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    c) Austin Osman Spare

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Andrew Chumbley,  Founder of the Cultus Sabbati, a modern manifestation of the witchcraft.





Manifestation of Famulus






Pen and ink on folded sheet of paper. 8 inches x 6 inches. Signed using magical name "Alogos". The word "Famulus" is defined as "a servant or slave, especially of a servant or magician". Of this image, Andrew wrote:-


The body in ritual becomes the primary object, role and space of ritual. The hand in magical aesthesis becomes the ritualist. If bound by cord till devoid of sense and used as a vessel for daimonic evocation, the hand becomes a new thing. The cord loosed permits the magician's senses to commingle with the indwelling daimon and the process of expression may begin. Alongside oneiric inspiration, automatism, obsessional self-projection, sigillation, this technique forms part of the artist-magician's repertoire. The compositions are the shed skins of the process, the actuality of the artistry is the operator, who, in passing through all things, is transformed and is made knowing.

The present image shows a spirit converging on a point in a dream landscape, alongside the convergence of sigils to a point of being.



The detail is extraordinary, as shown by these expanded views showing, in each instance, about a single square inch of the drawing






The title is inscribed in pencil by artist on the reverse:-



The are some very slight and unobtrusive creases (exaggerated in the image).  Order Ref. 122-01  £2250










Grand Sidereal Congrusses








Andrew's inscription on reverse.






COPY OF DRAWING made by the artist and signed by him on reverse. 42cms x 28cms. The deliberately unfamiliar term "congrusses" is Latin for "congress" and has the same ambiguity, meaning both assembly, as in the "Grand Sabbat", as well as sexual intercourse. “Sidereal” literally means "of the stars" though the nature of the drawing suggests the artist uses the word in the additional sense that Austin Osman Spare did when referring to his "Sidereal Portraits", meaning an intersection of viewpoints, suggesting an intermutation of levels or dimensions, particularly the astral and the mundane. Spare suggested this by portraying a distorted face that takes on a conventional form when the viewer looks at it from an extreme angle (a process which reminds us that the magician's exhortations for a spirit to appear in comely form - which may require the conjurer to achieve a special state, as much as the spirit). Chumbley's tack is very different. Tentacles of organic form, ambivalently animal or plant, but certainly living reach up through a fractured plane, casting shadows into other dimensions, indicated by geometrical lines suggesting folds.

This facsimile passed from the artist to Robert Fitzgerald, a prominent member of the Cultus Sabbati, who has had writings published by Xoanon and Three Hands Press. Thence, it was given to a witch after she met the artist in 2004ev and commenced a year of practice as given to potential members of the Cultus, to determine if they belonged. In due course, the witch realised the Cultus was not for her. It relates to the Rite of the Opposer, which is given in Qutub, whereby the practitioner undertakes to sacrifice everything to the Other, the Shadow Self, so as the transcend the Abyss. The Rite of the Opposer may use stellar analogues to the Self and the Shadow, namely the Pole-star and the Dog-star reminding us that the traditional usage of the term "Sidereal" - "of the stars" - also applies.

This authorised copy, made and supplied by the artist for framing has a striking provenance which reveals much about the operation of the Cultus Sabbati in Andrew’s day.    Order Ref. 122-02  £275










Daniel A. Schulke, Current Magister of the Cultus Sabbati





Witch-Vessel III

Oil on canvas board, 8” x 10” in glazed oak frame 12” x  14”, 2009

The painting conveys an Arcanum of the Sabbath   Order Ref. 122-03   £465







Witch Vessel IX

Oil on canvas board, 9” x 12” in glazed oak frame 16” x 13”, 2009

An Arcanum of the Sabbath  Order Ref. 122-04 £515







Witch-Vessel XIII

Oil on canvas panel, 9" x 12" in glazed oak frame 16” x 13”, 2009

An Arcanum of the Sabbath  Order Ref. 122-05 £515







Roberto Milusic Migliussi, was the founder of the influential underground magazine Idola Tribus in Italy in the 1980's. He has done much to bring the work of English language occultists to the attention of the Italian speakers, publishing translations of Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant, Gavin Semple, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski (who worked with Bertiaux and about whom Grant writes about at length in Beyond the Mauve Zone) and numerous other occultists. He has also promoted the work of Michael Bertiaux, the Ecclesia Gnostica Alba (an offshoot of the  Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis, the Gnostic church founded by Bertaiux) and the Esoteric Order of Dagon.


