Anon, Cipher Ms of the Golden Dawn, Jolly Roger Press Gang 1973 First full edition. 20 A4 mimeographedsheets printed on one side stapled together of the notorius Ci[her MS. Other versions which are better are available now. The one page introduction by Christopher Newton is a delightful time capsule of one strands of British Thelemic occultism of the period He confidently predicts this publication will cease all speculation concerning the mysteries of the Golden Dawn which, he asserts, was superseded in 1904. It finishes "This is positvely the last word on the Golden Dawn". There is an amusing copyright notice. Publication probably born of rivalries in UK occult scene of the day. Production standards are very homely production standards. Approximately a third of front sheet carrying title missing with considerable loss of text, remaining pages quite dogeared and well thumbed   Order No. 450135 £12


Anon, Society of Inner Light, Its Work and Ideals, S.I.L. 1968 11pp Leaflet  VG Order No. 97076 £6


Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, First Steps in Ritual, Safe, Effective Techniques for Experiencing the Inner Worlds, Aquarian 1982 1st Ed Foreword Gareth Knight  Paperback 96pp OP  crease to cover Good only Order No. 690023 £2


Allan Bennett, In the Hand of Allan Bennett, The Human Organism, Dunkles Zeichen Bucht 1996 A4 Numbered limited edition of 31.20pp spiral bound booklet. Homely production values employed with a certain stylistic panache. Presents a notebook written by Allan Bennett signed using his Golden Dawn title and the latter name he aquired when he became a Buddhist monk (1901 or after). The text is a concise exposition of the nature of the subtle body according to yogic theory, pranayama and the territory of spiritual endeavour in Hindu mysticism  Fine Order No. 110987 £20


Algernon Blackwood, Best Ghost Stories, Dover 1973 Paperback 366pp Author an Adeptus Minor of the Golden Dawn  Very Good clean copy Order No. 530023 £4


J.H. Brennan, Astral Doorways, Aquarian Press 1982 Paperback 115pp Illus OP Author widely considered a sensible & incisive writer  VG Order No. 70238 £10


J.H. Brennan, Astral Doorways, Aquarian 1972 Hardback Frontis Plate diagrams 115pp Excellent introduction to occult astral projection. Straight forward & sensible approach  Fine in chipped  DW Some loss) Order No. 690013 £12


J.H. Brennan, Experimental Magic, Aquarian 1973 126pp Deals with "Low Magic" ie results magic, the subtle body & entities; then "High Magic" ie temple work, godforms etc. A good book entertainingly written OP  VG in G DW Order No. 70231 £10


J.W. Brodie-Innes, The Devil's Mistress, Rider nd (elderly) xii + 357 Author headed the Amen-Ra temple of the Golden Dawn in Edinburgh. This work tells an occultist's telling of the story of Isobel Goudie, a witch who had problems with the authorities. Paper covered boards printed with title and decoration. Wear at junction of spine and boards and also at corners. Front free endpaper stamped with a previous owner's name, page edges browned, top edge discoloured  Good Order No. 540045 £125


W.E. Butler, Apprenticed to Magic, The Path to Magical Attainment, Aquarian 1972 Hardback 105pp Excellent & important work in Dion Fortune tradition  VG no dustwrapper Order No. 73250 £12


W.E. Butler, How to Read the Aura, Aquarian 1977 Paperback  64pp  VG Order No. 110916 £3


W.E. Butler, Magic, Its Ritual Power & Purpose, Aquarian 1958 paperback 76pp The 2nd Ed This copy from the library of occult author Francis King and has his symbolic Bkplt  G+ Order No. 4260 £10


Nancy Cardozo, Maude Gonne, New Amsterdam 1978 Paperback 468pp Plates Authoritative biography of the Golden Dawn member and Irish nationalist  G+ Order No. 84684 £10


Janine Chapman, Quest for Dion Fortune, Weiser 1993 Paperback  xviii + 190pp Foward by Kenneth Grant. Well informed (William Butler & Kenneth Grant) Examines exact circumstances of the psychic attack which underlies Fortunes Psychic Self Defence  Fine Order No. 690185 £5


