Anon, Grimoire of Armadel, Weiser 1995 Large format (10ins x 7ins) 79pp Translation by MacGregor Mathers. Introduction by William Keith Diagrams. Unusual grimoire in that it is one that. On the whole spirits and their powers are rather less problematic than usual!  Fine in Very Good DW Order No. 800202 £15


Anon, Key of Solomon the King, (Clavicula Salomonis) Trans & Ed from MS in the British Museum, Weiser 1989 Large format Illus Paperback xii + 126pp  Fine Order No. 800071 £8


Anon, The Grand Grimoire, Trident/Ars Obscura1996 Small format hardback xvi + 118 + adverts Illustrated. This copy is bound in full black leather with boards sculpted with inverted pentagram, gilt blocked, place ribbon, page edges dyed, in slipcase. Gothic type face. Waite described this work as having "..the darksome honour of an intelligible and unmutilated Ritual of Black Magic…probably the only printed method of making pacts".  F Order No. 800019 £385


 Anon, The Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius, Trident 1998 Small format hardback 97pp + ads. No. 147 of Ltd Ed of 1000. This copy is quarter bound in black snakeskin leather, the inverted cross on the front cover is blind stamped. Small format xxviii +  Handsome book with coloured title page, decorated capitals & elegant typeface. Includes bibliography of the text, the version given here is transalated from a German manuscript recorded by Scheible, rather than the usual French printed exemplars. Also added a rare 15thC work of ecclesiastical exorcism, Conjuraiones Demonum.  Fin in Fine slipcase Order No. 800122 £250


Anon, The Red Dragon (Le Veritable Dragon Rouge), or the Art of Commanding the Celestial, Terrestrial and Infernal Spirits, followed by the Black Hen (La Poule Noire), Teitan Press 2010 Hardback xxi + 82pp (translation) + 108pp (facsimile). Some illustrations. Introduction Silens Mannus. Preliminary pages printed in black and red, shimmering red endpapers. A very handsome production. One of the most curious, and influential, of the French grimoires. It seemed to first appear at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It contains various magical incantations. Christian powers are utilised to compel the attendance of Lucifuge Rocifale and Lucifer who are then bound to serve the practitioner. This process requires creation of a "blasting rod". Whilst the animal sacrifice required for the preparation of the rod will appal most modern practitioners, conceptually, the process is astute and seems to be real gem of folk magic. The main grimoire is followed by varied spells. These include the (very cruel) Black Cat Spell which crossed the Atlantic and became transformed into the Black Cat Bone of hoodoo sung about by bluesmen. There is also a relatively noble spell for skrying plus other material, some of which (such as a spell/recipe for procuring an abortion) which are clearly genuine folk practices. A very important grimoire finally available to the English reading public in an excellent translation with informative and very useful introduction. This book now out of print and very sought after  Fine Order No. 800132 £70


J.A.S. Colin de Plancy & Louis Breton, Demonographia, The Fountainhead of Diabolic Portraiture, Trident  1999 No. 109 Ltd Ed of 1000  this copy being very unusual having a full leather binding and sculptured boards featuring goats head / pentagram design in slipcase.  Marbled end papers, printed note from binders loosely enclosed. x = 98pp Fold out frontispiece plate of the Sabbat, coloured title page. 69 Plates of Breton's illustrations of demons with of their nature drawn from their nature. First pub in 19th C (though of course the demons are far older!), remarkable vision of praeterhuman entities. Handsome book  Fine Order No. 800134 £950


Agrippa (Attrib.) Cornelius, Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Of Geomancy, Magical Elements of Peter de Abano, Astronomincal Geomancy, Nature of Spirits, Arbatel of Magick, Ibis 2005 Hardback xxiii + 232pp First reprint with modern, easily readable typeface.  Intro Stephen Skinner Facs of 1655 Ed Inc Abano's Heptameron; Villiganus, Isogoge (An Introductory Discourse on the Nature of Such Spirits as are exercised in the sublunary Bounds, their Origins, Names, Offfices, Illusions, Powers, Prophecies, Miracles & how they may be expelled & driven away); Ceremonensis, Of Astrological Geomancy; Arbatel, Of the Magick of the Ancients  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800055 £18


Richard Cavendish, The Black Arts, Perigee 1983 Paperback 356pp  Fine Order No. 800059 £4


