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2) Property of a Gentleman


a) Crowley Related Items


Anon, ARARITA, Elaborations of the Star Sapphire by a Traveller in Darkness, Exploration-5 2010 Hardback, numbered limited edition of 250 copies 104pp. Highly sought after exploration of sexual magick as implied in Aleister Crowley;s Star Sapphire ritual, the text which led to Theodore Reuss accusing him of publishing the inner secrets of the OTO - and Crowley receiving the IXth degree. Discreet ownership signature otherwise Mint   Order No. 870088 £120


Anon, Goetia, The Lesser Key of Solomon, Clavicula Salomonis Regis Trans. S.L.MacGregor Mathers, Ed. & Intro Aleister Crowley, Weiser 1997 Paperback xxvi + 134pp Intro by Hymenaeus Beta, Illus by Louis Breton from De Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal & anno by A.C to his personal copy  Fine Order No. 870099 £10


 Anon, Lesser Key of Solomon, Goetia, The Book of Evil Spirits, De Laurence not dated Smaller format hardback 6 Frontispiece plates 80pp. Bears date of 1916 but the book appears to reprint an earlier date. Has  discreet bookplate of Helios Boook Services so no later than mid 1970s. A reprint of Crowley's bootleg publication of Mac Gregor Mather's translation of the Lesser Key of Solomon. Be warned, if you are in Jamaica it is illegal to receive this book!, a legal artefact from the time when De Laurences's promotion of magical text to the African diaspora and continental Africa (where he has been regarded as an adept) influenced Obeah, a form of resistance magic., Title page rather misprinted, otherwise Fine   Order No. 870085 £55


Allan Bennett, Note on Genesis, Weiser 1976 24pp card covered booklet  Very Good Order No. 870070 £4


Alan Burnett-Rae (relating to Aleister Crowley), Aleister Crowley, A Memoir of 666, Victim Press 1971 1st Ed No Ltd Ed of 350, this being copy 172 Scarce 22pp card covered booklet. The author was, for awhile, Crowley's landlord so gives good account of some of the Old Man's difficult habits!. Foxing to white card covers  Good condition only Order No. 870093 £20


Gerald Del Campo, The Heretic's Guide to Thelema, Vol.I New Aeon Magick, Concrescent 2011 Paperback 208pp  Fine Order No. 870110 £9


R.T. Cole, Crowley's Ghost, Black Flag Card covered booklet 7pp coloured pictures. Extracted from Thelema Revisited, concerns photos of Abbey of Thelema and the possibility that a shadow suggest Crowley's Ghost!. Small format card enclosed  Fine Order No. 870048 £10


Richard T. Cole, Orange Box Books 2007 Large format paperback 104pp Limited edition of 666 copies. Coloured illustrations. Having relatives at Cefalu author has much information concerning Abbey of Thelema and the thoughts of the locals concerning its visitors. Images of previously unseen Crowley artwork.  Fine Order No. 870111 £60


Richard T. Cole (Editor), The Un-Magickal Record of the Great Beast 666, Vol. I, Orange Box 2013 Largish (30cm x 21cm) format  276pp, profusely illustrated No. 26 of 93 Hardback copies numbered by way of loosely inserted postcard signed by editor. Foreword by Sandy Robertson who compiled the Crowley Scrapbook. This book is stomping good fun! Collects the articles about Crowley from popular magazines from 1950s onwards. Sensationalist, glorious pulp fiction treatment of Thelema but also many written by people who knew and liked Crowley. Also an important record of how Crowley was perceived in the poular imagination. An exhuberant publication that takes nothing too seriously! Also loosely inserted folded sheet and 8pp leaflet competition crossword.  Mint in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 870140 £95


J. Edward Cornelius, Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board, Feral House 2005 Paperback 165pp Seeks to root the ouija board in the Enochian work of John Dee and Crowley's work. The ouija board is, potentially, one of the most powerful magical tools if used in an enlightened manner  Fine Order No. 870003 £7


Aleister Crowley, 777 & other Qabalistic Writings, Weiser 1986 Paperback xxvii + 155 + 14 + 69pp  Very good + clean copy Order No. 870092 £8


Aleister Crowley, AHA, Falcon Press 1986 Paperback 80pp. Substantial Intro. by Israel Regardie  worn reading copy Order No. 870045 £1


Aleister Crowley, Aleister Crowley and The Practice of the Magical Diary, Wesier 2004 Paperback xlix + 200pp Editor James Wasserman presents  John St. John and Temple of Solomon the King  Fine Order No. 870108 £8.5


Aleister Crowley, Aleister Crowley's Illustrated Goetia, Lon Milo Duquette & Christopher Hyatt Illus David Wilson, New Falcon 2000 Paperback 222pp  Fine Order No. 870125 £9


Aleister Crowley, Book 4, (Parts 1 & 2), Weiser Paperback 124pp Elegant ennunciation of principles of meditation & the regalia of ceremonial magick  Very Good Order No. 870115 £5


Aleister Crowley, Book of Lies, Weiser 2000 Paperback Illustrated 196pp  Fine Order No. 870025 £5


