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Dennis Bardens (Austin Osman Spare), Ghosts, Non Given 2002 16pp leaflet Illustrated with images by Austin Osman Spare. A noted author upon matters supernatural, and a good friend of Austin Osman Spare commences this discussions of shades of the dead with an experience of his son, a member of the band Fleetwood Mac, and fellow band members whilst on tour. Other striking cases are also described. This item was issued at a talk about ghosts given recently by the author in York F Order No. 6399 4


Logie Barrow, Independent Spirits, Spiritualism & English Plebians 1850-1910, RKP 1986 Pb xii + 338pp Illus Written for social historians, but of wider interest, having useful information concerning spiritualists, obscure occultists & their politacal connections OP Fine Order No. 6139 12


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Various, Catalogue of the Library of the London Spiritualist Alliance, L.S.A. 1931 (also supplements from 1939 + 1950). Card covered book 209pp and then 1939 supplement (32pp card covered booklet) and 1950 supplement (36pp card covered booklet). The London Spiritualist Alliancewas founded 1884 by the Rev. Stainton Moses, subsequently renamed the College for Psychic Science in London it operates topday as the College of Psychic Studues. Arthur Conan Doyle was its president in the 1920s. It still has one of the finest specialist collections of esoteric books which are available to view for members and scholars All VG Order No. 560000 55


Gerhardn Wasserman, Shadow Matter & Psychic Phenomina, A Scientific Investigation into Psychic Phenomina & Possible Survival of the Human Personality after Bodily Death, Mandrake of Oxford 1993 Paperback 199pp VG Order No. 854 5