It seems reasonable to see in the finished drawing entities, demons bringing ideas and possibilities, appear before a linear flux. The entities are born of the extensive work with automatic drawings represented by the sketch book.




Untitled 1, pen and ink on paper, 38.5cm x 28cm, signed on reverse  Order Ref. 122-06 £95








Untitled 1, pen and ink on paper, 40cm x 30cm, signed on reverse  Order Ref. 122-07  £95








Untitled 3, pen and ink on paper, 38.5cm x 28cm, signed on reverse Order Ref. 122-08 £95







Untitled 4, pen and ink on paper, 38.5cm x 28cm, signed on reverse  Order Ref. 122-09  £95








Untitled 5, pen and ink on paper, 38.5cm x 28cm, signed on reverse Order Ref. 122-10 £95









Untitled 6, pen and ink on paper, 38.5cm x 28cm, signed on reverse    Order Ref. 122-11  £95








Untitled 7, pen and ink on paper, 40cm x 30cm, signed on reverse Order Ref. 122-12   £95







Sketchbook, July 2011, card covers 28cm x 21cm, spiral binding with 100pp all with automatic drawings. The intent was to concentrate upon the technique, so the mind falls into the appropriate altered state, allowing the pen and paper to become vehicle for uncovering the inner wellhead of creative ideas and insights. It is a way to deal with the inner demons that manifest in the shapes the pen describes upon the paper, allowing them to appear and bring new opportunities into the life of the artist. Some sample pages appear below. Order Ref. 122-13   £450














Austin Osman Spare - Property of a Gentleman



Spare’s Cave, Boro, pen, ink and watercolour,  9cm x 14cm initials featuring as a design component in picture. Spare had an understandable fascination with stalagmite and stalactite formations, and drew them from pictures in books. He clearly felt real affinity for this one. It is probably in, or near, Boro or Borough an area of New South Wales, Australia that is near a number of world famous limestone caves. None seem to be now known as “Spare’s Cave” but names of sites can change. Or perhaps he imagined it so, as he drew the very phallic stalagmite bearing his initials. His personal identification with the image and the initials featuring as a component of the view, makes this Spare cave picture special and it provokes thought concerning the significance of stalagmites for Spare generally. Circa 1926, judging by the form of the initials.   Circa 1926, judging by the form of the initials.  Provenance (to best memory of present owner) Geraldine Beskine, Atlantis Books.  Order Ref. 122-14  £1100










“Postcard 1” Pencil (both sides) on card, approx. 14cm x 9cm. The form of the females nudes are typically Sparian and one sits in exhibitionist pose, there are hints of something in front of her. Perhaps close ups of the artist’s fingers? If so, if begs the question to what end? As if, from a distance, gently parting the lips of her sex with two fingers from his right hand that are steadied by a finger from his left.   Provenance: from Dennis Bardens through Tom Symonds (the son of John Symonds, Crowley’s biographer).   Order Ref. 122-15  £750











“Postcard 1” Pencil (both sides) on card, approx. 14cm x 9cm. Again typically Sparean figures, both muscular, one of ambiguous gender and the other a woman with a swirling form behind her, but it is unclear whether she is drying her back or wrestling a snake, but both are clearly dynamic.  Provenance: from Dennis Bardens through Tom Symonds (the son of John Symonds, Crowley’s biographer) Order Ref. 122-16   £550









To Show the remembrance and to Bring the Friendship of Austin Osman Spare, pen, ink and watercolour on postcard approx. 14cm x 9cm. Addressed to Millicent Paine it is sent from 56A Walworth Road, the studio where Spare resided, and exhibited, from 1936 until 1941 when Hitler destroyed it with a bomb. Millicent Paine was and old friend of Spare’s, they knew each other in their schooldays and she had “walked out” with his brother when they were young. She had found the Walworth Road studio for him when she was working for an estate agent. The destruction of his studio was a disaster for Spare. He lost all his possessions and lived off charity in doss houses for awhile. Millicent took him in at 5 Wynne Road and he worked in the basement and took on the lease. This is clearly and artistic spell to reinforce their friendship, a sigilistic self portrait, his signature incorporated into his hair, morphing into organic growth with an aura of vibrationary energy kin to his vibrationary portraits. The many creases to the card can be seen in the images.  Order Ref. 122-17   £1760
