Rev. Ann Davies, Inspirational Thoughts on the Tarot, BOTA  1997 Hardback Coloured Frontispiece 147pp  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 690026 £6


Dion Fortune, Cosmic Doctrine, Weiser 2000 Paperback  227pp New Edition including previously unpublished text  Fine Order No. 690205 £12


Dion Fortune, Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage, Aquarian Press 1984 Paperback 96pp Important text, when first Pub Moina Mathers expelled Frotune from Alpha & Omega lodge of Golden Dawn as it revealed the sex magick teachings of the Golden Dawn. Fortune successfully countered that the Order had not communicated these teachings to her, it has been said that she did consider publication compromised her Inner Plane contacts  F Order No. 84566 £7


Dion Fortune, Mystical Qabalah, Benn 1979 viii + 306pp Brilliant lucid presentation of modern Qabalah. First published in 1935 it is one of the defining works of occult qabalah.  Very Good in Very Good DW Order No. 300370 £15


Dion Fortune, The Cosmic Doctrine, In Two Parts, Helios 1966 157pp Revised Ed with additional material & Intro by Secretary of Society of Inner Light  VG in VG DW Order No. 5083 £12


W.G. Gray, An Outlook on Our Western Way, Weiser 1980 Paperback 156pp  VG Order No. 690008 £4


William Gray, Temple Magic, Building the Personal Temple; Gateway to Inner Worlds, Llewellyn 1988 Paperback 269pp Excellent guidance for ceremonial magic with many insights concerning esoteric tradition. Out of Print  VG Order No. 690054 £5


Marian Green, Experiments in Aquarian Magic, Aquarian 1985 Paperback 160pp  Worn, Good only Order No. 690022 £1


Marion Green, Magic in Principle and Practice, Self Pub 1979 3rd Ed. (1st Ed. Thus) Large format, card covers iv + 50pp Straightfoward introduction to maghical endeavour inspreied by Dion Fortune, Israel Regardie, Garthg Knight etc.  VG Order No. 440179 £12


Christine Hartley, Western Mystery Tradition, Thoth 2003 Paperback 179pp  Fine Order No. 690099 £6


Frederick Hockley, Invocating by Magic Crystals and Mirrors, Teitan Press 2010 numbered limited edition of 600 hardback copies.   xx (Including 9pp introduction  by R.A. Gilbert) + 28pp + 28 leaves (one side coloured reproduction original manuscript, the other coloured plate of blank reverse, 56pp altogether) + (4pp) description of Hockley ms that have been and will be issued by the publisher. Hockley wrote the manuscript for Barbara Honywood, a spiritualist of some prominence, c.1870. Hockley was trying to combine crystallomancy with spiritualist approaches, holding numerous sessions with various seers. The approach to crystal gazing presented has the Call, Exorcism, Discharge and Dismissal, all being done in the name of God Almighty. However, it eschews the names of power, magic circle and more ceremonial aspects, which might alienate spiritualists. Mr. Gilbert's Introduction provides expert background as to the manuscripts recipient and the milieu in which Hockley operated and shrewdly observes the vectors of social class at work in these currents. An appendix records a session that Hockley held with a Mrs. Lea as the seer, this admirably demonstrates how crystal gazing might be incorporated into spiritualist workings. A striking aspect of both texts is the central importance of the Crowned Angel ("the Guardian Spirit of my mirror") to Hockley's skrying technique. In this, Hockley was drawing upon the description of skrying given by the anonymous author of the appendices to then 1665 3rd edition of Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft, where the crystal is used to establish contact with ones "Angel Guardian".  These teachings were reproduced by Ebenezer Sibley in his Fourth Book of Occult Sciences issued at the beginning of the 19th Century. As Hockley was active in proto-Golden Dawn scenes it may be he who communicated this concern to the founders of the Golden Dawn where Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel came to be associated with the Adeptus Minor degree. This spiritual achievement, together with Crossing the Abyss, came to be the crucial steps in Crowley's A.'.A.'. system.  Hockley may be the connection between Crowley's Knowledge and Conversation with the H.G.A.  and an older British tradition of magical endeavor.  Mint Order No. 299716 £38.5