Aleister Crowley, Book of the Law, liber Al vel Legis, Weiser Paperback small format 120ppThis edition has reproduction of original manuscript, the first comment and the introduction from the 1938 edition  Fine Order No. 870015 £4


Aleister Crowley, Book of the Law, The Illuminated Edition, Neptune Press 2004 o. Ltd. Ed of 500, this being copy number 342 Large format (approx. 11ins x 9ins). Issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its Reception this book is truly handsome and impressive. Has 16pp Introduction edited by O.T.O. Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta  the text of which is drawn from the prospectus for the 1937 edition of Equinox of the Gods and the unabridged typescript of the Confessions. This is printed in black with red embellishments. Then follows  26 leaves printed on one side with the text printed in black bordered with remarkable coloured illustrations by Sue Jameson, the talented professional artist with deep involvement in Thelemic occultism. Then the manuscript is reproduced in red over 66pp. Bound in green cloth with red end papers a striking and talismanic publication  Fine no dustwrapper, as issued Order No. 870150 £150


Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth, Weiser 1986 Paperback xii + 287pp Illustrated including coloured plates. Forming Equinox Vol.III No.5, A.C.'s discussion of the structure & symbolism of his tarot pack is without comparison.  rather worn Good only Order No. 870046 £4


Aleister Crowley, Collected Works, Volume  I, Yogi Publications not dated (1980s?). Hardback 269pp. Has Aceldama; Tale of Archais; Songs of Spirit; The Opem; Jephtah; Mysteries; Jezebel and Other tragic Poems; An Appeal to the American Republic; Fatal Force; Mother's Tragedy; Temple of the Holy Ghost; Carmen Saeculaire; Tannhauser. Foxing to pstedowns, preliminaries and page edges Good only   Order No. 870157 £10


Aleister Crowley, Confessions, Autohagiography, Arkana 1989 Paperback  960pp Pls Ed. Symonds & Grant Cover slightly creased, slight wear but Good + sound copy   Order No. 870109 £30


Aleister Crowley, DCLXXI Liber Pyramidos, A Ritual of Self-Initiation Based Upon the Formula of the Neophyte, Heka Baka n.d. (1980's) Card covered booklet , 8pp A.'.A.'. ritual sometimes difficult to obtain.  Very Good Order No. 870054 £10


Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend, Sphere 1972 Paperback 382pp The best text as has John Symonds Intro. & footnotes by Symonds & Grant  worn reading copy Order No. 870074 £3


Aleister Crowley, Gems from the Equinox, Instructions by Aleister Crowley for his own Magical Order, New Falcon  1992 Hardback xxxv + 1133pp Selected & Pref by Israel Regardie  Very Good clean tight copy Order No. 870079 £20


Aleister Crowley, Handwritten Letter to, Ethel Archer, undated (July 8th 1932 in a different hand written in pencil). 2pp on headed notepaper giving an address in Mayfair, London. About 75 words. Signed AC, with a nice phallic 'A'. A significant letter as it records Crowley's response after Ethel got back in contact after her and her husband, Eugene Wieland,  fell out bitterly with Crowley having become disillusioned with "the guru" more than a decade earlier. She has offered him a copy of her publication "Wish-Phantasms" and he is enthusiastic about receiving an inscribed deluxe copy. He expresses delight at her having got in contct, but is non-commital about meeting. Archer probably got in contact as her novel Heiroglyph was coming out next year which contained barely fictionalised account of Crowley and his scene during the Equinox period. Very Good in ornate glazed frame   Order No. 870164 £680


Aleister Crowley, Konx Om Pax, Essays on Light, Yogi nd (1980s?) Card covers 108pp  Very Good Order No. 870019 £5


Aleister Crowley, Law is for All, The Authorised Popular Commentary to The Book of the Law, New Falcon 2002 Paperback 302pp Edited by Louis WIlkinson & Hymenaeus Beta Xth OTO Importantly presents the Wilkinson Introduction, instructive as he was IXth OTO  Reproduction of Ms of Liber Al & Crowley's comments Coloured Plates of Stele of Revealing  Fine Order No. 870116 £75


Aleister Crowley, Liber Al, Book of the Law, Heka-Baka not dated (probably early 1980s) Card covered booklet, 32pp, Has "Tunis Comment" and text of Book of the Law and OTO lamen on back cover. Homely production values  Fine Order No. 870071 £18


Aleister Crowley, Liber Aleph vel CXI, The Book of Wisdom & Folly, Weiser 2000 Paperback xxxii + 220pp Coloured frontispiece Intended as Equinox Vol.III No.4, a collection of letters to Frater Achad when A.C. looked upon him as his magical child. Very informative prolegomenon by head of the Caliphate OTO  Fine Order No. 870117 £20


Aleister Crowley, Magical Diaries, Weiser 1997 Paperback 251pp Ed & Intro inc. useful Crowley chronology by Stephen Skinner. Covers period May to October 1923, when Crowley was in Tunisia, following his expulsion from Italy by Mussolini  Fine Order No. 870095 £20