John Dee (attributed),, The Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus, Waning Moon 2008 Hardback Coloured frontispiece iv + 234pp Hand numbered, linited edition of 256 copies. Quarter bound in black morroco and copper coloured paper (copper being the planetary metal of Venus). Green silk place ribbon, predominantly green hand marbled paper and green borders to text (green being the colour of Venus). The typeface chosen is both readable and suggestive of the period of the text. The Latin is translated by Teresa Burns and Nancy Turner, supplemental material by Vincent Bridges, Teresa Burns and Phil Legard. The text gives a compilation date of 1580 but the attribution of authorship to John Dee is highly dubious. The footnotes and appendices describe, with excellent scholarship, the points of contact that this text have with other grimoires and magical texts and place it in the context of the occult traditions of the day including folk magic. Their research is truly impressive and allows the reader to get a handle upon a truly enigmatic text. But the appendices go beyond this. Perhaps the careful examination of magical texts can alter consciousness as some sections of the appendices evince a heady "everything is connected" viewpoint and finds comparisons between sigils in the ms and other mystical diagrams, such a petroglphs, which may leave the reader behind. However, even if the reader does not share these speculations they may allow us to understand more of the nature of such magical texts than more down to earth analysis of magical texts.  Fine + Order No. 700118 £125


Frederick Hockley, Invocating by Magic Crystals and Mirrors, Teitan Press 2010 numbered limited edition of 600 hardback copies.   xx (Including 9pp introduction  by R.A. Gilbert) + 28pp + 28 leaves (one side coloured reproduction original manuscript, the other coloured plate of blank reverse, 56pp altogether) + (4pp) description of Hockley ms that have been and will be issued by the publisher. Hockley wrote the manuscript for Barbara Honywood, a spiritualist of some prominence, c.1870. Hockley was trying to combine crystallomancy with spiritualist approaches, holding numerous sessions with various seers. The approach to crystal gazing presented has the Call, Exorcism, Discharge and Dismissal, all being done in the name of God Almighty. However, it eschews the names of power, magic circle and more ceremonial aspects, which might alienate spiritualists. Mr. Gilbert's Introduction provides expert background as to the manuscripts recipient and the milieu in which Hockley operated and shrewdly observes the vectors of social class at work in these currents. An appendix records a session that Hockley held with a Mrs. Lea as the seer, this admirably demonstrates how crystal gazing might be incorporated into spiritualist workings. A striking aspect of both texts is the central importance of the Crowned Angel ("the Guardian Spirit of my mirror") to Hockley's skrying technique. In this, Hockley was drawing upon the description of skrying given by the anonymous author of the appendices to then 1665 3rd edition of Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft, where the crystal is used to establish contact with ones "Angel Guardian".  These teachings were reproduced by Ebenezer Sibley in his Fourth Book of Occult Sciences issued at the beginning of the 19th Century. As Hockley was active in proto-Golden Dawn scenes it may be he who communicated this concern to the founders of the Golden Dawn where Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel came to be associated with the Adeptus Minor degree. This spiritual achievement, together with Crossing the Abyss, came to be the crucial steps in Crowley's A.'.A.'. system.  Hockley may be the connection between Crowley's Knowledge and Conversation with the H.G.A.  and an older British tradition of magical endeavor.  Mint Order No. 299716 £38.5


Frederick Hockley, The Rosicrucian Seer, Teitan Press 2009 Limited edition of 950 numbered copies. Edited with an introduction by John Hamill, with chapter on Hockley's Manuscripts and a note on Hockley as an Astrologer by R.A Gilbert. First published 23 years ago in the Roots of the Golden Dawn series issued by Aquarian Press. This work has become very scarce and sought after so its republication is most welcome. This new edition differs from the first:- being a proper sewn hardback rather than paperback; having many additional   footnotes, and additional chapter of Hockley's astrology; being re-typeset for better clarity and, by no means least, now having an index! Tipped in bookplate signed by both authors

The text reproduces much correspondence by and relating to Hockley which is well footnotes to provide a wealth of information concerning the pre-Golden Dawn occult milieu.  It presents the text and illustrations (including two coloured - one the frontispiece and the other on the dustwrapper) of Hockley's text Crystalliomancy and extracts from some of his Crystal skrying manuscripts. The very scholarly introductions, commentary and footnotes make it clear that Hockley was one of the most important figures of nineteenth Century occultism. His influence is still in the process of being   acknowledges and there is a continuing process of discovery that by no means the monopoly of established scholars. Teitan Press has performed an important service to the occult community in making further copies of this important research tool available  Mint in Fine protected DW Order No. 530003 £30


Jake Stratton Kent, The True Grimoire, The Encyclopedia Goetica Vol.I, Scarlet Imprint 2009 Hardback 265pp No.12 of 54 issued quarter bound in vellum and marbeled paper, all edges gilt, place ribbon in stout slipcase. This copy has signed and sigilised brief inscription by author.  Reconstructs the grimoire to create an authoritative version, describes its central importance and provides for practical workings. Also examines its connection with Brazilian Quimbanda, the darker counterpart of Umbanda  Fine in Fine slipcase Order No. 800170 £900


