930s) Hardback 225pp The astrology appears pretty standard but it is interpreted though the Divine Trinity of Father - Mother - Son/creative spirit. Curiously he also refers to this trinity as Osiris - Isis - Horus (as did Crowley). Some marks to cover Good Order No. 10-21-030 20


Frater Albertus Ed., Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica Lapidus, Philosophorum; Or Plain & Honest Directions how to make the Stone...., Paracelsus Research Society 1966 1st Ed. Hardback 96pp Ltd Ed of 500 of Anon alchemical ms. dated 1711 probably by one David Fleischer German text & English trans in parrallel with copious comments Scarce & important alchemical text 96pp Very Good nice copy. . Order Ref. web-1-41 120




Ted Andrews, Simplified Qabala Magic, Llewellyn 2003 Paperback 165pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-033 4.50


Antero Alli, Angel Tech, A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality, Falcon Paperback Illustrated iii + 242pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-034 10


Anon, The Fame and Confession of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross, Helios Book Services 1970 No. 159 of a 200 copies. Hardback larger format (21cm x 26cm) 104pp. Parchment like endpapers and linen like paper, typewriter typeface. Helios books was founded by two former members of Dion Fortune's Fraterni of Light, Gareth Knight and W.E. Butler who would both become important teachers. Reproduces title page and text of the 1652 Eugenius Philalethes edition Fine . Order Ref. web-1-42 95


Anon (Trans, Roberrt Turner, Arbatel of Magick, no publisher give, not dated card covers cloth spine 32pp Order No. 10-21-035 8


Anon, Book of the Lambspring, Helios Book Services 1972 No. 159 of a 300 copies. Hardback larger format (21cm x 26cm) 35pp. Parchment like endpapers and linen like paper, typewriter typeface. Illustrated. Many blank pages. Helios books was founded by two former members of Dion Fortune's Fraterni of Light, Gareth Knight and W.E. Butler who would both become important teachers. Fine . Order Ref. web-1-43 75


Anon, The Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius, Trident 1999 Small format hardback xxviii + 97pp + ads. No. 147 of Ltd Ed of 1000. This copy is quarter bound in black snakeskin leather, the inverted cross on the front cover is blind stamped. Handsome book with coloured title page, decorated capitals & elegant typeface. Includes bibliography of the text, the version given here is transalated from a German manuscript recorded by Scheible, rather than the usual French printed exemplars. Also added a rare 15thC work of ecclesiastical exorcism, Conjuraiones Demonum. Fine in a Fine slipcase which is crafted to bow out hug the curve of the books spine. . Order Ref. web-1-44 250


Anon, The True Grimoire, Planet Voodoo 2010. Paperback 75pp Edited by Dennise Alvardo. Classic grimoire intended for attention of hoodooists in USA Fine . Order Ref. web-1-45 10


Michael Bertiaux, Vd Cartography, Fulgur 2010. Hardback, landscape format xi + 174pp. \no.33 of 88 deluxe copies signed by Michael Bertiaux Printed on a slightly superior paper, very generous quarter leather binding. Profusely illustrated. Fine in Fine in Fine dustwrapper in stout clothbound blind stamped slipcase . Order Ref. web-1-46 300


J. H. Brennan, Occult Tibet, Secret Practices of Himalayan Magic, Llewellyn 2002 paperback xvii + 207pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-045 10



Raymond Buckland, Ancient & Modern Witchcraft, HC Publishers 1970, Small format paperback 192pp some illustrations. Mass-market publication intended to promote wicca in the USA with some discussion of contemporary figures Very Good. Order Ref. web-1-48 30


E.A.Walls Budge, Egyptian Magic, A History of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practices including Amulets, Names, Spells, Enchantments, Figures, Formulae, Supernatural Ceremonies & Words of Power, Bell 1991 Smaller format hardback xix + 234pp Illus. Very Good in Very Good dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-046 5



E.M. Butler, Ritual Magic, Sutton 1998 Pb x + 328pp Illus Commencing with pre-Christian Graeco-Egyptian & Jewish traditions, then studies the medieval Solomonic traditions & related grimoires, the Faustian school, Scott, Dee & Kelly, Barrett & the myth of Satanism Very Good + clean copy Order No. 10-21-049 9





Franz Bardon

(1909-1958) Czech occultist imprisoned sent to a concentration camp for refusing to promote Nazi mysticism but rescued in a raid by the Red Army.

But he was locked up again after the war by communist Czech government and died in prison in suspicious circumstances.


Key to the True Kabbalah, `The Kabbalist as a Perfected Sovereign in the Microcosm & the Macrocosm, Merkur 1996 Hardback 279pp Monochrome Frontis & coloured Plate. Explores the kabbalistic significance of the letters used by modern European languages. An important and ground breaking study in modern occultism. Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-008 60


Practice of Magical Evocation, Instructions for Invoking Spirit Beings from the Spheres surrounding us, Ruggerberg 1975 Hardback 279pp + 154pp of illustration sigils many coloured. Explores regalia of ceremonial magic, practice of evocation, then gives sigils of elemental, planetary & zodiac spirits. Effectively one of the very few original grimoires to emerge in the 20th century Discrete booksellers sticker (Helios Books) Fine in Very Good protected dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-009 70






W.E. Butler

(1898-1978) British occultist who worked with Dion Fortune. He headed Servants of the Light, the magical order which grew from the course in Kabbala that he and Gareth Knight offered at Helios Books.


W.E. Butler, Apprenticed to Magic &, Magic & the Qabalah, Aquarian Press 1990 viii + 182pp Introduction by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki of Servants of the Light. First text is a teachers instructions to his student, the second gives auhtors unique view of Qabalah, realting it to the wider Western Mystery Tradition Fine in Fine protected dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-010 20


W.E. Butler, Lords of Light, Path of Initiation in the Western Mysteries; The Teachings of the Ibis Fraternity, Destiny 1990 Paperback 182pp Pre-eminent in founding Servants of the Light, in his last years Butler created the low profile Ibis Fraternity. Unobtrusive indents to back cover but Very Good clean copy Order No. 9-21-011 9


W.E. Butler, Magic, Its Ritual, Power & Purpose, The Magician - his Training & Work, BCA 1991. Hardback 238pp Intro Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki Excellent & important instruction in Golden Dawn tradition dealing with astal work, sound, flashing colours, ritual plus invocation & evocation, Kings of Edom, magnetic magic, initiatory magic Fine Order No. 9-21-012 25


W.E. Butler, Practical Magic & the Western Tradition, Unpublished Essays & Articles Comp. & Ed Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki, Aquarian 1986 1st Ed Paperback 160pp Includes:- Inner Plane Contacts and Rays; Esoteric Secrecy; Manichean Heresy; Telesmatic Images; Ritual Training; the Witch Cult; The Group Mind; The Egregoe; Groups and Organisations etc Very Good clean copy Order No. 9-21-013 16.50






