Ansell (Compiled and Edited), The Exhibition Catalogues of Austin Osman Spare, A Handbook for Collectors, Fulgur 2012 Hardback 317pp the being copy number 19 of 96 bound in full black goatskin leather very tastefully blind stamped "AOS".  Including:- press reviews; rare ephemera; a chronological selection of  Spare's signatures and monograms; notes on framing; the inventory of Wynne Road; systematic index of titles. Also 72 coloured plates presenting over 120 pictures in chronological order. Also some images of Spare's ceramics, stained glass and boxes!  Fine in Fine dustwrapper in Fine slipcas Order No. 800117 £165


Stephen J. Clark, The Satyr, Passport Levant 2010 Landscape format hardback 108pp No. Ltd. Ed. of 100, this being copy No. 31, gilt blocked DW and cover, silk place ribbon, coloured frontispiece, some illustrations by the author, a prominent member of the International Surrealist Movement. The novel is inspired by the life amd occult milieu of Austiin Osman Spare, who plays a central role in the story  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800125 £80


Kennth and Steffi Grant, Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 2003 Landscape format hardback, 98pp, this being copy No. 23 of 93 deluxe copies bound in quarter leather in slipcase signed by both Kennth and Steffi Grant. Landscape format 12ins x 10ins, printed in red and black, frontispiece printed in brown ink. Many illustrations. First published in 1975 this work was immensely influential in bringing Spare to the attention of a new generation of occultists. Its subject matter, its insight and it probably the most sought after book of the 1970's occult revival. It presents a cogent and concise exposition of Spares system of sorcery and Gnosis. The text is augmented with numerous illustrations, many never seen elsewhere. This new edition has a new preface by Kenneth Grant but then adheres to the format, design and binding of the original. However it should not be seen as a facsimile. This edition is immensely better than the first. Rather than merely copying a copy of the first edition the entire book has been reset, but using the original font. Where ever possible (ie almost everywhere) the

original of the illustrations has been sought out and recopied so the images are immensely clearer and sharper. Myriads of tiny glitches have been corrected. A remarkable testament to the dedication to high standards of production that this publisher has championed. A highly recommended book that has an historic significance in the development of modern occultism.  Fine in Fine DW in Fine slipcase Order No. 800215 £350


Kenneth Grant (Illus. Austin Osman Spare, Convovulus, (including Black to Black & Gull's Beak), Starfire 2005 With Drawings By Austin Osman Spare, Starfire 2005e.v. An. 101, Hardback in dustwrapper188pp This work reprints Black to Black and Other Poems which was issued by Carfax in 1963 in a rare limited edition as well as the Gull’s Beak and Other Poems which was published by the Toucan Press in 1970, also very scarce. However the bulk of the book is the hitherto unpublished collection entitled Convovulus, Poems of Love and the Other Darkness.

Illustrated with previously unpublished poems by Austin Osman Spare. These are stylishly reproduced some in green others in monotone, one juxtaposed with its negative on the opposite page and another reproduced in negative. The coloured endpapers decorated with a tableaux derived from Spare’s drawings. The book captures the shades of grey that are so often lost when Spare’s pencil work is reproduced. It should be noted that only 750 have been print. , this one signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. This copy wold have been available at the launch party some time before the deluxes were completed and can be regarded as the true first edition  Mint in Fine DW Order No. 73157 £40


Mor Navón & Julián Moguillansky, Earth: Inferno, Fulgur 2005 DVD of film made by Producto Desecho, this being No.15 of 51 copies in black cloth bound clam shell case;  limitation card; 12pp concertina style leaflet; specially printed postcard signed by the musicians - Gavin Semple and Astrid Bauer; Polaroid photo of the Gavin and Astrid, initialed by them and bearing the limitation number 36/55 - presumably every photo is different; envelope containing 10 photoprints of behind the scenes when the film was made in 2002 accompanied by small format 4pp leaflet giving details of the photos. Also enamelled tie pin bearing logo of the film company  All Fine Order No. 800274 £75


Gavin Semple, Who Ever Thought Thus?, Some Perspectives Towards the Unerstanding of the Philosophy of the book of Pleasuer by Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 2004 No. Limited edition of 55 signed by the author 11pp Quarter bound in parchment in printed DW and stout slip case. Very elegant with  high production standard but please note the brevity of the essay. Loosely enclosed two Fulgur postcards and compliments slip  All near Mint Order No. 800150 £85