E.A Koetting, Baneful Magick, Ixaxaar 2008 Hardback 176pp Silver blocking to covers, black end papers out of print scarce  Fine Order No. 800154 £165


E.A. Koetting, Evoking Eternity, Forbidden Evocations; Cthonian Edition, Leilah Publications Hardback 192pp paper covered boards  Fine Order No. 800151 £18


E.A. Koetting, Works of Darkness, A Guide to Advanced Black Magick, Ixaxaar 2008 Hardback 212pp Silver blocking to front cover, black endpapers. Out of print and sought after. Very scarce  Fine Order No. 800152 £200


 Konstantinos, Nocturnicon, Calling Dark Forces and Powers, Llewelly 2005 Paperback xiv + 200pp  Fine Order No. 299622 £5


 Konstantinos, Summoning Spirits, The Art of Magical Evocation, Llewellyn 1996 large format paperback  212pp Illus Defines evocation as calling forth of an entity from another plane of existence to external manifestation in either the astral or physical plane  Fine Order No. 4125 £6


Donald Michael Kraig, Modern Magick, 11 Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, Llewelllyn 1992 Paperback xvi + 557pp Excellent introduction to ritual magick.  VG Order No. 420014 £7


S. Liddell Mathers (Trasn. & Ed.), The Key of Solomon the King, Book Tree (not dated) Modern paperback xv + 128pp  VG+ Order No. 650027 £5


N.A-A.218, Liber Falxifer, Ixaxaar 2008 1st Ed Book of the Left Handed-Reaper,  Hardback Hardback 212pp No. 411 of 434 hadn numbered copies Illustrated. Describes the teachings of the Senor la Muerte, an Argentinian death cult born of a resistence to dominant Christianity incorporating African diaspora traditions and native religion. This is then used as a foundation to explore Cainite tradition, Cain, of course, being the first gravedigger  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 810006 £300


N.A-A.218, Liber Falxifer, Book of the Anamlaqayin, Ixaxaar 2011 Hardback 474pp Illustrated.  No. 144 of limited Ed. Of 1200 Gilt blocked cloth in dustwrapper  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800171 £80


Vexior, Panparadox, Pan Towards Chaos, Ixaxaar 2007 Small format hardback, silver blocked boards, black endpapers, 196pp, illustrations and coloured plates. Exploration of the nature of Pan. Out of print and sought after. Printed flyer for book enlcosed, together with business card of publisher  Fine Order No. 800131 £250


Priscilla Schwei & Ralph Pestka, The Complete Book of Astrological Geomancy, The Master Divination System of Cornelius Agrippa, Llewellyn 1990 Paperback 425pp  Fine Order No. 800054 £7


Pharaon, Liber Niger Legionis, The Grimoire of Pharaon, Octavia 2005 Hardback 162pp. First edition limited to only 36 copies. The pentangle on the front cover is in fact the opposite way up to that intended by the author, a binding error common to the entiure print run. In fact this is copy number 4  and has been inscribed by the author with the name and sigil of Satan (rather than one of the daemnons described). Intelligent text drawing upon the work of Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant and Andrew Chumbley to ennunciate system an original system of Gnostic sorcery. It eschews traditional esoteric cosmolgy that describes the Supernal or Divine that is in oppostion to the Infernal. Instead it regards all that can be described or conceived as hostile or diabolical and any attempt to describe that which is not is seen as inherently illusory. The response to this insight is the Black Gnosis where the Infernal sorcerer brings realises the transience of his or her own identity and perceives the infernal nature of reality by identifying and calling forth the currents that underly it, recognising their sentience and power. Thus the Infernal Sorcerer becomes a mirror for that which is beyond and true Gnosis may be glimpsed. As the author draws upon the entire magickal tradition the Daemons summoned are tradtional however, it is their relevance to this coherent system of Gnostic Socery and our modern culture that is emphasised. The author is independent and original. Though the work of the Infernal Socery is explicity referred to as Cainite and explores the mysteries of Cain and clearly relates to the work of Andrew Chumbley  the author does not claim membership of the Cultus Sabbatai. After describing differnet aspects and of this system of Gnosis and magical practice 36 Daimons are listed. The nature of each, their meaning and relevance to the systems is described and their sigil give  Fine Order No. 810008 £650


Raphael, Raphael's Private Instructions in Genelithical Astrology, Being Adapted for Those who are a Little Advanced in the Study of Astrology, Privately Published 1881 (binding dated 1885), 110 leaves printed on one side. Reproduction of handwritten manuscript by early form of printing which permitted only a few copies to be made, hence multiple early editions. This Raphiel, the seventh, was Robert Cross. Considerable wear to cloth binding, spine absent, boards loose   Order No. 111033 £35


Carroll Poke Runyon, The Magick of Solomon, Lemegeton Secrets Revealed, Reality Films 2003 DVD in  printed case  Fine Order No. 800265 £6