Chaos Magic


Peter Carroll, Liber Kaos, Weiser 1993 Paperback 218pp Chaos magick training course Good Order No. 10-21-001 7


Peter Carroll, Liber Null & Psychonaut, An Introduction to Chaos Magic, Weiser 1987 Paperback 214pp Two of the most seminal Chaos Magic titles. Illustrations by Andrew David. Variant cover to later printings Very Good Order No. 10-21-002 7


Peter Carroll, PsyberMagick, Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick, New Falcon 1997 Paperback 127pp Fine Order No. 10-21-003 15


Phillip Cooper, Basic Magick, Weiser 1996. Formulates a straight forward magical system and practice using planetary forces and servitors. Interesting mix of Traditional and Chaos magic. Scarce Very Good Order No. 10-21-004 80



Jaq D. Hawkins, Understanding Chaos Magic, Capall Bann 1994 Paperback 117ppVery Good Order No. 10-21-005 10






Martin Coleman, Communing With Spirits, The Magical Practice of Necromancy Simply and Lucidly Explained With Full Instructions for the Practice, Weiser 1998 Hardback Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-050 24


Various Edited by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, The Magical Pantheons, Llewellyn 1998 Paperback 273pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-051 13.50


David Conway, Magic, An Occult Primer, Aquarian 1988 Hardback 295pp Some Illustrations. A sound general introduction Very Good in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-053 12


I. Cooper-Oakley, The Comte de St. Germain, The Secret of Kings, Theosophical Publishing House 1927 2nd Edition. Small format hardback Frontispiece xiv + 249pp Foldout sheet. Author compiles letters, diaries, and private records written about the count by members of the French aristocracy who knew him in the 18th century to present account of the mysterious figure identified as a hidden master by Theosophists Some uneven fading to cover but Very Good . Order Ref. web-1-50 25


I. Cooper-Oakley, The Comte de St. Germain, The Secret of Kings, Theosophical Publishing House 1927 2nd Edition. Small format hardback Frontispiece xiv + 249pp Foldout sheet. Author compiles letters, diaries, and private records written about the count by members of the French aristocracy who knew him in the 18th century to present account of the mysterious figure identified as a hidden master by Theosophists Some uneven fading to cover but Very Good . Order Ref. web-1-50 25



W.B. Crow, History of Magic, Witchcraft & Occultism, Aquarian Press 1968 Hardback 316pp. Broad yet insightful, still one of the best general accounts. Author made patriarch of the Gnostic Catholic Church by Aleister Crowley Spine darkened, op edge of pages discoloured, otherwise Very Good no dustwrapper Order Ref. web-1-51 35



Aleister Crowley, The Fish, Mandrake Press 1992 First Edition Hardback No. Ltd. Ed. Of 750, this copy unnumbered. 122pp Introduction by Lawrence Sutin A novel written at Cefalu, but not completed. Crowley's notes for the ending are appended. An adventure tale, a satire of Christianity, a critique of Buddhism and an exploration of symbolism. It was born of an act of sex magic, the Cephaloedium Working, the magickal record of which appears as an appendix Fine in Fine dustwrapper . Order Ref. web-1-52 50


Aleister Crowley and The Practice of the Magical Diary, Weiser 2004 Paperback xlix + 200pp Editor James Wasserman presents John St. John and Temple of Solomon the King Fine Order No. 9-21-026 12



Ronald Decker and Michael Dummett, History of the Occult Tarot, Duckworth 2002 1st Ed. Hardback xii + 379pp Excellent information about the occult dimension of tarot and the magical groups involved with them. Fine in Very Good dustwrapper . Order Ref. web-1-55 30



R.W. Frater H. C. DeLafontaine 8○, Apollonius of Tyana, Mandrake not dated (1990s) Card covered booklet 20pp Order No. 10-21-058 5



Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, Entrance to the Mystical Qabalah, Thoth 1997 Pb 170pp Significant work presenting coherent western magical system rooted in Jewish & Hermetic mysticism Fine Order No. 10-21-057 10



Lon Milo DuQuette, Angels, Demons & Gods of the new Millenium, Musings on Modern Magick, Weiser 1997 Paperback 178pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-060 9.50


Lon Milo Duquette, Ask Baba Lon, Answers to Questions of Life and Magick, New Falcon 2011 Paperback210pp Fine Order No. 10-21-060 12


Lon Milo Duquette, Chris Hyatt & Aleister Crowley, Enochian World of Aleister Crowley, New Falcon 1991 Paperback 161pp Fine Order No. 10-21-061 7.50


Lon Milo DuQuette, The Key to Solomon's Key, Consortium of Collective Consciousness 2008 Paperback 207pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-062 7.50



William Eisen, The Universal Language of Cabalah, De Vorss 1989 1st Edition. Large format paperback. 368pp numerous diagrams. Advances a system of English Qabala communicated by Great White Brotherhood. The writer is based in Los Angeles and has links to Manly Palmer Hall's P.R.S. and other groups channelling the teachings. The write is quite aware of Thelemic search for English Qabala and Book of the Law is one of his reference points but his main thrust is Rosicrucianism, tarot, geometry and sub-atomic particles. Wear to covers Good Order No. 10-21-064 15


Mircea Eliade, The Forge and the Crucible, Rider 1962 1st Ed. Hardback 208pp Erudite exploration of the magical nature of the metallurgy and smithing in various cultures Very Good in Very Good dustwrapper . Order Ref. web-1-57 75






Enochian Magic


John Dee, A True & Faithful Relation of what, passed for many years Between John Dee...& Some Spirits.... Ed.Meric Causoban, Antonine & Golden Dragon Press. Not dated (1974) No. 794 of a Ltd. Ed. of 1000, signed by publishers on label on back pastedown. Bound in cloth with leather labels, in dustwrapper (featuring talismans from a variety of sources) and stout slipcase with as bold choice of metallic decorated paper (there was another version wchich reproduced the dustwrapper). Large format 13" x 9" Frontispiece + Coloured Title pp + (lxxvi) + 4pp Illustrations + 448pp + 46pp + 4pp notes Carefully produced facsimile of 1659 edition to extent of using off white paper & off black ink. Book is in Fine condition. One of the publishers signatures is that of Susan Williams-Ellis, the daughter of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, architect of the enigmatic Portmerion which featured in the 1960s cult TV programme The Prisoner. Pictures of the place's eccentic architecture have been used to illustrate a tarot set! The exhibits an accomplished design eye, as would be expected since she co-founded the successful Portmerion Pottery. Fine near Fine dustwrapper in Very Good slipcase Order No. 9-21-028 225


John Dee (and Edward Kelly, edited by Meric Causabon), A True & Faithful Relation, Magical Childe 1992. Large format hardback facsimile edition (21cm x 31cm) xii + 448pp + 45pp + 40pp Appendix by Clay Holden which includes a missing sections of the diaries (27pp) which "For reasons which will become obvious upon reading the entries, this episode was excised by Dee from the Volume in which if occurred chronologically, and was never returned." Excellent Introduction by Lon Milo DuQuette puts the first publication into historical context. Very Good + condition Order No. 9-21-029 185