Aleister Crowley, Magick, Liber ABA; Book 4 Parts 1-4 Ed Anno Intro Hymenaeus Beta, Weiser 1997 Revised  and corrected Edition 894pp (larger format than 1994 Ed) lxxxiv + 844pp Pls Inc 1st Pub of the A.'.A.'. text Liber Testis Testitudinis Monumental work of editorialship presents the full work with all 4 parts (It includes Equinox for the Gods). Reaffirms of the often forgotton contribution of the women that assisted Crowley, Mary Desti & Leila Waddell. Pls include two coloured images of Stele of Revealing  Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 870049 £40


Aleister Crowley, Magick, Ed. Anno. & Intro. Kenneth Grant, Guild 1986 Hardback xxiv + 511pp. Plates and illustrations, Being Pt 1 on yoga; Pt 2 on  magical regalia & pt 3 Magick in Theory & Practice. Very Good dustwrapper, spine quite faded otherwise Very Good   Order No. 870089 £12


Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears, New Falcon 1994 Paperback  xxxi + 529pp Series of epistles written towards the end of Crowley's life. Aside from the odd glych, it is the man at his most thoughtful and considered  Fine Order No. 870034 £18


Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, Sphere 1972 Paperback 301pp Has the Grant & Symonds footnotes informing the reader who Crowley is libelling in this important occult novel involving a crucial magical formulae. Introduction by Kenneth Grant  Good Order No. 870059 £7


Aleister Crowley, Pamphlets, Mandrake n.d. (c.1993) 13 items of facsimile Crowley ephemera in card envelope (23cm x 32cm) with striking printed cover sheet:- ; La Gauloise (Songs for the Free French); Creed of the Thelemites; Rites of Eleusis; Your Interest in Magick. Whilst the thin plastic film covering has been opened at one end it appears that the envelope itself has not been touched, presumably to avoid damage. It can be assumed that it contains the following:-  England Stand Fast; La Gauloise (Songs for the Fighting French); New Year 1903; Madame Tussaud-Besant; Hymn to Pan; the World Teacher; The Avenger; Songs for Italy; Creed of the Thelemites; Rites of Eleusis; Your Interest in Magic  Aside from plastic film, Mint Order No. 870133 £40


Aleister Crowley, Portable Darkness, An Aleister Crowley Reader, Ed. Scott Michaelsen, Solar Books 2007 Paperback 292ppEd. Scott Michaelsen Forewords by Genisis P. Orridge & Robert Anton Wilson.Selections of  material under the headings Qabalah & Magick, Yoga & Magick, Sex & Magick, Book of the Law, Book of Lies. Also a brief chronology of Crowleys life and a very useful bibliography of works by Crowley & others  Fine Order No. 870068 £7


Aleister Crowley, Tao Teh King, Liber CLVII, Askin & Weiser 1976 Paperback 116pp Preface Stephen Skinner  Spine browned Good + Order No. 870022 £8


Aleister Crowley, Tarot Divination, First Published as A Description of the Cards of the Tarot in the Equinox Vol.I No.8, Weiser 1981 65pp card covers  Good Order No. 870065 £4


Aleister Crowley, The Banned Lecture, Gilles de Rais, Barker 1982 Small format card covered, booklet 24pp Introduction by A.J.Barker  Very Good Order No. 870056 £5


Aleister Crowley, The Dangers of Mysticism, Liber HHH, Heka Baka nd (c1985?) Card covered booklet 16pp homely production values  Very Good Order No. 870072 £10


Aleister Crowley, The Holy Books of Thelema, Weiser 1988 Paperback xvl + 270pp The Class A Thelemic texts, those most clearly inspired, with substantial & very useful Preface attributed to Hymenaeus Alpha  Fine Order No. 870047 £40


Aleister Crowley, The Last Ritual, Mandrake Press Large format card covers Frontispiece by Frieda Harris 12pp Crowley's funeral service  Very Good Order No. 870129 £5


Aleister Crowley, The Stratagem, and Other Stories, Mandrake Press  nd 1st Ed (c1929) Small format  6ins x 4.5ins 139pp cloth spine paper label, snakeskin design paper covered boards. Spine and edges very worn indeed. Spine label illegible being  very worn, with some loss. Text block sound   Order No. 870151 £90


Aleister Crowley, Thelema, Holy Books of Thelema, IHO 1999 Paperback 94pp  Fine Order No. 870086 £9


Aleister Crowley, Vindication of Nietzsche, Heka Baka nd (1980's) 29pp card covered booklet  Very Good Order No. 870076 £10


Amado Crowley, Lewd Ghosts, Magic, Sex and Horror, Diamond 1994 Paperback 229pp Author has claimed for decades to be Aleister Crowley's biological son, a contention not shared by informed opinion. A curious example of people expressing an identity with or special relation to Crowley  Very Good Order No. 870069 £6


Amado Crowley, Quest Magic, Diamond Books 1997 Paperback 253pp Illustrations  Very Good Order No. 870055 £6