Frederick Hockley, The Rosicrucian Seer, Teitan Press 2009 Limited edition of 950 numbered copies. Edited with an introduction by John Hamill, with chapter on Hockley's Manuscripts and a note on Hockley as an Astrologer by R.A Gilbert. First published 23 years ago in the Roots of the Golden Dawn series issued by Aquarian Press. This work has become very scarce and sought after so its republication is most welcome. This new edition differs from the first:- being a proper sewn hardback rather than paperback; having many additional   footnotes, and additional chapter of Hockley's astrology; being re-typeset for better clarity and, by no means least, now having an index! Tipped in bookplate signed by both authors

The text reproduces much correspondence by and relating to Hockley which is well footnotes to provide a wealth of information concerning the pre-Golden Dawn occult milieu.  It presents the text and illustrations (including two coloured - one the frontispiece and the other on the dustwrapper) of Hockley's text Crystalliomancy and extracts from some of his Crystal skrying manuscripts. The very scholarly introductions, commentary and footnotes make it clear that Hockley was one of the most important figures of nineteenth Century occultism. His influence is still in the process of being   acknowledges and there is a continuing process of discovery that by no means the monopoly of established scholars. Teitan Press has performed an important service to the occult community in making further copies of this important research tool available  Mint in Fine protected DW Order No. 530003 £30


Ellic Howe, Magicians of the Golden Dawn, A Documentary History of a Magical Order 1887-1923, RKP 1972 1st Ed. xviii + 306pp plates Classic & very scholarly history now highly sought after.  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 480084 £65


Frances King, Magic, The Western Tradition, BCA 1975 Large format hardback128pp Many illustrations some coloured  Very Good in Very Good DW Order No. 800264 £5


Francis King, Magical World of Aleister Crowley, Arrow 1987 Paperback Plates 205pp Accessible but sensible & informative account which gives a good account of Liber Agape & the ideas underlining Crowley's sex magic  Fine Order No. 2253 £12


Francis King, Tantra for Westerners, A Practical Guide to the Way of Action, Aquarian 1986 Paperback 155pp Excellent work now OP Examines tantric traditions from various parts of the world with a view point firmly rooted in western occultism. Recommended  Fine Order No. 480124 £8


Isobel Sutherland and Francis King, Rebirth of Magic, Corgi 1982 Paperback 217pp. The only edition of this work which describes the French occult revival, the Golden Dawn and its derivatives. Dion Fortune and the Society of Inner Light, ritual magic in the USA, sex magic, witchcraft etc  Very Good Order No. 690204 £8


Gareth Knight, History of White Magic, Mowbray's 1978 1st Ed. Hardback 236pp Traces occult tradition from Solomon's Temple & Ancient Mytseries through Medieval magic, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Rosicrucianism to Mesmer, the Golden Dawn & modern times Pls OP in Hb 236pp  Very Good in Good DW Order No. 700116 £6


Gareth Knight, Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism, Kahn & Averill Vol.I On the Spheres of the Tree of Life 1991 249pp; VolI On the Paths of the Tarot 1986 vii + 321pp Pb  Both Vols Fine in Fine DW Order No. 480272 £18


Gareth Knight, Practice of Ritual Magic, Helios 1969 Small format 74pp Elegant esposition of ceremonial magic OP  VG Order No. 73293 £9


Gareth Knight, Rose Cross and the Goddess, The Quest for the Eternal feminine Principle, Destiny 1985 Paperback 192pp  Some wear Good only Order No. 690086 £3


Gareth Knight, Tarot and Magic, Destiny 1991 Paperback 192pp  Fine Order No. 690025 £2