 Geoffrey James, Angel Magic, The Ancient Art of Summoning and Communicating with Angelic Beings, Llewellyn 1999 Paperback xvii + 199pp Fine Order No. 9-21-033 8.50

Joseph Peterson (Editor), John Dee's Five Books of Mystery, Original Sourcebook of Enochian Magic, From the Collected Works Known As Mysteriorum Libri Quinque, Weiser 2003 Paperback xii + 479pp Near Fine condition Order No. 9-21-036 20

Gerald & Betty Schueler, The Enochian Workbook, A Complete Guide to Angelic Magic, Llewellyn 1993 first edition Larger format paperback xvi + 309pp + 10pp adverts. Coloured plates of Enochian Watchtowers Crease to front cover, some marks Good sound copy Order No. 9-21-041 40



David Rankine & Stephen Skinner, The Practical Angel Magic of John Dee's Enochian Tables, Tabula Bonorum Angelorum Invocationes, Golden Hoard Press 2004 Hardcover 292pp. This work describes how Dee wrote a manuscript of his personal invocations of Angels in Latin. They show his sources and show how it pased through the hands of Elias Ashmole to a group of prominent 17th Century magicians, some of who were powerful and influential figure in their day. They developed Dee's work into a coherent magical system. It presents the complete text, with variants of the previously unpublished 17th Century manuscript titled the Nine Great Keys. This describes an Angelic hierarchy and relates it to the Enochian system. It give practical instructions for the summoning of these beings. The manuscript also presents the theology and philosophy underlying the work. This book also describes the summoning of the Four Demon Princes and their place in this system of magic which is astonishingly comprehensive, including Angels, Demons and Elementals etc. Whilst this work does appear to have been available to F.L.Gardiner and also Wynn Westcott, and the Rev. Ayton it was only very partially incorporated into the Golden Dawn and even then may have been suppressed by the Golden Dawn chiefs. It did not find its way Regardie's Golden Dawn. Thus Crowley was unaware of the complete system. This work is historically important, throwing new light upon a vital magical tradition with Western Occultism Fine in near Fine dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-044 40

Frater W.I.T. Enochian Initiation, A Thelemite's Magical Journey into the Ultimate Transcendence, Outskirts Press 2006, Paperback 326pp Account of Enochian Visions Fine Order No. 9-21-047 9.50




Stewart Farrar, What Witches Do, The Modern Coven Revealed, Peter Davies 1971 1st Edition Hardback 211pp With plates not included in later editions but which are important components of the seminal work which effectively evoked the nature of Alexandrian witchcraft and did much to promote the current. Very Good missing dustwrapper . Order Ref. web-1-58 30






Dion Fortune

(1890-1946) Expelled from the Golden Dawn by Moina Mathers she became an immensely influential and founded magical orders which continue to this day.



Dion Fortune, Aspects of Occultism, Aquarian 1962 1st Edition. Small format hardback prelims & 87pp Includes discussion of sacred sites, the worship of Isis, teachings concerning the aura etc. Also has a piece mediumistically received after the death of Fortune concerning the death of Vivien le Fay. Very Good in Good dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-049 27.50


Dion Fortune & Gareth Knight, The Circuit of Force, Occult Dynamics of the Etheric Vehicle, Thoth 1998 Paperback 250pp Significant series of articles originally Pub in the Inner Light Magazine here collected together for the first time, with very useful commentaries by Knight, inc useful discussion of the etheric forces in her novels Fine Order No. 9-21-050 8



Dion Fortune, Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage, Aquarian Press 1984 Paperback 96pp Written when Fortune was a member of Moina Mathers Alpha and Omega Lodge of Golden Dawn. She challenged Fortune for publishing inner secrets of the Order, Fortune countered that she had not learnt the teachings herein described from the Golden Dawn but rather from Inner Guides. It has been said that she later considered that she had published too much and compromised her contact with those guides Slight wear Very Good Order No. 9-21-054 10



Dion Fortune, Mystical Qabalah, Benn 1979 viii + 306pp Brilliant lucid presentation of modern Qabalah. First published in 1935 it is one of the defining works of occult Qabala. Very Good in Very Good DW Order No. 9-21-060 32



Dion Fortune, Training & Work of an Initiate, Aquarian Press 1955 second edition. Hardback 126pp lacks dustwrapper Very Good Order No. 9-21-064 25







Adolphe Franck, The Kabbalah, The Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews, Bell Publishing not dated Hardback 224pp. Author (1809-1893) was the most prominent Jewish intellectual in France. He was also interested in alchemy and became close friends with Papus. A significant offering of Jewish kabbala to occultists. Slight foxing to page edges and endpapers Good in Good ( worn at edges dustwrapper). Order No. 10-21-069 15 



Sir J. G. Frazer, Folk-lore in The Old Testament, Studies in Comparative Religion, Legend and Law, Macmillan 1923 Abridged Edition xxx + 476pp + 4pp Compares Old Testament tradition with similar throughout the world Very Good . Order Ref. web-1-59 28




M. Gaster, Sword of Moses, An Ancient Book of Magic, Holmes 2000 Card covered booklet 52pp Erudite presentation of Ancient Jewish magical text. fading and water stain to covers Good+ Order No. 10-21-071 6


Elias Gewurz, Hidden Treaures of the Ancient Qabalah, Yogi Publications not dated (recent). First published 1918. Small format hardback 127pp. Vol. I of two, but complete in itself. Theosophical view of Qabala Fine Order No. 10-21-073 15







Golden Dawn



Steven Ashe, The Complete Golden Dawn Initiate, Glastonbury Books 2007 Paperback 586pp Insightful summary of a good deal of Golden Dawn material plus also related Qabalistic texts and also Sufi text by Mansur el Hallaj which may be of interest to some Thelemites .Near Fine Order No. 9-21-066 30


Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Essential Golden Dawn, An Introduction to High Magic, Llewellyn 2003 Paperback xxi + 310pp Fine Order No. 9-21-067 10



Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Self-Initiation Into the Golden Dawn Tradition: A Complete Curriculum of Study for Both the Solitary Magician and the Working Magical Group, Llewellyn 1998. Larger format paperback xxxvii + 742pp Very Good Order No. 9-21-070 15


Ithell Colquhoun, Sword of Wisdom, MacGregor Mathers & the Golden Dawn, Spearman 1975 1st Ed 307pp Coloured frontispiece and plates Excellent and important work, sometimes erratic but always insightful. Especially strong on Golden Dawn survivals. The author drew upon oral tradition as well as documentary evidence especially useful as important influences are not necessarily reflected in the paper trail. Author was an important surrealist artist as well as a member of various occult orders, the O.T.O., a Golden Dawn revival, various Druid orders. This the U.K. edition is superior to the U.S. edition issued by Putbnams. The coloured frontispiece being better reproduced. Very Good in Good dustwrapper that has some tears, chipping and rubbing Order No. 9-21-071 65