Gavin Semple, Zos-Kia, An Introductory Essay on the Art & Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 1995 52pp + 8pp Coloured Plates This being a deluxe hardback copy.  However, it is not one of the 70 copies issued thus, this being ex-series, un-numbered and having all edges gilt, whilst those issued were plain. Now out of print and very sought after this highly respected work goes to the heart of Spare's magick. It describes the development & use of the Alphabet of Desire, sigilisation, the Death Posture, Atavistic Resurgence and magical obsession. There are some scratches to the gilt and some discoluration and very light dampstaing to the fron cover. A Very Good copy   Order No. 820001 £175


Gavin Semple, Zos-Kia, An Introductory Essay on the Art & Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 1995 1st Ed Paperback 51pp 8 quality coloured plates & other illustrations. Limited edition of 600 copies.  Soughtafter! This highly respected work goes to the heart of Spare's magick. It describes the development & use of the Alphabet of Desire, sigilisation, the Death Posture, Atavistic Resurgence and magical obsession. This copy has the talismanic printed card insert  Fine Order No. 810007 £175


Gavin Semple (re Austin Osman Spare), Zos-Kia, An Introductory Essay on the Art & Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 1995 1st Ed Paperback 51pp 8 quality coloured plates & other illustrations. Limited edition of 600 copies., this copy being signed by the author. Soughtafter! This highly respected work goes to the heart of Spare's magick. It describes the development & use of the Alphabet of Desire, sigilisation, the Death Posture, Atavistic Resurgence and magical obsession. The folding of the dustwrapper is slightly untrue, so it protrudes by 2mm from the bookblock, otherwise  Fine Order No. 800175 £175


Austin Osman Spare, Adventures in Limbo, Neptune Press 2006 1st Ed. Large landscape format, card covers with dustwrapper. No. 87 of 150 copies. 30 leaves, printed on one side. Full page coloured plates of the 24 copies. Excellent Afterword by Keith Richmond explains the circumstances. Homeless and injured in the Blitz, using begged sketch books and cheap childrens pencils, he started to work again. Again he volunteered not to go into air raid shelters, but rather to perch on roofs to deal with incendiary bombs. This sketchbook was completed whilst he was looking out for doodle-bugs, Hitler's prototype cruise missile. An additional printed sheet gioving the limitation number is dog eared at one end, otherwise Fine condition with publishers notice concerning binding enclosed   Order No. 800192 £200


Austin Osman Spare, Anathema of Zos, Black Moon 1985 Facs Ed. Card covs LF (11ins x 8.5ins) 21pp New Intro by Louis Martinie  Very Good Order No. 1488 £8


Austin Osman Spare, Austin Osman Spare, Artist Occultist Sensualist, Exhibition Poster 1999 69cm x 49cm in glazed wooded frame  Fine Order No. 800277 £65


Austin Osman Spare, Book of Automatic Drawings,, Teitan Press 2011, Hardback, quarter cloth and paper carrying gilt blocked design. No. Ltd. Ed. Of 350 copies. Very large format 44cm x 31cm 12pp illustrations + 4pp of decoration and calligraphic text (one coloured) + 2pp Introduction attributed to Ian Law, all printed on one side of paper. This edition rebinds the original sheets of the 1973 Catalpa Press edition. Loosely enclosed is a 12pp leaflet by Keith Richmond giving a detailed and illuminating history of the work.  It evocatively describes how the publishers visited Spare's flat, finding discarded papers, just before its demolition. Executed in 1925 by Spare, with the intent of publication, this is some of his finest work being striking line drawings. It has to be said that, despite the title, they do not, to my eye, present as automatic drawings at all. They may be based on automatic studies. The lines are impressively free flowing, but never stray out of place and the images are finely finished. The titles of the drawings are:- Alternating Personality; Astral Body; the Threshold; Obsession; Memory; Resurrection; Self Portrait; the Complex; Self Portrait (Symbolic);  Morpheus (Lifestudy); the New Eden. The standard of reproduction undertaken by Catalpa Press (which was formed for the project) was of truly excellent quality, never bettered. But the world was not ready and many sets of sheets were never bound, to be secured by Teitan Press and issued nearly 40 years later in the present elegant binding  Fine Order No. 800217 £85


Austin Osman Spare, Focus of Life, Morland Press 1921 Large format hardback 12.5ins x 10ins (viii) 44pp Quarter bound in buckram and paper covered boards. Has a paper label obscuring Frederick Carter's true name with a pseudonymn - a reminder that the publication was thought to be challenging.  One of the best of Spares books to have in first edition as the illustrations utilise subtle shading and faint lines within shade, which reproductions struggle to do justice to. Wear to paper covering boards and top and tail of spine, otherwise Very Good   Order No. 800220 £1200