Anon., Grimoire of the Spirit of the Place, Society of Esoteric Endeavour 2007, 1st Edition, large format (10½ ins x  7 ins) 20pp. Numbered limited edition of 80 copies, this being copy No. 61 Large format 13ins x 9ins, padded boards, pigskin leather label, linen cover secured with pigskin leather ties. The original manuscript was penned in French in the late 18th Century. It seems to describe a ritual that the writer carried out. Protection is sought from a demonic Trinity before Christian powers are used to evoke an infernal spirit, specially associated with the place of the working, into a piglet that is led into a magic circle where it is slain. This releases the spirit but it he is constrained within the circle until he signs the Grimoire of the title, which has been prepared according to certain specifications.  The book is then treated like a child, being baptised with a godparent present and so forth. The text states that if you are in possession of the original Grimoire “..or one like it” then you do not have to perform the complete ritual but just read out the conjurations. The original spirit will then send one of his minions to assist you. For this reason this the physical manifestation of this, the first ever edition, is guided by the specifications given in the text, being 20 leaves, bound in shot taffeta (which shimmers in different colours) and wrapped in a cross shaped piece of linen.  Fine  Order Ref. 122-18 £750



Anon. (attributed Dr. Johann Faust), Praxis Magica Faustiana, Society of Esoteric Endeavour 2011.  Numbered limited edition of 180 copies. Limp covers in glassene dustwrapper (38pp) printed in black and red on 160gsm laid paper, silk place ribbon. This text was published as a series of 11 lithographs of text and illustration in the middle of the 19th Century in a collection of chapbooks, fairy tales and other popular miraculous literature.  The commentary addresses the significance of the illustrations. They enunciate a surprisingly sophisticated magical philosophy, more easily described than categorised. Christian powers of Light are utilised to control Lucifer (the light bearer) who is followed by his dark counterpart Mephistophiles (Greek for “Not-light-lover”) who is the terrifying other who can negate the ego of the practitioner. Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order Ref. 122-19    £125



Michael Bertiaux, Cosmic Meditation, Fulgur 2007 Card covers with metallic blocking, xi + 84pp. Limted edition of 777 copies this being copy No. 540 Coloured frontispiece plate and numerous vignettes by the author. Gives straightforward instruction for magical meditation of a highly sophisticated nature Fine Order Ref. 122-20    £90



David Beth, Voudon Gnosis, Scarlet Imprint 2008 Small format hardback iv + 84pp + (4pp) index. Two coloured plates. Numbered limited edition of 555 copies, this being copy No. 213. Succeeds in making Michael Bertiaux system of esoteric voodism intelligible. Handsomely designed with serpent blind stamped on black cloth  Fine  Order Ref. 122-21 £100



Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, Xoanon 2002 Hardback ix + 365pp Illustrated. Copy number 167 of 484.  The standard Sethos edition in green cloth. The author sought expression for the British Traditional Witchcraft into which he had been initiated. Oaths of secrecy forbade blatant description of the Cunning-craft so he drew with insight, upon Ancient Egyptian mythology, Gnosticism, alchemy, tradtional sorcery, Masonic symbolism, tantra and the work of Austin Osman Spare to generate a vehicle for its mysteries. These are enshrouded in a cogent and coherent system of Sabbatic ritual and sorcery, encompassed by a magical alphabet, that can be utilised for both spellcraft and the gnosis  Fine     Order Ref. 122-22    £350



Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, Xoanon 2002 Hardback ix + 365pp Illustrated. Copy number 8 of 11 copies of the Private Initiatic Edition bound in full fair goatskin gilt blocked with the first letter of the Sacred Alphabet on front cover and twenty second letter on back board and Wand of Sethos device on spine. Hand marbled endpapers. Loosely enclosed is a black textured paper envelope inscribed "Talisman of the Eighth Aat" in metallic ink. Contained therein is the talisman with script inscribed in silver ink.