Stephen Skinner and David Rankine, Keys to the Gateway of Magic, Summoning the Solomonic Archangels and Demon Princes, Golden Hoard Larger format hardback  Press 2005. Limited Edition of 1500 copies. 255pp Scholarly presentation  of important magical text  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800082 £25


Stephen Skinner and David Rankine, The Goetia of Dr. Rudd, Golden Hoard 2007 Hardback 448pp Illustrated. Truly authoritative work upon the Goetia, present the version used by Dr. Rudd (died 1656), but compares a number of manuscripts to reconstruct a comprehensive version and then sets this into context by giving the antecedents of the Goetia and connected texts and the history of manuscript versions and its published editions. Highly critical of Crowley's publication, but gives substantial reasons and provides interesting speculation that some quirks were Crowley's attempts to avoid magical retribution by Mathers. Excellent and impressive scholarship  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800056 £25


Stephen Skinner and David Rankine, Veritable Key of Solomon, Golden Hoard Press 2008 Hardback  446pp No. Ltd Ed of 350 copies in half faux oleather binding Illustrated. A masterful 53pp Introduction surveys the many manuscripts that have been attributed to Solomon, charting their differences and interrelationship. Translations of three examples are then presented which best represent the major families of manuscripts (all are different from the version published by Mathers):-

   The Keys of Rabbi Solomon, Wellcome MS 4670, dated 1796, (Rabbi Solomon Family) - this test is closely related to Solomon's Clavis as published by the Society of Esoteric Endeavour

   The Clavicule of Solomon, Wellcome MS 4669 Art. 1 dated 1796 (Abraham Colorno Family)

   Universal Treatise of the Keys of Solomon Wellcome MS 4699 Art.2 (Universal Treatise Family)

   Plus Appendices that further map the differences and commonalities of these manuscripts.  A very scholarly and very significant publication  Fine Order No. 800101 £75


Mark Alan Smith, The Scorpion God, Primal Craft 2012 Hardback 413pp, No. 64 of 73 deluxe copies in full gilt blocked leather, signed and sigilised by the author, all edges gilt, illustrated, place ribbon, Slipcase. There is some slight wear to leather along top edge  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800103 £450


Jake Statton-Kent, Geosophia : The Argo of Magic, Encyclopedia Goetica Vol. I and II, Scarlet Imprint 2010 Two hardback volumes, both No. 94 of 500 copies. Striking gilt blocking on covers xxiv + 312pp & 326pp  Fine Order No. 800165 £200


Various, Datura, An Anthology of Esoteric Poesis, Scarlet Imprint 2010 Hardback no. 18 of 465 copies 146pp, light cloth blocked in silver  Fine Order No. 800163 £50


 Various, Diabolical, Scarlet Imprint 2009 Hardback 344pp This being copy No. 12 of the 66 copies of the "Heretic" fine bound edition Quarter black goat, marbled boards, The coloured endpapers strikingly blind stamped, place ribbon, gilded edges, slipcased. Loosely enclosed is a Mass wafer, relief stamped with magical glyph. A very nice production indeed. Articles include:- Jake Stratton-Kent - Conjuration of Nebiros; Johnny Jakobsson - Grand Grimoire; Aaron Leitch - The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage; Mark Smith; Paul Hughes-Barlow - The Testament of Solomon, the Lost Key; Stafford Stone - The Nightside Tarot;  Erik de Pauw - the Taufer books; Thomas Karlsson - Black Saturnine Magic; The anonymous author of Pharaoan; Humberto Maggi; Binding of Black Venus; Krzysztof Azarewicz: Donald Tyson; Kyle Fite  Fine nin Fine slipcase Order No. 800167 £400


Various, Howlings, Scarlet Imprint 2008 Hardback  201pp Thisbeing No. 18 of the first edition of 333 copies. Subsequently, a second edition of 666 copies was issued, numbered 334 onwards. Very striking gilt blocked pattern entirely covers front board. Exploration of grimoires such as Picatrix; The Lemegeton, or Lesser Key of Solomon; Three Books of Occult Philosophy; Voudon Gnostic Workbook; Liber 231; Qutub. Various authors including:- David Rankine; Donald Tyson; Peter Grey; David Beth; Stafford Stone; Paul Hughes-Barlow; Krzysztof Azarewicz; Jack Macbeth; Thea Faye; Aleq Grai; Hafiz Batin; Pharaon  Fine Order No. 800168 £100


Various, Mandragora, Scarlet Imprint 2012 Hardback iv = 249pp No. 73 of 450 copies. Bound in crumpled copper shimmering cloth akin to taffeta, making the black blocked panel a delightful juxtaposition of colour and texture. Startlingly good book design  Fine Order No. 800166 £30