Austin Osman Spare, From the Inferno to Zos, Vol. I  The Writings & Images of A.O.S., First Impressions 1993 Large format 13ins x 10ins 362pp  To AOS (poem by Crowley); Book of Satyrs; Book of Pleasure; Focus of Life; Anathema of Zos; Automatic Drawings (with Frederick Carter); exhibition catalogues; images from books illustrated by Spare, accounts of Spare and a Spare Bibliography by Clive Harper. Book appears in Very Good condition, but being a paperback style book block in hardcovers, the book block has weakened and slipped down somewhat   Order No. 800256 £90


Austin Osman Spare, Portfolio, 2005 Limited Edition of 24 copies, each issued with an original drawing here not present. The portfolio presents high quality reproductons of all 24 drawings from a sketchbook that Spare presented to Vera Wainright following his visit to her cottage in the Cornish village of Helford in 1944. The reproductions are made on 160gsm 100% cotton paper. Also reproduced is the cover of the sketchbook showing Spare's inscription to Wainright and a pen drawing by him of the two of them together. She is shown in regal profile, her face akin to a Spare mask, the lines entwining with his face below, looking out as a gnarled, horned devil.  There is also a one page introductory sheet describing Spare and Wainright and their relationship. This sheet reproduces photographs of them both. A sheet is provided showing  thumbnail images of the drawings recording the order of the of drawings. All the above are enclosed in a handmade portfolio (10ins x 13ins) bound in half leather (a green basil sheepskin) and handmade marbled paper. The design being chosen as the chance pattern of marbling is sympathetic to the style of some of Spares automatic drawings.  All components used are of archival quality.  Some of the drawings have a subtle addition of coloured pastels. They show  strange landscapes, some time with "vibrationary" (to use Spare's term) where Spare percieves and portrays an aura. Usually Spare saw this of humans, here he sees it of the landscape itself. These strange vistas are populated by anthropomorthic trees and rocks; strange beasts that emerge from the earth; transformative beings, soul like masks blowing in the wind.

In a card folder and wrapped in tissue paper, one of the original drawings (25cm x 17cm) is present  Fine Order No. 800343 £1200


Austin Osman Spare, Surrealist Forecast Cards, Self Published.1936 1st Ed. 25 small format card (9cm x 6cm), each printed with the same design, related to one in the Book of Pleasure, of a face with hair forming a wing, an amimal and now a horse. They are numbered 25 - 50, so as to not be confused with the numbers given racing horses. Held in a small manilla envelope printed with rubber stamped title which is very similar to the one used originally, and does appear aged, but is not original. Fragments from the much perished rubber band which held the cad is present. Pack slightly bent, very slight marks to two cards next to envelope, otherwise Fine in an envelope which is quite worn and rubbed Order No. 800368 £350


Austin Osman Spare, Surrealist Racing Forcast Cards, not dated  in Brown envelope, about 26 small cards(9cm x 6cm) in envelope each carrying same automatic drawing of head with horses and a wing emerging from hair. Each is numbered starting at No. 25, so there is no confusion with the number that the horse may be given in the line up. Intended to assist picking of winners. Spare did like the horses, but given he died in modest circumstances their effectiveness cannot be guarenteed. Never-the-less a curious first edition. All cards in Fine + condition bar Nos. 25 and 50 which have the remains of the original rubber band (now very oxidised) in which the pack was wrapped stuck to them. They are in the original manilla envelope, bearing the stamp "Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards - Read Instructions Carefully". The envelopes is quite worn with some tears and loss.   Order No. 760011 £300


Austin Osman Spare, The Valley of Fear, Fulgur 2007 Large format (32cm x 24cm) this being 41 of 93 copies signed by Rob Ansell.  xi Preliminaries and Prolegomenon and 20 coloured reproductions printed on one side of the paper, one forming the frontispiece. The illustrations are Spare at his best, finely drawn morphing grotesque figures, strangely beautiful and ugly, inhabit fantasy landscapes. The reproduction is of the strikingly excellent and impressive aesthetics in the presentation with textured gold endpapers, top edge gilt, quarter bound in green morocco goatskin leather, subtly printed dustwrapper in stout clothbound slipcase. Elegance incarnate.   Order No. 800249 £300


Austin Osman Spare, Two Grimoires, Starfire 2011 hardback 104pp + (46pp). This being copy No. 75 of 100 quarter bound in leather, signed by publishers/contributors. Presents coloured reproduction of two related works:- The Focus of Life & the Papyrus a Amen; The Arcana of A.O.S. & the Consciousness of Kia-Ra. These are very early, same period as Earth Inferno and stylistically similar. Stephen Pochin and William Wallace provide important essays, Mick Staley an Introduction which describes the works discovery. This publication substantially increases the corpus of Spare books! Important!  Fine in Fine DW in Fine slipcase Order No. 800034 £185