The limitation page bears a signed and sigilised inscription by the author:-



It is protected by the stout slipcase bound in the same cloth as the standard edition, blocked on both sides with the Web of Possibilities design. Mint in Fine slipcase    Order Ref. 122-23  £3500




Andrew Chumbley, One, The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, Xoanon 2000 64pp Full faux leather binding. 64pp Number 16 of a Limited Edition of 77 copies. The scarcest published Cultus Sabbatai book. It gives the ancient ritual involving the crucifixion of a toad to obtain a magical bone. This came to be particularly used to control horses. A homely yet handsome and talismanic production.  This copy is complete, with all accompanying items. Loosely enclosed is an envelope inscribed “Sabbatrakhion” by the author, sigilised and dedicated to the recipient. Therein is a printed card, folded once which has been signed by the author with his magickal name and sigilised calligraphic flourish, and another sigil in black and gold ink. This encloses a single black sheet of light card heavily sigilised, signed and inscribed by the author using metallic inks. This is entitled “Sabatrachion”. There is also a small envelope inscribed “Blackthorn, Toadskin + Bone” by the author with decorative scrolls and a sigil. This contains a blackthorn spike and a talisman formed with green ink and metallic paints upon a triangular piece of toadskin plus also an actual toad bone. The latter being absent in all copies aside from a very few actually given by the author to magickal colleagues.














The boards are flat, not bowed as is usually the case with this edition. Order Ref. 122-24  £2500



Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, Fulgur for Xoanon 1995 Hardback 1st Ed., 80pp Drawing upon the Yatukih Sorcery of Ancient Persia, the Yezidic cult of Shaitan & the widdershin dance of the Sufi the author manifests an avocatory poem of 72 verses, 11 talismanic Illus & the Rite of the Opposer, the Sabbatic Craft expressed in Arabic terms. Commentary, Glossary etc  Fine in Very Good + dustwrapper     Order Ref. 122-25  £150



Andrew Chumbley, The Satyr's Sermon, By the Hand and Eye of Alogos, Xoanon 2009, Standard edition limited to 333 hand numbered copies, this being copy No. 226. Small landscape format (3.25ins x 6ins) 84pp Printed in three colours by letterpress (ie old fashioned type or plates pressing wet ink onto the paper – considered the best form of printing, but so very rarely done nowadays). Black endpapers. Quarter leather binding with blocked design on front board and gilt blocked title and raised bands on spine. The goatskin leather is richly textured. It is contained in a well-made cloth bound slipcase. The text was written in early 2004 as one of the series of Monadic Transmission grimoires, each being a hand written manuscript book enclosed with talismanic objects in a wooden box. Some were passed by the author to trusted associates and some were sent out into the Universe, the author deliberately taking no role in deciding their destination, like a seed cast into the wind, to see where they might land. This was one of the latter, which found its way back to the Cultus Sabbati to be issued in this limited edition by Xoanon. The text consists of two sets of Aphorisms with accompanying coloured sigils, the first set being titled "The 13 Maxims of the Brothel", the second "The Virgin's Gift, also Called Virtues Higher than Morals". The themes are decidedly sexual and the result is a truly fine example of Andrew's artwork and poetry elegant presented in a manner entirely sympathetic to the original. Mint in Very Good + slipcase Order Ref. 122-26 £200



Aleister Crowley, Konx Om Pax, Teitan 1990 Facs. Ed Hardback xii + 108 + 12pp adverts & reviews Striking & ingenious cover design by Crowley (done whilst supposedly on hashish) which one has to look at an oblique angle in order to read, contains important mystical prose peppered with humour. Excellent Intro. by Martin Starr No dustwrapper, as issued. Fine Order Ref. 122-27  £85



David Michael Cunningham, Creating Magickal Entities, Egregore  2003 Paperback 143pp  Fine Order Ref. 122-28 £4



Lon Milo DuQuette, Enochian Vision Magick, An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, Weiser 2008 Paperback xxxiv + 261pp  Fine Order Ref. 122-29  £6