Gareth Knight, Treasure House of Images, Aquarian 1986 Paperback 192pp Describes the development of the cards, the patterns of their meanings, pathworking with the cards andf their use in ritual, including divination Illustrated  Fine Order No. 690127 £4


Joseph Lisiewski, Ceremonial Magic, & The Power of Evocation, New Falcon 2004 Paperback 204pp The author was a personal student of Regardie and Frater Albertus. This excellent work is written by a practioner and is based on real personal experience. Recommended  Fine Order No. 690051 £12


Brenda Maddox, George's Ghosts, A New Life of W.B.Yeats, Picador 1999 1st Ed xx + 444pp Has  substantial account of yeat's experiments with automatic writing which he published as the Vision, and which informed much of his poetry. It also discusses his involvement with the Golden Dawn and his mysticism. Well referenced  F in F DW Order No. 3622 £20


S.L. MacGregor Mathers & Others, Astral Projection, Ritual Magic & Alchemy, Being Hitherto Unpublished Golden Dawn Material. Ed. & Intro. Frances King, Spearman 1971 1st Ed. 254pp Presents the Flying Rolls & other instructional documents provided to Golden Dawn. members. Important.  VG in VG DW Order No. 450127 £25


Samuel MacGregor Mathers & Others, Papers of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, Volume I, R+O E.L. Press 2009 Large format, 11ins x 8.5ins card covers 46pp reproduces photocopies of two texts:-

     Symbology of the Hebrew Letters Parts 1 and 2. 1st  Order, 20pp neat and legible handwriting, The folder enclosing the document had instructions that in case of death or incapacity the document should be returned to "Le Capitaine" and an address in Paris. This was MacGregor Mathers (1854-1918), a note by the copyist  records states "now dead"

    The Book of the Concourse of the Forces, The Book of the 48 Angelic Keys of Calls, Being a Species of Codex or Supplement to the Book  of the Concourse of the Forces, 5 = 6, 26pp easily legible typescript, dated 1920

     In both cases the original copyist is V.H. Frater Vinicit Que Patitur (he who endures, wins) who was George H. Slater, a member of the Thoth-Hermes Temple of Alpha et Omega, the offshoot headed by MacGregor Mathers and, after his death, continued by his wife Moina. The copying of the original documents has been careless, with the top line missing on some pages  Fine Order No. 111041 £15


Samuel MacGregor Mathers & Others, Papers of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis,, Volume IV, R+O E.L. Press 2009 Large format, 11ins x 8.5ins card covers 120pp. Reproduces photocopies of three texts:-

     Treatise on the Dual Potencies masculine and Feminine as manifested in the Diagram of the Flaming Sword, Copied and Edited from by Frater Foretes Fortuna Juvat  (Dr. William Dickson) a 1911 typescript of Frater D.D.C.F. (Mathers) for Initiates of the 8=3 Grade 19pp typescript, Date of Dickson's copy after 1951. Very important text giving Golden Dawn teachings concerning sexual polarities. Legible

      Z1, Book of the Voice of Tho-oth, Symbolism of Neophyte Degree in folder of Whar Ra dated 1936 58pp typescript including 12pp of illustrations and diagrams.

     Z3   Complete Symbolism of 0=0 Neophyte Degree in folder of Whar Ra Temple, 27pp original typescript carried date of 1926  Fine Order No. 111038 £20


S. Liddell Mathers (Trasn. & Ed.), The Key of Solomon the King, Book Tree (not dated) Modern paperback xv + 128pp  VG+ Order No. 650027 £5


Samuel  MacGregor Mathers, Robert Felkin & Others, Papers of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, Volume III, R+O E.L. Press 2009  Large format, 11ins x 8.5ins card covers 92pp. Reproduces photocopies of five texts:-

   Genesis 3pp all right handwriting, initialled F.R. 1909, probably Finem Respice (Dr. Robert Felkin)

   Book W. Hodos Chamelionis 10pp legible typescript in folder with instructions to return to Whar Ra Temple in New Zealand

    Ritual X,  Book of the ____  Forces, Pyramid Gods, Grade 5=6 18pp legible typescript with illustrations