Amado Crowley, Riddles of Aleister Crowley, Diamond 1992 Paperback 187pp Amusing spuriousity  Fine Order No. 870031 £7


Amado Crowley, Secrets of Aleister Crowley, Diamond 1991 Paperback 182pp Curious spuriosity  Fine Order No. 870032 £7


Amado Crowley, Wrath of Aleister Crowley, Diamond Books 1994 Paperback 168pp  Very Good Order No. 870030 £7


Lon Milo Duquette, C. Hyatt & Aleister Crowley, Enochian World of Aleister Crowley, New Falcon 1991 Paperback 161pp  Fine Order No. 870081 £7


Aleister Crowley & Barn Jehovi, Aleister Crowley 666, Dressed To Kill 2000 Two audio CDs with 8pp insert One Cd features the usual recordings of Crowley's voice, the other Thelemically themed ambient music by Barn Jehovi. CDs Mint inserts, Fine, crack to plastic case   Order No. 870161 £12


Aleister Crowley (scribed by), The Book of the Law, Liber Al vel Legis, Red Wheel / Weiser 2004 Hardback 158pp Centenial Edition published 100 years after the text's reception, printed in red and black with facsimile of manuscript as per instructions. Black endpapers  Fine Order No. 870008 £15


Aleister Crowley & David Curwen, Brother Curwen and Brother Crowley, A Correspondence, Teitan Press 2010 Hardback xlviii + (8pp) plates + 136pp numbered Limited edition of 777. Forward is by Tony Matthews, grandson of David Curwen. Edited and Introduction by Henrik Bogdan. A glamour of mystery has shrouded the name of David Curwen for decades. The man made IXth OTO by Crowley, who provided the temple for Kenneth Grant’s Nu-Isis lodge meetings as described in Hecate’s Fountain . It is difficult to imagine what cache of correspondence might be more interesting, and this book does not disappoint. For a start, Curwen was well read in magic and tantra, knowing more than Crowley in some areas. He was skeptical as to Crowley’s claims and they became distant. Curwen felt that the sexual instructions of the higher degrees of the OTO taught him little that he did not already know. Indeed Henrik Bogdan’s introduction is most instructive in describing the Curwen’s investigation of tantra, including membership of the enigmatic Holy Order of Krishna in the 1930’s (which was based in India, but aware of Crowley and adopted some of his teachings). Curwen gave Grant instruction concerning the kaulas in tantra and can be considered a major influence upon the Typhonian OTO  Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 870028 £40


Melusine Draco, Thelemic Handbook, A Practical Guide to the Works of Aleister Crowley, Ignotus Press 2006 Paperback 110pp Interestinmg independenat approack, now quite scarce  Fine Order No. 870084 £35


Lon Milo DuQuette, The Magick of Aleister Crowley, A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema, Weiser 2003 Paperback 261pp coloured images of Stele of Revealing on inside covers  Fine Order No. 870107 £6.5


Lon Milo DuQuette, The Magick of Thelema, Weiser 1993 Paperback xvii + 270pp A variant printing with the coloured plates of the Stele appearing on the inside of the card covers  Fine Order No. 870061 £18


James A. Eshelman, The Mystical and Magical System of the A.'.A.'., College of Thelema 2000 Large format hardback 11ins x 9ins xiii + 282pp Author was a prominent member of the Caliphate O.T.O. but resigned to concentrate upon A.'.A.'. Work with Phyllis Seckler and College of  Thelema, Phyllis Seckler, whose work was acknowledged by Karl Germer,  was taught by Jane Wolfe who was taught by Crowley. This work describes in great clarity the nature of each step in the A.'.A.'.  Mint in Fine DW Order No. 870139 £75


Aleister Crowley and J.F.C. Fuller, The Pathworkings of Aleister Crowley, The Treasure House of Images, New Falcon 1994 Paperback 160pp. Contributions by Lon Milo DuQuette, David Cherubim, Chris Hyatt and Nancy Wasserman  Fine Order No. 870044 £15


Kenneth Grant, Remembering Aleister Crowley, Skoob 1991 1st Ed. Larger format hardback 66pp Reproduces A.C.'s correspondence with the author & coloured Illustrations of some artwork & regalia.  Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 870119 £15


Michael Moore, Aleister Crowley, A Modern Master, Mandrake 2009 Paperback  216pp Endeavours to set Crowley in context of modern ideaswith reference to older traditions  Fine Order No. 870050 £5


George T. Mortimer, The Probationer's Handbook, A Manual of Instruction for the Student of the A.'.A.'., Media Underground 2008 Paperback 99pp  Fine Order No. 870038 £10


Paul Newman, The Tregerthen Horror, Aleister Crowley, D. H. Lawrence & Peter Warlock in Cornwall, Abraxas Ed. & DGR Books 2005 Larger format paperback 219pp many illustrations. Breathless rush through occult milieu occasionally connected to Cornwall. Considerable material regarding Pat Doherty/MacAlpine (mother of Attaturk Crowley), Meredith Starr, Ithell Colquhoun and others. An enertaining and interesting read. This copy signed by author, and signed note tipped in  Fine Order No. 870012 £20