Lon Milo DuQuette, My Life With Spirits, The Adventures of a Modern Magician, Weiser 1999 Paperback xv + 191pp Amusing  and useful reflective account  by one who has lived life by the wand and pen  Very Good Order Ref. 122-30   £6



Jan Fries, Helrunar, A Manual of Rune Magick, Mandrake 2006  Larger format paperback 440pp Illustrated  Fine  Order Ref. 122-31    £9



Kenneth & Steffi Grant, Hidden Lore, Fulgur 2006 Numbered Limited Edition of 777. large format (13ins x 10ins) (x) + 74pp in dustwrapper and slipcase. This being number 27 of 91 deluxe copies signed by Kenneth & Steffi Grant. High quality coloured illustrations throughout. Between 1959 and 1963 Kenneth and Steffi Grant issued a series often illustrated monographs titled:- Tree of Life; Brief Note on the Hermetic Order of the G.'.D.'.; An Illustrated Essay Concerning the Magical Phases of Life; Austin Osman Spare; Vinum Sabbatai; Mage and Image; Hidden Lore;  Magical Creation; Vault of the Adepts Each monograph was printed in a

limited edition of 100 copies and included a hand drawn image  by Steffi Grant or, in the case of the monograph on Spare a reproduction of one of magical stele created by Spare for the Grants. The original essays and illustrations are reproduced here with substantial new material including detailed illustrations of magical regalia of the Golden Dawn and also the Enochian tablets. There are also extra illustrations of the Vault of the Adepts. All are reproduced using high quality colour printing techniques onto 150gsm quality paper. Presented in coloured dustwrapper in slipcase. Loosely enclosed Fulgur postcard of the Spare stele illustrated in the book. Also loosely enclosed a one page sheet printed on one side is a highly informative account (approx. 500 words) by Steffi Grant of the creation of the original works. This is signed by her  Fine in Fine dustwrapper in Fine slipcase Order Ref. 122-32 £200



Kenneth Grant, The Ninth Arch, Starfire 2002 xxxvii + 603pp Limited to 1000 copies. Coloured Frontispiece (The Essential Magical Formula - Man is a Bundle of Ids by Austin Osman Spare). Coloured plates at rear show dustwrapper designs of the Typhonian Trilogies, Plates  Fine in Very Good + dustwrapper  Order Ref. 122-33  £200



Peter Grey, The Red Goddess, Scarlet Imprint 2008 Hardback No. 57 of 777 copies signed by the author.  Frontispiece Coloured plate 259pp. Elegantly designed with red blocking on white cloth, red endpapers,  red printed pre-title and title page. Chapter headings in red. Out of print in hardback.  Fine Order Ref. 122-34   £200



Barry William Hale, Liber 49, Fulgur 2009 1st Ed. No. 637 of 777 standard copies. Hardback 152pp Illustrated Grimoire of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. Describes the 49 demons he commands with their invocatory images derived from paper cut outs. Had a bookmark printed as a fly's wing upon translucent paper. Endpapers decorated in metalic blue, cloth and dustwrapper blocked in metallic blue. A handsome book and striking work. Fine in Fine dustwrapper Order Ref. 122-35  £95



Nigel Jackson, Masks of Misrule, The Horned God & His Cult in Europe, Capall Bann 1996 Author a Traditional witch Paperback illus 168pp  Fine Order Ref. 122-36  £6



Nigel Aldcroft Jackson, Call of the Horned Piper, Capall Bann 1994 Paperback 115pp describes a form of Traditional witchcraft. Now out of print and sought after Fine Order Ref. 122-37   £20



E.A Koetting, Baneful Magick, Ixaxaar 2008 Hardback 176pp Silver blocking to covers, black end papers out of print scarce  Fine  Order Ref. 122-38  £200



Peter Paddon, A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk, Pendraig 2010 Paperback 170pp  Fine Order Ref. 122-39  £6



Sorita d'Este & Rankine, Hekate, Liminal Rites, Avalonia 2009 Paperback 192pp A study of the rituals, magic and symbols of the torch-bearing Triple Goddess of the Crossroads  Fine Order Ref. 122-40  £5



David Rankine & Sorita d'Este, Practical Elemental Magick, Working the Magic of the Four Elements in the Western Mystery Tradition, Avalonia not dated (2007?) Paperback 186pp  Fine Order Ref. 122-41  £5