Works by S.L. Mathers & Others, Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn, Destiny 1997 Paperback 287pp Presents the Golden dawn Flying Rolls, plus other material Fine Order No. 9-21-074 10



Israel Regardie, What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn, New Falcon 1993 Paperback xvi + 233pp Foreword Chris Hyatt Much useful information concerning G.'.D.'. Survivals crease to front cover but Very Good Order No. 9-21-076 8.50



R.G. Torrens, Golden Dawn, Inner Teachings, Neville Spearman 1972 1st 208pp Frontis Excellent presentation of Golden Dawn teachings Very Good in quite worn price clipped dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-077 20



R.G. Torrens, Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn, Aquarian 1973 1st Ed Hardback 304pp Illus Unlike Israel Regardie's work this is drawn up from pre-split G.'.D.'. documents rather than Stella Matutina material. Diagrams Lacks dustwrapper. Very Good. Ownership label on front pastedown. A previous owner started to colour Tree of Life frontispiece Order No. 9-21-078 40



W. Wynn Westcott, An Introduction to the Study of Kabalah, Allied Publications (New York 1950). Smaller format hardback 96pp. Has discreet sticker of Helios Books. Part of publisher's information obscured. In preface Westcott refers to this work first being delivered in lectures to a "society of Hermetic Students in 1888". Possibly (but not certainly) the Golden Dawn which was founded in that year. Missing dustwrapper, at some point given a glassine replacement. Fine Order No. 9-21-079 30






Pat Zalewski, Z-5 Secrets Teachings of the Golden Dawn, Book I The Neophyte Ritual 0=0, Llewellyn 1991 Paperback xxvi + 203pp Contains previously unpublished material Good Order No. 9-21-083 18





Lama Anagarika Govinda, Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism, Rider 1973 paperback 311pp. Author a European who studied Buddhism first in Ceylon and then in Northern India, visiting Tibet 1947-48. He had important Tibetan teachers Cover laminated. Good Order No. 10-21-074 10




Kenneth Grant

(1924-1011) Formulated and headed the Typhonian O.T.O. Grant consistently wrote how UFO phenomena were manifestations of praeterhuman intelligences trying to make their presence known and were, absolutely, a dimension of the 93 Current. There are numerous references in the Typhonian Trilogies. One imagines he would have found Now, with UFOs playing footsie with the US navy, an exhilarating time indeed.


Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Muller 1973 1st Ed 245pp Plates OTO lamen on spine with Nuit arched over. Very Good clean copy missing dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-087 40



Magical Revival, Muller 1972 1st Ed. Hardback, faux leather binding, form of 11 pointed star blocked on spine in silver. OTO lamen on spine of dustwrapper. Coloured endpapers 244pp Plates The first of the Typhonian Trilogies and in some ways the foundation stone upon which the remainder were built. An important work. Very Good in a protected Good dustwrapper which is quite rubbed and chipped at edges Order No. 9-21-091 90


Nightside of Eden, Skoob 1994 Hardback xiv + 304pp Plates Grimoire of the qlippoth, a work that has achieved some notoriety! Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-092 200


The Ninth Arch, Starfire 2002 1st Edition xxxvii + 603pp Limited edition of 1000 Coloured plate frontispiece (The Essential magical Formula of Zos-Kia, Man is a Bundle of Ids by Austin Osman Spare). Monochrome plates. This work completes the three trilogies and a coloured plate bound at the end of the book reproduces the dustwrappers of all nine books. This work presents Book of the Spider, a text received by the Nu Isis Lodge of the O.T.O. under Grant. The work is commented upon and receive analysis by gemetria. Grant's innovative work is quite incomparable in field of modern occultism. Order No. 9-21-093 150


Outer Gateways, Skoob 1994 1st Edition Hardback 264pp Plates Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-094 50




William Gray


(1913-1992) Respected Independent Occultist, known affectionately as the "Old Sod". His family had esoteric leanings and early on he met Victor Neuburg, Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley but chose the otherwise unknown Emile Napoleon Hauenstein as his teacher. Gray knew and worked with Robert Cochrane. The Rollright Ritual is believed to be influenced by Cochrane.


Attainment through Magic, Evoking the Higher Self, Llewellyn 1990 Paperback xiii + 286pp Previously titled A Self Made Through Magic. Out of print Very Good condition Order No. 9-21-096 30

Between Good & Evil, Polarities of Power, Llewellyn 1989 Paperback xii + 251pp Crease to front cover but Very Good clean copy Order No. 9-21-097 10



Evoking the Primal Goddess, Discovery of the Eternal Feminine Within, Llewellyn 1989 Paperback 167pp Wear along edges of spine otherwise Very Good clean copy Order No. 9-21-098 6.50



Magical Ritual Methods, Helios 1969 1st Ed 301pp Subject covered inc. symbolic weapons; conditioning consciousness with Tree of Life; ritual sonics - invocation etc; ritual action; ritual dress; composing a ritual & reasons for ritual Missing dustwrapper Slight foxing to page edges and endpapers, ownership signature Good sound copy Order No. 9-21-101 55



abalistic Concepts, Living the Tree, Weiser 1997 paperback xvii + 380pp Very Good + Order No. 9-21-103 7.50



Rollright Ritual, Helios 1975 1st Ed. Hardback 166pp Plates. Account of magical working relating to noted stone circle (it is busy, but excellent to visit). As the purpose of the ritual was the creation of this book it was successful. Rituals recorded in books, in image and text, are - of course - a crucial genre of occult books. Robert Cochrane, founder of Clan of Tubal Cain, was involved in Rollright Ritual. Loosely enclosed a card regarding availability of a cassette tape of the ritual with musical backing. Some aging of page edges Very Good clean copy in Good dustwrapper (1cm tear and creasing on section covering top back board) Order No. 9-21-104 45



Seasonal Occult Rituals, Helios 1976 corrected edition Hardback 121pp Rituals of the four seasons, the sense of ceremonies & opening & closing rite. Lacks dustwrapper but front board is blocked with glyph summarising the system. Very Good Order No. 9-21-106 45








(and grimoire-like)



Anon, Grimoire of Armadel, Weiser 2001 Larger format paperback (10ins x 7ins) 79pp Translation by MacGregor Mathers. Introduction by William Keith Diagrams. Unusual grimoire in that spirits and their powers are rather less delinquent than usual! The cover design emulates an old worn book Fine Order No. 9-21-111 10




Anon, Sepher Rezial Hemelach, Book of the Angel Rezial, Weiser 2000 Paperback 302pp Trans. & Ed. By Steve Savedow who is to be applauded for making available this important text. In legend it was presented to Adam by the Angel Rezial, in reality a compendium of ancient Hebrew magical lore that could be the prime source for many of the kabbalistic and magical books of the Middle Ages. Fine Order No. 9-21-113 10