Rodney Orpheus, Abrahadabra, Understanding Crowley's Thelemic Magick, Red Wheel / Weiser 2005 Paperback 199pp new edition with introduction by Lon Milo DuQuette  Fine Order No. 870024 £9


Israel Regardie, Eye in the Triangle, Llewellyn 1970 1st Ed Hardback Cold Frontispiece + ix + 517pp Excellent for earlier part of Crowley's life giving a cogent account of his spiritual advances, a mature appreciation by one who knew his flaws. Some spotting to page edges but Very Good   Order No. 870113 £30


Sandy Robertson, Aleister Crowley Scrapbook, Quantum 2002 Paperback 128pp Profusely illustrated  Fine Order No. 870100 £12


Gerald Suster, Hitler & the Age of Horus, Sphere 1980 Small format paperback 231pp Plates. Sees Hitler as a Black Magician perverting the forces of the New Aeon for selfish ends.  Good Order No. 870105 £7


Lawrence Sutin, Do What Thou Wilt, A Life of Aleister Crowley, St. Martin's Press 2000 Paperback  viii + 483pp Illustrated. Scholarly biography  Very Good Order No. 870011 £6


John Symonds, Great Beast, Life & Magic of Aleister Crowley, Panther 1963 Paperback 267pp  very worn reading copy Order No. 870153 £2


John Symonds, Great Beast, Life & Magick of Aleister Crowley, Mayflower  1973 Paperback 464pp  worn reading copy Order No. 870154 £2


John Symonds, Great Beast, Life & Magick of Aleister Crowley, Mayflower  1973 Paperback 464pp  Good + sound copy Order No. 870156 £4


Various, Fortean Times, Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast Revealed, January 2008 Large format glossy magazine 80pp. Articles include:- Phil Baker - Life and Times of Crowley; Dr. Dave Evans - Crowley Lives!; Paul Newman - the Tregerthen Horror (Crowley and mysterious death in Cornwall); Alan Chapman - Who Let the Greys In (Crowley & alien contact); Gary Lachman - Wickedest man in the World; Rebecca Fitzgibbon - Celluloid Occult (Crowley & occult film); Ian Simmons - Magick Potions (Crowley's cocktails!); Paul Sievking - the Neast & the Broadcaster (author's Dad's encunters with A.C.); Tim Weinberg - the Last Ritual  Very Good Order No. 870134 £25


Nancy Wasserman, The Weiser Guide to Yoga for Magick, Red Wheel / Weiser 2007 Paperback 116pp Illustrated. Instruction in yoga to support Thelemic magical endeavour  Very Good Order No. 870004 £5


Paul Weston, Alesiter Crowley and the Aeon of Horus, Avalonian Aeon 2009 Paperback 384pp Exhilarating rush through the modern occult milieu  Fine Order No. 870017 £12


Colin Wilson, Aleister Crowley, The Nature of the Beast, Aeon Books 2005 Paperback 174pp  Fine Order No. 870009 £6








b) Austin Osman Spare related items


Robert Ansell (Compiler & Editor), The Exhibition Catalogues of Austin Osman Spare, A Handbook for Collectors, Fulgur 2012 Hardback  317pp Aside from reprinting exhibition catalogues issued in Spare's lifetime includes press reviews, rare ephemera, chronological selection of signatures and monograms, notes on framing and 72 plates of artwork exemplars  Mint in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 870010 £20


Oswell Blakeston, Austin Osman Spare, Black Magician, IHO 15th May 2007 Card covers 162pp Numbered limited edition of 125 copies, this being copy No. 114. Aside from conventional numbering each copy is also numbered by means of a bookplate featuring a reproduction of a vibrationary (ie showing the aura) portrait by Spare plus title,  limitation and copy number. The book has a translucent dustwrapper with title and another vibrationary portrait printed on inside flap. Foreword and introductory notes by Clive Harper, the bibliographer of Spare. Blakeston met Spare in the early 1930’s. Spare painted an impressive portrait of him, a naturalistic profile is juxtaposed with astral flame from which faces and forms emerge. In 1933 Blakeston authored an article for Occult Review in which he sets out to faithfully reproduce the words of “one of the most remarkable man in London” who is “an initiate”. This is Spare and the article, here reproduced in 9pp is a striking and often overlooked account by the artist of the occult nature of his art, its symbolism and so forth. An important piece that should be read by any with an interest in the interpretation of Spare’s work.  In 1950 Blakeston published a piece called “Magicians in London” in an anthology called “An Uncertain Element”. Here reproduced in 12pp it is primarily about Spare whom Blakeston refers to as “.. my best black magician”. An anecdotal account of Spare, his surprising familiar called Death Posture and his spell work to control the weather and use of the Surrealist Racing Forecast cards.  In 1969 Blakeston published a novel called For Crying Out Shroud. Chapter 15, reproduced here has a fictional account of Spare  describing various magical workings. The description is quite unflattering, the author having moved on from his previous idealisation. In 1936 Blakeston wrote an appreciation of Spare for an exhibition of his art, the full catalogue here reproduced including three photographs of Spare at the exhibition. Also reproduced is the 1955 Archer gallery catalogue which has an appreciation by Kenneth Grant, his first credited act of publication in the U.K.! Coloured images of twelve of the pictures exhibited at that show are reproduced. Blakeston also wrote a book about magic that was never publisher, here are reproduced three chapters one of which was published as a separate article. About a dozen coloured pictures by Spare are reproduced as are reproductions of the covers of books by Blakeston mentioning Spare and some postcards from Spare to Blakeston. Mint in Fine + dustwrapper Order No. 870101 £200