Sandy Robertson, Aleister Crowley Scrapbook, Foulsham 1988 Large format hardback, 128pp profusely illustrated A fun book! Fine in Very Good dustwrapper Order Ref. 122-42   £12



Daniel Alvin Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, Pleasure Garden of Shadow which Treats of the Secret Knowledge of Trees and Herbs Deliver'd by the Fallen Angels unto Man, Xoanon 2005 Numbered limited edition of 576, this being copy No. 226. (xviii) + 518pp Illustrated. The author is the Magister and Verdelet of the Cultus Sabbatai, the witchcraft order previously headed by Andrew Chumbley. This is a beautiful book. Handbound in green in sage green cloth which shimmers as the leaves of the herb sage do, perhaps chosen for the reference to wisdom in the name. Copper blocked on the spine and front board with elegant symbolic decoration designed by the author whose striking illustrations appear throughout the book. Most of these illustration depict the genius of particular plants which command their healing powers. The nature of this herbalism is deeply magical and occult. The author displays impressive knowledge of herbal lore and magical practice using plants. This work is an major component of the corpus of books born of the Cultus Sabbatai, perhaps one of the most interesting magical witchcraft currents operating at the present time. Fine (no dustwrapper as issued)  Front board bears slight mark and small bump (see illustration) Order Ref. 122-43 £320


Austin Osman Spare, Witches Sabbath / Axiomata, Fulgur 1992 + 2007 Large format hardback (12.5ins x 9ins). 1000 copies were  printed but at initially only some were bound up. Then disaster! the printer went bankrupt & the new proprietor pulped the remaining sheets. 91 sets of sheets were recovered and 15 years later these were bound up and issued as a numbered limited edition, this copy being number 58 signed by Ikenneth and Steffi Grant. Witches Sabbath commences with the substantial Intro (ixpp  - xiipp) followed by the text & striking drawings (20pp) by Spare. His account of the Witchcraft emphasises the sexual element of the Sabbath & includes a powerful Evocation. Averse to that work is Axiomata (ie the book would be turned upon two axis to find the beginning. x + 22pp It has Preface by Gavin Semple, Introduction by Robert Ansell and then text & striking drawings by Spare. Tipped in were two very striking cold Plates. Publsiger's post card of Spare stele enclosed  Fine in Fine DW in Fine slipcase Order Ref. 122-44   £250



Various, Datura, An Anthology of Esoteric Poesis, Scarlet Imprint 2010 Hardback no. 18 of 465 copies 146pp, light cloth blocked in silver  Fine   Order Ref. 122-45  £40



Various, Howlings, Scarlet Imprint 2008 Hardback  201pp This being No. 149 of the first edition of 333 copies. Subsequently, a second edition of 666 copies was issued, numbered 334 onwards. Very striking gilt blocked pattern entirely covers front board. Exploration of grimoires such as Picatrix; The Lemegeton, or Lesser Key of Solomon; Three Books of Occult Philosophy; Voudon Gnostic Workbook; Liber 231; Qutub. Various authors including:- David Rankine; Donald Tyson; Peter Grey; David Beth; Stafford Stone; Paul Hughes-Barlow; Krzysztof Azarewicz; Jack Macbeth; Thea Faye; Aleq Grai; Hafiz Batin; Pharaon  Fine Order Ref. 122-46  £60



Vexior, Panparadox, Pan Towards Chaos, Ixaxaar 2007 Small format hardback, silver blocked boards, black endpapers, 196pp, illustrations and coloured plates. Exploration of the nature of Pan. Out of print and sought after. Printed flyer for book enclosed, together with business card of publisher  Fine Order Ref. 122-47 £175



Eric de Vries, Hedge-Rider, Pendraig 2008 Paperback 193pp Considers witchcraft a heathen cult centred around  journey to the Underworld and contact with the Unseen.  Fine Order Ref. 122-48 £5







3) Concerning Irwin, Book of Magic


Finally, copies are being completed. This weekend will see all copies up to No. 19 dispatched. They will then be coming from the bookbinder in batches of ten. They will be  sent out in numerical order.









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