   The Book of the Tomb, A composite document having the sub-headings:- Concerning the Omitted Portion of the 5 = 6 Ritual (Concerning the Miunutum Mundum Diagram, Concerning the Crook and the Scourge, Concerning the Mystic Titles and Grades Diagram, Concerning the Walls); Extracts from S.A.'s Flying Roll XVII; Diagrams of the Tomb & Its Content; Account of the Colouring of the Sides. 18pp have been retyped by Frater RM from unclear sources though there is mention of practice at the Amoun Ra Temple at Edinburgh (but given an unfamiliar phonetic spelling) 18pp diagrams, some reproduced from Crowley's Equinox, some redrawn. They also include some poorly reproduced diagrams with brief illegible handwritten notes from a manuscript source

   The Apotheosis, as Symbolised by the LVX Signs of the 5=6, 10pp typescript, generally readable, but some words are illegible.  Original typescript noted as Athor Temple 1923, at least copied, and possibly authored by, Frater Vinicit Que Patitur (George H. Slater)  Fine Order No. 111039 £15


Etienne Morgant, La Magie Enochienne, Guy Trédaniel 1995 paperback 222pp  Fine Order No. 110745 £4


 Papus, Tarot of the Bohemians, Wilshire Book Co. 1975 Paperback 255pp  VG Order No. 420017 £4


 Papus, Tarot of the Bohemians, Senate 1994 Illus Paperback xiv + 351pp  VG Order No. 2062 £3


Will Parfitt, The Living Qabalah, A Practical & Experiental Guide to Understanding the Tree of Life, Element 1991 Paperback 256pp Excellent work now out of print  VG Order No. 5502 £13.2


David Rankine & Sorita d'Este, Practical Elemental Magick, Working the Magic of the Four Elelments in the Western Mystery Tradition, Avalonia not dated (2007?) Paperback 186pp  Fine Order No. 800036 £7


Israel Regardie, Foundations of Practical Magic, An Introduction to Qabalistic, Magical & Meditative Techniques, Aquarian 1979 1st Ed. Hardback 160pp recommended A few Illus. The Art & Meaning of Magic, A Qabalistic Primer, Meditation, Qabalah of Number & Meaning, the Art of True Healing  Some wear Good (no dustwrapper) Order No. 700420 £12


Alan Richardson (Ed. & Intro.), Dancers to the Gods, the Magical Records of Charles Seymour & Christine Hartley 1937-39), Aquarian 1985 Paperback  191pp  Good+ Order No. 690075 £4


Poke Runyon (decyphered and annotated by), Secrets of the Golden Dawn Cypher Manuscript, Church of Hermetic Sciences 2000. Large format paperback, vi + 248pp. Coloured frontispiece. Forward by Pat Zalewski. Author founded O.T.A. which bases its ritual on the 18th Crata Repoa Masonic rite and works with Canaan mythos. This copy carries sugned inscription by author to Steve Savedow, author of Goetic Invocation and Magician's Workbook  Fine Order No. 690172 £90



Gerald & Betty Schueler, Enochian Tarot, Llewellyn 1989 334pp Paperback book  Very Good Order No. 650068 £5


Gerald Betty Schueller, Truth About Enochian Magic, Llewellyn 1996 46pp Card covered booklet  Very Good Order No. 690281 £2


Servitor, Neophyte, Esoteric Foundation nd Spiral bound card covers 83pp  VG Order No. 70179 £12


R.G. Torrens, Golden Dawn, Inner Teachings, Nevile Spearman 1972 1st 208pp Frontis Excellent presentation of Golden Dawn teachings  VG in G+ DW Order No. 6097 £20


Various, The New Dimensions Red Book, A Symposium of Practical Occultism, Helios 1968 1st Ed Articles by Dion Fortune, W.E.Butler, Gareth Knight, Israel Regardie, W.G.Gray, F.P.D., S.F.Annett, Joan Vigers. Scarce OP Frontis.106pp  VG in VG DW Order No. 690110 £25