Mor Navón & Julián Moguillansky, Earth: Inferno, Fulgur 2005 DVD of film made by Producto Desecho, this being No.25 of 31 copies in maroon cloth bound clam shell case;  limitation card; 12pp concertina style leaflet; envelope containing 10 photoprints of behind the scenes when the film was made in 2002 accompanied by small format 4pp leaflet giving details of the photos. Appears to be very light dampstaining to cloth otherwise  Fine Order No. 870124 £45


Austin Osman Spare, Dearest Vera, Facsimile Holograph Letters to Vera Wainwright, Fulgur 2011 Large format hardback 173pp, this being No. 28 of 93 copies bound in quarter leather signed  by Kenneth and Steffi Grant who compuiled the book. The letters are reproduced in facsimile with transcriptions provided.  mint in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 870145 £90


Austin Osman Spare, Ethos, The Magical Writings, IHO 2001 Paperback 10ins x 7ins 174pp Printed in four colours.Coloured frontispiece. Illustrated. Presents four texts:- Micrologus (aka Axiomata) and Witches Sabbath. Spares ideas concerning the witchcraft are receiving revived attention by many in the Craft; Book of Pleasure (with accompanying illustrations), the core text of Spare's occultism previously was out of print;  Mind to Mind and How which has only been published in Two Tracts of Cartomancy and discusses Spares ideas relating to divination.  Fine Order No. 870126 £12


Austin Osman Spare, Exhibition Catalogue, Retrospective Exhibition to Celebrate Publication of Witches Sabbath & Axiomata, Henry Boxer / Fulgur 1993 Small format card covers 22pp. Limited Edition of 333 Tipped in frontispiece plate, Chaos by Spare.  Fine Order No. 870114 £18


Austin Osman Spare, Focus of Life, Redux, Fulgur 2012 Large format hardback (32cm x 26cm) 98pp. One of 88 deluxe copies bound in quarter vellum with dustwrapper and stout slipcase. Presents very high quality facsimile reproduction of Focus of Life together with Spare's draft design for the work which Spare combined with (by far) the most sexually explicit drawings by Spare that appear to survive. Supported by authoritative essays by Robert Ansell and Phil Baker. Thus Spares creative process for this crucial text is revealed  All components at least Fine+ Order No. 870144 £300


Austin Osman Spare, Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards, Fulgur 1998 25 small format cards in envelope each carrying same automatic drawing of head with horses emerging from hair. Numbered 25 - 50 (so that the cards numbers are not confused with a horses race number?) and held in small format manilla envelope ink stamped with title etc.  Intended to assist picking of winners. The publisher wnet to great efforts tp produce a facsimile that is effectively identical to those produced by Spare.  Given Spare died in modest circumstances their effectiveness cannot be guarenteed never-the-less a curious item.  Fine Order No. 870163 £35


Austin Osman Spare, The Valley of Fear, Fulgur 2007 Large format (32cm x 24cm) this being 43 of 700 copies signed by Rob Ansell.  xi Preliminaries and Prolegomenon and 20 coloured reproductions printed on one side of the paper, one forming the frontispiece. The illustrations are Spare at his best, finely drawn morphing grotesque figures, strangely beautiful and ugly, inhabit fantasy landscapes  Mint in Fione dustwrapper Order No. 870148 £75


Austin Osman Spare, Two Tracts on Cartomancy, Fulgur 1997 1st Ed Card covered book with dustwrapper 38pp Very substantial Intro by Gavin Semple. Presents instructions for Spare's Surrealist Forecast Cards. Also included is Mind to Mind & How by A Sorcerer, a pseudonymous article by Spare wherein he gives directions for developing ones own system of divinatory cards and the illustrations present some examples of those devised by Spare. Excellent production values. Bookmark enclosed  Fine Order No. 870152 £40


Kenneth & Steffi Grant, Austin Osman Spare, Zos Speaks, Fugur 1998 Large format hardback (11ins x 8ins) 295pp Many illustrations including coloured. Important work presenting the Grants' account of their relationship with Spare (reproducing correspondence etc) plus the Book of Zos vel Thanatos being Spares previously unpublished magical writings. Corner of one page damaged otherwise  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 870142 £135


Austin Osman Spare (Illus), The Starlit Mire, by James Bertram & F.Russell, Temple 1989 Hardback No. Ltd Ed of 500 72pp op edge gilt 10 Illus by Spare gilt blocked cover Facsimile of 1911 1st Ed published in association with Temple of Psychic Youth  Fine Order No. 870027 £30


