The Occult Art Gallery

Astrid Bauer
"I have used all methods of art to express myself; a love of colour and the almost alchemical procedure of bringing it into a form or pattern offers the possibility for me to work as a medium, literally being inspired by the breath of the old ones, and to witness the image emerging out of nothingness."

Alastair Campbell
Artist whose work has appearred in Starfire

Chris Chibnal
"the artist himself is not entirely certain of what these messages mean, and the viewer is invited to provide his own interpretation"

J.Edward Cornelius
A magician of some standing in the Thelemic Community.

Aleister Crowley
Portraits of the Beast

The Cultus Sabbati
" ongoing tradition of sorcerous wisdom, an initiatory path proceeding from both immediate vision and historical succession"

Nathan Ely
"it is very important to converse with the painting at every stage of development..........."

Elda Isela Ford
"...a natural Witch who uses the medium of art as initiations of Magickal Practice."

Michael Ford
"The images which include a number of Spare and Crowley, are intended to be gateways towards initiation in the 93 current"

Barry Hale
"Deciphering and developing magical formulae in terms of the incarnate relationships to the genius-loci of the Southern Hemisphere in general and the antipodes in particular"

Lady Frieda Harris
Original works by the artist who executed Crowley's designs for the Crowley Thoth Tarot


Paul Nemeth
"I am rather sceptical of the whole thing one calls Occultism and it seems to me to involve a whole lot of pretentious, deluded gibberish"

Rosaleen Norton
Artist-Occultist whose works were destroyed by the State!

Gavin Semple
"the whole spectrum of magical activity going on at any given moment constitutes a colossal and invisible artwork, for the voluptuous and intricate gestures of mind, body, sense, emotion, intellect accomplished within ritual space and time leave few, if any, objective traces behind… We need to give form to our inherent myth; everyone who can 'make magic' can make pictures..."

Pete Smith
"...closely associated with the contemporary revival of the Esoteric Order of Dagon and has done much to reveal the relevance of H.P.Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos..."

Austin Osman Spare
"Original Artwork by Austin Osman Spare from the collection of Mr. Frank Letchford."