Owen Davies, Grimoires, A History of Magic Books, OUP 2009 Hardback x + 368pp Illustrated. Important academic work about the subject, highly informative Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-117 50



Richard Kieckhefer, Forbidden Rites, A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth Century, Sutton 1997 Paperback 384pp Plates Presents full text of important, previously neglected, magical manuscript discovered in Bavarian library with full commentary including details analysis of its contents. Very Good Order No. 9-21-120 15




Nicolas Remy, Demonolatry, Muller 1970 Large format hardback xliii + 188pp Trans E.A. Ashwin Ed. Intro & Notes Montague Summers. Facs Ed of 1930 Rodker Ed Bound in quarter in simulation leather. First published in 1595 the text is an important artefact of the continental witch hunts providing insight into the perceptions of the witch hunters. The author boasted that he had burnt over 900 witches! Catalogue number on base of spine, sign of label removed on front pastedown, top edge discoloured Good in Good + dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-125 75




Idris Shah, Secret Lore of Magic, Muller 1974. Hardback Useful as presents Key of Solomon, Gimorum Verum, Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Cornelius Agrippa on calling spirits, Cabbalistic Secrets of the Master Aptolcater, Honorious the Great Illus (of sigils) 314pp Front hinge reinforced with bookbinders tape. Ownership signature Good + Order No. 9-21-128 30





Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

(London 1933-2020) was a really important Jewish kabbalist. He worked and taught a traditional Sepharadic form of kabbalah which, centuries ago, incorporated some neo-platonism. His Kabbalistic work has received Royal acknowledgment (Prince Charles, of course!)


Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree, Rider 1974 1st Ed 333pp Illustrated. The work is divided into four, as per the four Qabalistic worlds. Very Good in Very Good dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-133 30



Kabbalah & Exodus, Rider 1980 Paperback 224pp Deals with the kabbalistic dimension of the Exodus story Fine Order No. 9-21-135 12


A Kabbalistic Universe, Weiser 1992 paperback viv + 208pp Fine Order No. 9-21-136 7.50


Psychology & Kabbalah, Gateway Books 1991 Paperback xix + 264pp Fine Order No. 9-21-137 8


School of the Soul, Gateway 1985 Paperback 278pp Written for students of kabbalistic tradition who find themselves forming their own school Some diagrams Fine Order No. 9-21-138 10


Tree of Life, In Introduction to the Cabala, Rider 1983 Paperback 200pp Traces the history & metaphysical nature of Tree of Life, then explores its application in world. Spine sunned but Very Good clean copy Order No. 9-21-139 9



Way of Kabbalah, Rider 1976 Paperback 224pp Diagrams. Excellent modern Kabbalism, routed in the Judaic original Fine Order No. 9-21-140 10



Work of the Kabbalist, Gateway 1984 Paperback Illus 210pp Spine sunned otherwise Very Good + clean copy Order No. 9-21-141 11.50








Judy Hall, The Art of Psychic Protection, Findhorn 1996 paperback 144pp Author studied with Christine Hartley who studied with Golden Dawn Very Good Order No. 10-21-077 6



A.C. Highfield, Symbolic Weapons of Ritual Magic, A Practical Guide to Ceremonial Regalia, Aquarian 1983 Paperback 160pp Alight spine crease Very Good copy Order No. 10-21-080 10



Alex Horne. King Solomon's Temple in the Masonic Tradition, Aquarian Press 1983 Hardback 352pp Very Good in Very Good dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-082 15



David Allen Hulse, The Western Mysteries, An Encyclopedic Guide to the Sacred Languages & Magickal Systems of the World: The Key of it All, Book II, Llewellyn 2004 Larger format paperback cix + 586pp. Greek, Coptic, Runes, Latin, Enochian, Tarot, English Fine Order No. 10-21-084 20



Christopher Hyatt, Secrets of Western Tantra, The Sexuality of the Middle Path, New Falcon 1989 Paperback 226pp Strongly influenced by Thelemic principles Very Good Order No. 10-21-085 8



Isabella Ingalese, Occult Philosophy, Newcastle 1980 Paperback 321pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-087 7




Hargrave Jennings, The Rosicrucians, Their Rites and Mysteries, John Camden Hotten, London 1870 1st Ed..(13cm x 19.5cm) 1st Edition, xv + 339pp + (28pp publishers catalogue with vignettes which is interesting to see as the book is dedicated to John Camden Hotten. He was a Picadilly bookseller who was also publishing limited edition William Blakes and a Druidic title. Decorated boards featuring red cross upon gold disc. The cross and circle design on front board and spine is apt symbolism for the nature of the book. Discreet bookbinder's label on rear pastedown. Rubicated title page. Approx. 300 illustrations. An important work. The subjects discussed range from ever burning lamps, fire worship, sacred architecture, hermeticism, templarism etc. Whilst it has virtually no reliable information about the Rosicrucians its perception of sexual mysteries in religions and sacred architecture was immensely influential. It was followed by numerous publications, often anonymous and privately printed, devoted to phallicism which represent an often overlooked British tantric tradition which, in turn, was very influential upon the sex magick teachings of Crowley. Hinges have been reinforced. Spine darkened wear to top and tail of spine and corners overall Good . Order Ref. web-1-64 150


Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, The Virgin of the World of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, Kessinger not dated (modern) large format paperback xxx + 153pp Fine Order No. 10-21-091 10


Gareth Knight, Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism Vol.1 Kahn & Averill 1991. Vol.I On the Spheres of the Tree of Life 1991 249pp (b.1930) Deeply involved in Dion Fortune's Society of Inner Light. With W.E. Butler operated Helios Books and taught both through Servants of the Light and Society of Inner Light.. Respected & influential work in the Dion Fortune tradition Both volumes Very Good in Very Good dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-144 35



Konstantinos, Summoning Spirits, The Art of Magical Evocation, Llewellyn 1996 large format paperback 212pp Illus Defines evocation as calling forth of an entity from another plane of existence to external manifestation in either the astral or physical plane Very Good Order No. 10-21-093 10



Norman Kraft, Ogdoadic Magick, Being a Year of Study with an Aurum Solis Commandery, Weiser 2001 The Aurum Solis claims to have been founded in 1897 - or else was invented by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips in the 1970s. Paperback xxl + 282pp Fine Order No. 10-21-094 12



Jason Black & Christopher Hyatt, Urban Voodoo, A Beginners Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic, New Falcon 2000 Paperback 188pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 10-21-095 10



Edward Kelly, Stone of the Philosophers, Alchemical Press 1990 Card cavers 48pp Dee's mate, murdered by a Prince for his failure to produce gold on demand Fine Order No. 10-21-097 5


Donald Michael Kraig, Modern Magick, 11 Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, Llewelllyn 1997 Paperback xvi + 581pp Excellent introduction to ritual magick. Very Good Order No. 10-21-098 12