Various, Austin Osman Spare 1886-1956, Divine Draughtsman, Beskin Press 1987 Large format (11.5ins x 8ins) Card Covs 40pp Illus inc. Cold Pls. Ian Law on Spare's life; Genesis P. Orridge - Time Mirrors, the Art of Spare; Lionel Snell - Exploring Spare's Magic  some crease around Spine Very Good Order No. 870136 £45




c) Cultus Sabbati Related Items


Andrew Chumbley, Opuscula Magica, Volume I, Witchcraft and the  Sabbatic Tradition, Three Hands Press 2010 One of 726 copies hand numbered copies bound in charcoal cloth with dustwrapper, textured black endpapers. Spine gilt blocked.  pp149 Has 5 full page illustrations and over 20 vignettes, all by the author. A major vehicle for the presentation of ideas were articles in pagan and occult journals. Previously these important texts have been fiendishly difficult to track down. Some are now  collected here with an Introduction and helpful notes by Daniel A. Schulke (which are quoted and paraphrased here to assist this description);-

      Proem – previously unpublished

     A Short Critique and Comment Upon Magic – explores solitude as a tutelary genius and visionary art as a vessel of Gnosis

     Heart of the Sorcerer – remarkable for its early clarity of magical vision and the introduction of the term “Sabbatic Witchcraft”.

     Question of Sacrifice – a provocative statement uncharacteristically written for a neo-pagan audience

      The Hermit – Explores individual engagement with the path and warns against the many character defects that plague occultism.

      Hekas – Draws together disparate magical strands to illustrate the Sabbat as a trans-aeonic vehicle of sorcery

     The Secret Nature of Ritual – Described by Andrew as “…an essay which deals with the geometry of magical ritual and the manner in which it expresses ‘Time’”

     What is Traditional Craft? – a controversial article when first published, especially amongst American Wiccans.

      The Golden Chain and the Lonely Road – Describes the initiatory processes known within the Sabbatic Tradition

   Initiation and Access to Magical Power in Early Modern Cunning Craft and Modern Traditional Craft – Published here for the first time, a lecture given at the Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle.

     An Interview with Andrew D. Chumbley  Mint in Fine DW Order No. 870137 £90


Andrew Chumbley, Opuscula Magica, Volume II, Essays on Witchcraft and Crooked Path Sorcery, Three Hands Press 2011 Hardback 126pp Numbered limited edition of 726 copies, Magick is Not For All; The Crooked path; the Sabzean Torch, Gnosis for the Flesh Eternal; s Scattering of Dust From the Wing of a Moth; Cult of the Divine Artist, History of Teachings of the Crooked path; Seven Shades of Solitude; Cultus Sabbati, Dreams Provenance and Magistry, The Sabbatic Cultus, an Interview. 9 full page illustrations plus others  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 870128 £120


Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, Xoanon 2008 Hardback 86pp Illustrated. Limited edition of 772 copies. Numbered limited edition of 700 copies.  Half of this work consists of a mystic poem of 72 verses (plus one for zero and one for infinity), the remainder a commentary plus eleven illustrations and a glossary. The author finds in Sufism, the beliefs of the Yezidi and certain Berber heretical cults the counterparts of the Traditional Witchcraft as manifested in the Cultus Sabbatai  Fine Order No. 870077 £150


Robert Fitzgerald, A Gathering of Masks, Three Hands Press 2010 Numbered limited edition of 462pp. Hardback 142pp Coloured endpapers, gilt blocked covers in elegant gold coloured dustwrapper . The author is an initiate of the Cultus Sabbati. Here he presents an Arabic retelling of the Cain mythos. Then "By Seal and Sphere, a Short History of Astral Magic, both texts being precursors to an exploration of Liber 231, being Crowley's highly abbreviated chart of the Qlipoth of the 22 Hebrew letters/tarot trumps. This exploration is not a question of academic research but rather courageous projection of the consciousness into the astral and the recording of the experience, together with some subsequent commentary. These magical workings, involving the author and a colleague, took a period of ten years to complete.

               The book is graced with three full-page illustrations by Barry Hale (Liber 49, Fulgur etc.) In Liber 231 Crowley advances two sets of sigils for the Qlipoth, but the clear implication is that more sets are yet to be discovered. The illustrations are mandalas of the Qlipoth, each one a set of sigils, either Crowley's or the set derived from the workings performed by the author and his colleague.