A.E. Waite, Additional Rituals of the Rosy Cross, Third order of the Rosy Cross, World of Cration, Part V, Pontifical Ceremony  of Celebrating the Festivals of the Winter and Summer Solstice, Portal Publications 2005 Large format card covers 41pp + 22pp No. 11 of 200 copies. Homely production values  Fine Order No. 440078 £12


A.E. Waite, Mystical Rites of the Solstice and Equinox, (relevant to Golden Dawn), Portal Publications 2005 Large format 66pp card covered booklet, homely production values. Numbered limited edition of 200 signed by publisher ,  Contains facsimiles of the following texts:-

Solemn Festival of the Equinox (First Order of the Rose Cross), Privately printed 1916

Pontifical Ceremony of Celebrating the Festivals of the Winter and Summer Solstice (Third Order of the Rose Cross)  Mint Order No. 110855 £15


A.E. Waite, Pictorial Key to the Tarot, Being Fragments of a Secret Tradition under the Veil of Divination, Rider 1974 Small format xii + 340pp Illustrated with the pack designed by A.E. Waite which broke new ground by having a vista illustrating the meaning of the minor cards rather than a image of so many wands or cups etc. The artist. Pamela Colman Smith have a haunting dreamlike quality. Modern feminist tarots sometimes overlook the lasting contribution to occult art made by this black lesbian member of the Golden Dawn  VG+ in VG DW Order No. 400156 £9


A.E. Waite, Raymond Lully, Iluminated Doctor, Alchemist and Christian Mystic, First Impressions 1993 75pp 6ins x 4ins  F Order No. 56033 £8


A.E. Waite, Rituale Rosae et Aureae Crucis, Ceremony of Consecration on the Threshold of Sacred Mystery for the Watchers of the Holy House  (relevant to Golden Dawn), Portal Publications 2005 Large format 54pp card covered booklet, homely production values. Numbered limited edition of 200 signed by publisher. . Facsimile of privately printed text dated 1926  Mint Order No. 110854 £15


A.E. Waite, Rituale Rosae et Aureae Crucis, The Ceremony iof Consecration on the Threshold of Sacred Mystery for the Watchers of the Holy House, Portal Publications 2005 large format, card covers 53pp No. 10 of Ltd. Ed. Of 200 Facsimile of 1926 private edition issued now with homely production values  Fine Order No. 440079 £10


A.E. Waite, Secret tradition in Freemasonry, Kessinger undated Two large format paperbacks Vol.1 xxxv + 417pp Vol. II 447pp  Fine Order No. 690004 £20


A.E. Waite, Secret Tradition in Freemasonry, Kessinger n.d. Large format paperbackxiv + 658pp (Vol. I and II combined)  Modern reprint  "..likely the most important work ever writtten upon the esoteric aspects of freemasonry". Front cover quite creased, two pages creased  Good only Order No. 690003 £10


A.e. Waite, Shadows of Life and Thought, A Retrospective Review in the Form of Memoirs, Kessinger Large format paperback 288pp  Fine Order No. 690213 £10


W. Wynn Westcott & A.E. Waite, The Serpent Myth, Holmes 2001 Card covered booklet 28pp Ed. and Intro. By Darcy Kuntz, Presents a text originally given by Westcott to Order of Light. The Waite text about the same subject was writtne for the Occult Review  Fine Order No. 690248 £10


A.E. Waite & Pamela Coleman Smith, Rider Waite Tarot, Key to the Tarot, Rider 1999 Pack of tarot cards and small format paperback book win cardboard box  used but Fine Order No. 440109 £7


W.B. Yeats, The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats, Volume 2 1896-1900, Oxford U.P. 2000 Hardback lxxxi + 789pp  Fin In Fine DW Order No. 690183 £50


Pat & Chris Zalewski, The Equinox and Solstice Rituals of the Golden Dawn, Llewellyn 1991 Paperback xxiii + 163pp  slight wear near Fine Order No. 690142 £10