Brian Lancaster, The Essence of Kabbalah, Eagle 2006 Paperback 240pp Very Good + Order No. 10-21-100 5




Doctor Gottlieb Latz, The Secret of the Emerald Tablet, Alchemical Press 1996. Card covers 36pp. Translated by D. William Hauck. Written by a 19th Century alchemist . Order Ref. web-1-66 6







Eliphas Levi

French (1810-1875) Renegade priest sho became immensley important occultist


Eliphas Levi, Book of Splendours, Containing The Judaic Sun, the Christian Glory & the Flaming Star; Studies on the origins of the Qabalah with Research into the mysteries of freemasonry followed by the Profession of Faith & elements of the Qabalah, Aquarian 1973 1st Ed. Hardback 191pp Appendix by Papus Textured paper, top edge dyed. Foxing to page edges and endpapers Good in Very Good dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-148 25



Eliphas Levi, The History of Magic, Rider third edition 1939 Hardback Frontispiece xxxviii + 538pp Good sound condition Order No. 9-21-150 75


Eliphas Levi, Key of the Mysteries, Trans. Aleister Crowley, Weiser 2002 Paperback 215pp. In his Intro A.C. derides Waite's criticism of Levi & argues the integrity of his approach Illustrated Fine Order No. 9-21-151 10


Eliphas Levi, Letters to a Disciple, Aquarian 1980 Paperback 128pp Correspondence to Baron Spedalieri dealing with magic, numerology & tarot. Instructive Very Good Order No. 9-21-152 30



Eliphas Levi, Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum, Crispin Press & Thorssons 1970. Small format hardback x + 108pp 8 Coloured plates. Ed Wynn Westcott from a manuscript by Eliphas Levi. Elegant exploration of the magical nature of the Tarot Trumps. Slight discolouration to cloth on spine but overall Very Good, missing dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-153 45

Eliphas Levi, The Mysteries of the Qabalah, Thorsons 1975.Hardback 285pp Printed throughout in monochrome red/brown reproducing a manuscript written by Levi in 1861 for a student. It is an occult interpretation of the Vision of Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation largely expressed in symbolic and emblematic form. The emphasis given to 666 seems prescient given Crowley. Very Good in Good dustwrapper (some tears and chipping) Order No. 9-21-154 45


Eliphas Levi, Paradoxes of the Highest Science, In which the most advanced Truths of Occultism are for the First Time revealed (in order to reconcile the Future Developments of Science & Philosophy with the Eternal Religion), TPH 1922 2nd Edition. Small format hardback Frontispiece + x + 172pp Discreet stamps of an Australian Theosophical book depot. Some marks Good condition Order No. 9-21-155 70


Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic, Its Doctrine & Ritual, Dutton not dated (1938). Hardback Frontis. Plate xxxiii + 522pp A reprint of the 1923 revised Ed. Trans. & many footnotes not in 1st Ed. by A.E.Waite. The publisher was very populist so this edition seems unaccountably scarce. It is not listed in R.A. Gilbert's exhaustive bibliography or Worldcat. Has a nice esoteric bookplate and contempery obscure occult bookseller's label. Little note dated 1945 loosely enclosed. Browning to endpapers and pastedowns, tape marks to pastedowns, otherwise Very Good in dustwrapper which is very chipped with loss at head of spine. Cellophane protection has ben fixed with sellotape causing marks Order No. 9-21-156 175



Christopher McIntosh, Eliphas Levi & the French Occult Revival, Rider 1972 1st Ed. 238pp Plates Excellent substantial work, recommended. Ownership inscription plus booksellers discreet label on front free endpaper otherwise. Very Good in Good+ protected dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-157 45






Edward Maitland, The Story of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland and of The New Gospel of Interpretation, Ruskin Press 1905 Third edition. ix + 204pp smaller format hardback. Anna Bonus Kingsford (1846-1888) was the an early female doctor and campaigner for womens' rights and against vivisection. she joined the Theosophical Society and was instantly appointed head of the London lodge from whence grew the Hermetic Society in 1884 of which she, MacGregor Mathers and Wynn Westcott formed an inner core. It has been suggested Anna Sprengel, from whom Westcott claimed Golden Dawn lineage, was an invention based upon Kingsford. The Latin phrase Sapiens Dominabitur Astris, (the wise are ruled by the stars) was Frau Sprengel's Golden Dawn magical name but had also been associated with her in one of her books Order Ref. web-1-73 45




Joseph Lisiewski, Ceremonial Magic, & The Power of Evocation, New Falcon 2004 Paperback 204pp The author was a personal student of Regardie and Frater Albertus. This excellent work is written by a practioner and is based on real personal experience. Recommended Very Good Order No. 10-21-103 10


Marius Malchus, Secret Grimoire of Turiel, Aquarian 1971 Hardback 42pp Claims to be a copy of an 16th Century grimoire with an elaborate origin myth involving a defrocked priest but in fact compiled from a 19th Century manuscript compiled by Frederick Hockley Very Good no dustwrapper . Order Ref. web-1-74 30



Caitlin Matthews, Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, the Divine Feminine from Black Goddess to World Soul, Aquarian Press 1992 Paperback viii + 378pp A few illustrations. Describes many faces of the Goddes, priemeval Black Goddess of the Earth, Saviour Goddess, Gnostic Sophia, World Soul, Apocalyptic Virgin and Mother of God. Traces her survival in the hermeticism and alchemy and the esoteric undercurrents of religions and her re-ermergence in modern Goddess worship Order No. 10-21-109 5


W.S. Maugham, The Magician, Heinemann 1931 Small format hardback 310pp. The Magician in question being a fictionalised Crowley, who relished the villenous role. He adopted the characters name (Oliver Haddo) to publish articles documenting Maugham's plagiarisms. Some wear and ageing Good Order No. 10-21-110 15




Abertus Magnus (attributed, Edited by Michael Best and Frank Brightman), The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus, of the Virtues of Herbs, Stones and Certain Beasts, Oxford University Predss 1973 1st Edition thus. Hardback xlviii + 128pp. Influential text first publsihed in 1550 Fine in Very Good dustwrapper. Discrete Atlantis Books stocker on front pastedown. Order No. 10-21-111 75


Maurice Magre, Return of the Magi, Philip Alan 1931 1st English Ed. 287pp Deals with Apollonius of Tyana, the Unknown Master of the Albigensians, the Rosicrucians, the Templars, Nicholas Flamel, Saint German & Blavatsky. Bookplate of the author P.B.M. Allan (The Bookhunter at Home, 1920). Some foxing to page edges, preliminaries and last few pages. Some discolouration to spine Good Order No. 10-21-112 60


Dr. Leo Martello, Black Magic, Satanism & Voodoo, HC 1973 Hardback Illus 191pp erratic work, but with some interesting material. For instance Yezidi traditions, interview with Anton LaVey, sex & witchcraft. Also much about Joe Wilson, a military intelligence officer who spied on servicemen who dissaproved of the Vietnam War and was an influential figure in American neo-paganism and British Traditional witchcraft. Martello was a founding member of Gay Liberation Front Order No. 10-21-113 40