                Thelemic Magic and Cultus Sabbati might, superficially, appear quite disparate vectors of occultism, however, there has long been a fundamental interaction with a striking resonance between Crowley's ritual crucifixion of a frog and the Waters of the Moon ceremony. Of course, a number of articles by Andrew Chumbley were published in Starfire, the journal associated with the Typhonian OTO, which has been most active in realising the magical power potential of the qlipoth. This book is an important manifestation of the interaction between these vectors. Components of  one of the mandalas appear upon the dustwrapper  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 870029 £120


Daniel Schulke, Pelican  / Zoësis, Original Pen and Ink Drawing on paper, Not dated (2008) When completed, described thus by artist:- "The Pelican is a rare and beloved vessel in the Spagyric Art, but it may take diverse forms, including the Flesh of Man or wing shades the implicit Autosexual praxis of Zoesis using the human vessel as the circulator." Sigilised by the artist.  Fine in glazed frame Order No. 870162 £270


Daniel Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, The Pleasure Garden of Shadows, Xoanon 2005 Numbered limited edition of 57), (xviii) + 518pp Illustrated. The author is the Magister and Verdelet of the Cultus Sabbatai, the witchcraft order previously headed by Andrew Chumbley. This is a beautiful book. Handbound in green in sage green cloth which shimmers as the leaves of the herb sage do, perhaps chosen for the reference to wisdom in the name. Copper blocked on the spine and front board with elegant symbolic decoration designed by the author whose striking illustrations appear throughout the book. Most of these illustration depict the genius of particular plants which command their healing powers. The nature of this herbalism is deeply magical and occult. The author displays impressive knowledge of herbal lore and magical practice using plants. This work is an major component of the corpus of books born of the Cultus Sabbatai, perhaps one of the most interesting magical witchraft currents operating at the present time  Fine Order No. 870052 £450


Daniel A. Schulke, Ars Philtron, Edition Codex Vasculum, Xoanon 2008 Hardback 301pp Hand numbered limited edition of 720, this being copy no 369.Illustrations by the author. Sorcerous herbalism!  Fine Order No. 870006 £165


Daniel Schulke (Forward), The Occult Reliquary, Three Hands Press 2010 Large format hardback (29cm x 21cm) One of 675 standard copes bound in scarlet cloth 219pp.  Aside from 1pp Forward by Daniel A. Schulke and 4pp Introduction by Graham King the book is given over to illustrations and coloured plates (of excellent quality) of the Richel-Eldermans Collection held by the Museum of Witchcraft. The selection of images has been done to best represent the collection, with no avoidance of controversial issues. The images are presented without comment, so that "the mystery of their creation and use may be conveyed".  The sheer enigma of the collection is, surely, its most salient feature. This collection of artwork and artefacts was the creation of Eldermans and  his small group of associates. Clearly they were aware of the  OTO and A.'.A.'., Gerald Gardner, freemasonry and classic works concerning witchcraft as references occur as components of the images. The age of the pictures seems to vary considerably, from pre-war to the 1970's. It would appear that the images and artefacts are the result of artistic research and creation. Perhaps interested parties contributed images in return for access to portions of the collection. Important themes include sexualised magical endeavour, folk magic, sigils, freemasonry, occasional references to more famous occult orders like the A.'.A.'. as well as a hint of sado-masochistic imagery and occasionally seventies fashion. One gets the impression that Eldermans administered a system by which he and other artists explored their imagination and knowledge of occult themes to create striking images, which are contributed to the greater project. Certainly some of the images are contrived. Components of old images of demons are given quite different significances in new compositions (such as an old illustration of a grotesque demon with protruding tongue becoming part of a representation of magical cunnilingus). Some of the apparently scholarly references appear false and some of the sigils appear "deep and meaningless", designed for visual impact rather than encoded significance (though there is a good deal of that in grimoire literature!). However, such a mechanism of exploring imagination and knowledge can be expected to be potentially highly fertile and the Eldermans collection is certainly that. The section on mandrakes is truly excellent, and advances ideas concerning their uses considerably. There are many other cases where very interesting perceptions and practices are preserved in image and artefact. The ethos of folk magic and witchcraft, secret magical practice expressed in the crafts of the common people, is particularly powerful in the collection. The Museum of Witchcraft and Three Hands Press have performed a public service by making these images available. I expect more will become known about Eldermans and his associates and anyone assessing witchcraft artefacts and images will have to be cognoscent of his work.  Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order No. 870143 £200


Various, Psalterium Caini (Psalter of Cain), Xoanon 2012 Standard Limited to  701 numbered copies. Coloured, contoured endpapers, gilt blocked cloth. The whole book is printed in letterpress – ie old fashioned metal type and plates covered in wet ink and pressed onto the paper – twice - as it is printed in two colours throughout (three, including the frontispiece). This gives the image an otherwise unobtainable crispness, as well as a special sensuality as the image is pressed into the paper – so one can actually feel it! Though generally considered the best form of printing in terms of quality, letterpress is very rarely used nowadays. It does justice to the haunting and powerful illustrations. A delight to behold. This exposition of Cultus Sabbati lore is authored by a body of Sabbatic Initiates and has always envisaged as a collective work. It has, therefore, the special significance that it is born of the cultus, ie the collective, rather than an individual. Indeed, these texts are “adapted from the private devotional materials of the covines, lodges and solitary practitioners of the Cultus Sabbati and the Companie of the Serpent Cross, its outer sodality.” Much previously private material, including actual magical texts is, here, shared with the world. It expresses the magical nature of Cain as worked in the Cultus. This book is a stunning vehicle for His presence.  Mint Order No. 870026 £250











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