Samantha Davies & Matthew Bower


Samantha Davies and Matthew Bower are would-be Scryers, decadent Shamen of No-tribe, a black Brother-Sisterhood, followers of the divergent path. Through subtly electrick automatism they seek to bring forth figures, flora and fauna from the shadowy netherworld apprehended in side-long glances into smoke-filled, inscrutably angled mirrors. They have no conscious goal other than to draw nearer to the realm of dark beauty they believe is their home. They also make musick of a similar hue as Voltigeurs and Skullflower. There are 17 numbered Sets of prints of these 13 works, digitally printed on 150gm paper, signed by the artists, at 31 pounds including UK postage (overseas price on request) also other original artworks may be purchased. In either instance contact:-



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