G.R.S. Mead, Simon Magus, An Essay on the Founder of Simonianism Based on the Ancient Sources with a Re-evaluation of his Philosophy and Teachings, Kessinger reprint not dated (modern) Large format paperback 91pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-115 10


Alfred Metraux, Voodoo in Haiti, Deutsch 1959 1st Ed. Hardback 400pp Substantial & well informed. It was this work and the film and book of Maya Deren that first sympathetically presented the essential nature of voodoo to a Europeans. History of Voodoo; Social Framework of Voodoo; the Supernatural World; Ritual; Magic & Sorcery; Voodoo & Christianity. Scarce Slight spotting to page edges otherwise Very Good in Good protected dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-116 60


Stainton Moses, Spirit Teachings, Spiritualist Press 1979 Hardback xii + 291pp Cover quite worn, inscription of front pastedown. Good only Order No. 10-21-117 6


Jason Augustus Newcomb, Sexual Sorcery, A Complete Guide to Sex Magick, Weiser 2005 Paperback 242pp Gives a concise account of some different systems of sex magick, then much practical instruction Fine Order No. 10-21-120 12



Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki, Your Unseen Power, Real Training in Western Magic, Sounds True 2006. Printed cardboard box 23cm x 29cm x 5cm containing 136pp spiral bound paperback book, nine CDs in folders 61 teaching cards giving God forms of the Egyptian and Celtic traditions and pathworkings. Author head of studies at the Servants of the Light which was founded by W.E. Butler who learnt magic in the Fraternity of Inner Light of Dion Fortune who learnt magic in the Golden Dawn Box Very Good, contents Fine . Order Ref. web-1-77 35


Ophiel, Art & Practice of Clairvoyance, Weiser 1982 1970 Coloured frontispiece plate xiii + 133pp Straightforward . Now scarce Good Order No. 10-21-122 30




Ophiel, The Art and Practice of Caballa Magic, Weiser 1977 Paperback Coloured plates 152pp. Accessible and concise Order No. 10-21-126 6


Papus, Qabalah, Introduction to the Sacred Science of the Hebrews & to the Esoteric Teachings of Christianity, Weiser 2000. Paperback 384pp Presents correspondence discussing the Qabalah, divisions of the Qabala, 10 Lessons by Eliphas Levi, Sepher Yetzirah & very substantial bibliography of Qabalistic works Very Good Order No. 10-21-127 10


Papus, Tarot of the Bohemians, Rider 1919 Hardback xxvii + 355pp A binding variant, having blind, rather than gilt, stamped boards. Frontispiece plate. Pref. by A.E.Waite, classic work by major French occultist (he introduced EGC to OTO and headed the Martinists), often neglected by modern students. Moulded boards. Spine faded, marks to back board but Good sound copy Order No. 10-21-128 195





Willam Thomas and Kate Pavitt, Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems, Aquarian 1970 292pp Plates. Useful for survey of occult talismans from different cultures and discussion of zodiac attributions of gemstones. Easily read but not without substance Very Good missing dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-131 25


Nigel Pennick, Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition, Aquarian 1989 288pp, Illustrated Recomended. Less a modern construction and more an accurate rendition of Northern pagan magical practice than many works and none of the silly racism that marrs the work of some Very Good Order No. 10-21-132 15


A Lover of Philalethes, The Hermetic Art, Alchemical Press 1983 Card covered booklet 36pp Fine Order No. 10-21-133 6




Henry Pullen-Burry, Qabalism, Yogi Publications hardback not dated (modern) xvi +167pp First publikshed in 1925. Pullen-Burry was a prominent member of the Golden Dawn (record keeper for the London temple) who sided with Mathers during the schism. He left he family to seek his fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush. He advised Paul Foster Case when he founded the Builders of the Adytum, a continuation of the Golden Dawn Order No. 10-21-134 25


Henry Pullen-Burry, Qabalism, Kessinger large format hardback not dated (modern) xvi +167pp First published in 1925. Pullen-Burry was a prominent member of the Golden Dawn (record keeper for the London temple) who sided with Mathers during the schism. He left he family to seek his fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush. He advised Paul Foster Case when he founded the Builders of the Adytum, a continuation of the Golden Dawn Order No. 10-21-135 12


Ellen Cannon Reed, Witches Qabala, The Pagan Path and the Tree of Life, Weiser 1997 x + 214pp Good Order No. 10-21-138 5


Israel Regardie, Eye in the Triangle, An Interpretation of Aleister Crowley, Llewellyn 1970 1st Ed ix + Coloured Frontispiece + 517pp Excellent for earlier part of Crowley's life giving a cogent account of his spiritual advances, a mature appreciation by one who knew the Beast's flaws. Discolouration to page edges otherwise Very Good in dustwrapper that has become very worn and discoloured and then been laminated. . Order Ref. web-1-79 45


Israel Regardie, How to Make and Use Talismans, Aquarian 1972 1st Edition small format hardback 64pp. Regardie (1907-1985) as a young man served as Crowley's secretary but they fell out. Joined the Stella Matutina branch of the Golden Dawn. Wowed by the Golden Dawn system but disillusioned with his superiors he but, resolved to break his oaths and publish the rituals and make Golden Dawn magical knowledge available to the world. Concise and respected. In terms of communicating simple and intelligent magical practice to a wide audience it might be considered highly successful. Very good clean copy lacking dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-162 85





Israel Regardie, Middle Pillar, A Co-relation of the Principles of Analytical Psychology & the Elementary Techniques of Magic, Llewellyn 1988 Paperback ix + 154pp Very Good Order No. 10-21-139 12


Israel Regardie, One Year Manual, Formerly 12 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment, Weiser 1992 Paperback 77pp Very balanced course of meditation, ritual & awareness Fine Order No. 10-21-140 5



Israel Regardie, The Philosopher's Stone, Llewellyn 1970 hardback vi + Presents Golden Treatise of Hermes, the Six Keys of Exodus & Thomas Vaughan's Coelum Terrae and of course Regardie's excellent 7 important commentaries & essays Very Good in Good dustwrapper Order Ref. web-1-80 40




Gershom Scholem, Kabbalah, Dorset Press 1987 Hardback 494pp Wide ranging review by author regarded, in his lifetime, as world's leading authority Very Good in Very Good dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-144 15




Gerald & Betty Schueler, Egyptian Magick, Enter the Body of Light & Travel the MAgickal Universe, Llewellyn 1994 Pb xix + 401pp + 24pp coloured plates + ads Includes many rituals for exploration of Egyptian occult consciousness Very Good Order No. 10-21-145 30


David Schwartz, Magic of Psychic Power, Aquarian Press 1975 1st Ed. Hardback 225. Pages yellowing, cover worn Good only Order No. 10-21-146 6


Sepharial, Hebrew Astrology, The Key to the Study of Prophecy, Foulsham not dated Hardback 140pp Nice inscription on front free endpaper is dated 1944 and identifies author as "Dr. W. Gornold" which is usually give as Walter Gorn Old 1864-1929. He was a founder member of the Theosophical Movement, very close to Blavatsky. Of his books, Wikipedia says:- Sepharial wrote many books, most of which are rare and out of print, including the following:" but does not give this title. Order No. 10-21-147 95



Elizabeth Sharp, William Sharp (Fiona Macleod), A Memoir Compiled by his Wife, Heinemann 1910 Hardback Frontispiece plate, tissue guard 433pp. The person who really did know uses correspondence and letters to explain this complex figure who had two literary personalities, also writing as Fiona Macleod. He was a member of the Golden Dawn and the Rossetti Circle and an important figure in the Celtic Revival. He published the "Pagan Review" which argued for the establishment of a neo-paganism that would abolish gender inequality but this was before its time, and did not get past its first issue. This copy ex-Theosophical Library with withdrawal stamp. Rebacked library binding Good Sound copy Order Ref. web-1-82 25




Shrine of Wisdom


Shrine of Wisdom is the publishing imprint of the Fintry Trust which started in 1911 as the School of Grecian Wisdom, subsequently called the Order of Ancient Wisdom . Its taught the Perennial Philosophy and Neo-platonism. It had connections with the Hermetic Truth Society and Druidry. In the 1920s it combined with the Universal Brotherhood (later headed by Frater Achad) to form the Universal Order offering instruction and meditation and group ritual. It continues to be very active.

The front cover is gilt blocked with the symbolic design found on the dustwrappers, the exact design has been used consistently by the Order since the early 1920s:-






Pythagoras, Golden Verses of the Pythagoreans, With Comments by the editors, Shrine of Wisdom 1961. Hardback 32pp Gilt blocked design on front cover. Fine in somewhat word and stained dustwrapper Order No. 9-21-167 10






A. P. Sinnett, Esoteric Buddhism, Houghton etc. 1890 Smaller format hardback. Us edition which incorporates some additional text not in British edition. Front free endpaper and bookplate clumsily removed otherwise Very Good Order No. 10-21-148 20


A. P. Sinnett, The Occult World, Theosophical Publishing House 1913 Hardback ivx + 194pp blind ownership stamp to title page, some foxing, spine discoloured reading copy Order No. 10-21-149 8


William Stirling, The Canon, An Exposition of the Pagan Mystery perpetuated in the cabala as the Rule of All the Arts, Weiser 1999 No. 829 of 950 copies. Hardback xxiv + 424pp Canonical design blocked on front cover. Classic exposition of sacred geometry & gemetria originally anon it was Sci-fi writer Wyndam Lewis who supplied the name of the author who died in poverty & obscurity. Crowley described it as the best text-book of applied Qabalah Very Good in Very Good dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-153 120





Doreen & James Sturzaker, Colour & the Kabbalah, Thorsons 1975 1st Ed. Paperback 287pp The authors founded the International Order of kabbalists. Covers in detail colour attribution to the 10 Sephiroth & 22 Pathss Very Good Order No. 10-21-154 8


James Sturzaker, Kabbalistic Aphorisms, TPH 1971 Small format hardback x + 118pp 1st Ed Series of brief statements concerning sephiroth & paths, intended to communicate their nature Near Fine in Good + dustwrapper Order No. 10-21-155 55


C.J.S. Thompson, Alchemical Symbols and Secret Alphabets, Alchemical Press 1988 Card covered booklet 16pp Fine Order No. 10-21-156 5


C.J.S. Thompson, Mysteries of History, Faber & Gwyer 1929 1st Edition. Hardback 319pp 26 plates. Has two chapters about occultists (Cagliostro and Count de S. Germain whose portrait is reproduced on the dustwrapper) plus one about belief in the supernatural powers of royalty. Has the delightful bookplate of noted bookman Robert G. Morton [] Some spotting to page edges, some discolouration to cloth Good in somewhat grubby and discoloured dustwrapper. Order No. 10-21-157 45


Edred Thorsson, Nine Doors of Midgard, A Complete Curriculum of Rune Magic, Llewellyn 1991 First Edition Paperback xxiii + 279pp Gives the magical system of the Rune Gild - a coherent magical tradition in the Northern tradition Fine Order No. 10-21-158 25


Julienh Tondriau, Occultism, Secrets of a Hidden World, Stacey 1972 Small format paperback 254pp illustrated. Wide ranging, populist. Pages browned Good Order No. 10-21-159 6.50



John Trinick, The Fire-Tried Stone, An Enquiry into the Development of a SYMBOL, Wordens of Cornwall in association with Vincent Stuart and Watkins Ltd. 1967 1st Ed. Hardback 140pp plates Written in alliance with Jung whose letters form the preface. Analysis of the nature of alchemical conjunction (sacred marriage) in the work of Eirenaeus Philaliethes and then eight subsequent figures including William Blake (the others far less well known so dealing with unfamiliar material). Very Goof clean copy in Good + dustwrapper Order Ref. web-1-86 75




Various, Old Norse Religion in Long-Term Perspectives, Origins, Changes and Interactions, Nordic Academic Press 2005. Large format hardback (30cm x 22cm) 416pp Illustrated. 75 academic articles. Much that will be of interest to Northern Tradition neo-Pagans. One describes a neo-pagan group, (Norway's Heathen Front) and its very dodgy politics. Some marks (tea?) to page edges Very Good Order Ref. web-1-88 30



A.E. Waite, The Holy Kabbalah, A Study of the Secret tradition in Israel, Oracle 1996 Paperback xxxv + 636pp A work that is respected by Jewish Kabbalists! Intro by Kenneth Rexroth Slightly browning of paper as is usual with this edition Good Order No. 10-21-167 5

A.E. Waite, Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism, Kessinger reprint not dated (modern) Large format paperback 32pp Order No. 10-21-168 10


W. Wynn Westcott, The Number 666, Mandfrake Press not dated (1990s) Card covered booklet 8pp Fine Order No. 10-21-172 8


W. Wynne Westcott, Science of Alchymy, Spiritual & Material, Holmes 1997 Card covered booklet Order No. 10-21-175 19pp



Hugh Ross Williamson, Arrow & the Sword, An Essay in Detection being an Enquiry into the Nature of the Deaths of William Rufus & Thomas Becket, with some Reflections on the nature of Medieval Heresy, Faber 1947 1st Ed. Hardback xviii + 182pp Finds curious, previously overlooked aspects of these crimes which supports Margaret Murry's ritual sacrifice thesis. Examines the survival of paganism & Gnosticism in medieval heresy in reference to this idea, Ownership inscription and nice bookplate. Very Good no dustwrapper Order Ref. web-1-92 15