Austin Osman Spare, Two Tracts on Cartomancy, Fulgur 1997 1st Ed Illus card covered book with dustwrapper 38pp Very substantial Intro by Gavin Semple. Presents instructions for Spare's Surrealist Forecast Cards. Also included is Mind to Mind & How by A Sorcerer, a pseudonymous article by Spare wherein he gives directions for developing ones own system of divinatory cards and the illustrations present some examples of those devised by Spare. Excellent production values. Loosely enclosed Spring 1998  printed Fulgur newsletter, one side.  Fine Order No. 800278 £45


Austin Osman Spare, Witches Sabbath/Axiomata, Fulgur 1992 + 2007 Large format hardback (12.5ins x 9ins). 1000 copies were printed but at initially only some were bound up. Then disaster! the printer went bankrupt & the new proprietor pulped the remaining sheets. 91 sets of sheets were recovered and 15 years later these were bound up and issued as a numbered limited edition, this copy being number 58 signed by Ikenneth and Steffi Grant. Witches Sabbath commences with the substantial Intro (ixpp - xiipp) followed by the text & striking drawings (20pp) by Spare. His account of the Witchcraft emphasises the sexual element of the Sabbath & includes a powerful Evocation. Averse to that work is Axiomata (ie the book would be turned upon two axis to find the beginning. x + 22pp It has Preface by Gavin Semple, Introduction by Robert Ansell and then text & striking drawings by Spare.  Tipped in were two very striking cold Plates. Publsiger's post card of Spare stele enclosed  Fine in Fine DW in Fine slipcase Order No. 800239 £375


Austin Osman Spare, Zos, Austin Osman Spare, 23 Enigma 2007 Large format (29cm x 20cm) Gilt blocked card covers with 13 tipped in coloured plates and 5pp Introduction by Mick Staley. Modest, yet truly elegant production, artfully framing the numinous quality of Spare's work  Fine Order No. 800095 £80


Austin Osman Spare Spare, Exhibition Catalogue, Retrospective Exhibition to Celebrate Pulication of Witches Sabbath & Axiomata, Henry Boxer / Fulgur 1993 Small format card covers 22pp. Limited Edition of 333 Tipped in frontispiece plate, Chaos by Spare.  slight rubbing but Very Good Order No. 800247 £25


Austin Osman Spare Spare, The New Eden, Fulgur 2003 Duotone print (36cm x 24cm) in glazed wooden frame (46cm x 34cm) This image from the Golden Hind, used as a frontispiece by Images and Oracles, 177 proof copies were printed in duotone and are avriant from those used in the Fulgur edition, this is No.40 of those copies  Mint in frame Order No. 800275 £90


Kenneth Grant & Austin Osman Spare, Zos Speaks, Fulgur 1999 Large format 11ins x 8ins 295pp + 22pp High quality coloured plates. No.25 of 93 copies signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. This copy is quarter bound in leather with top edge silver gilt. It has the printed talisman of the Zos-Kia cultus by Steffi Grant enclosed in a purpose made black card folder with silk ribbon tie.  Loosely enclosed an invitation card to launch party and notice to subscribers re picking up copies at party. Fine in Fine DW in paper covered, stout slipcase that has slight wear along one edge, Very Good ++   Order No. 800232 £685


Various & Austin Osman Spare, Existence, IHO 2006 Large format (12ins x 9ins) 96pp Coloured Illustrations. In celebration of his life this book was created and presented to about 80 people who have made contributions to the appreciation of Spare’s work. The presentees are listed in the preliminary pages. The book is lavishly produced being printed on goatskin parchment paper. With generous boarders and excellent colour reproductions.


Contents include:-


Austin Osman Spare:-

Morning Prayer, Adonai, an adoration

Journey of the Soul from Death to Rebirth

Existence (collection of axioms from his writings)

Shall I Entertain Ye with a Little Understanding (collection of axioms from his writings)

THISNESS into AS IF becoming AS NOW, (collection of axioms from his writings)


A page dedicated to friends of Spare features a never prevously scene photograph of Kenneth and Steffi Grant


Dennis Bardens, No Man Should Understand, a piece about Spare


Grace Rogers, Theory of Re-currence (much influenced by Spare)


Victor Neuburg, Existence & The Artist, two poems dedicated to Spare


Frank Letchford, Letters to Dennis Bardens, Very informative concerning Spare’s life and work, sexuality and so forth



Some comments from presentees concerning the book:-


Robert Ansell:- “Aside from the text, which is fascinating, I think collecting the aura portraits together has been a real service to those interested in Spare's perception of such things. They somehow have greater resonance when you see them as part of an ongoing series, in pastel and watercolour. There were some very nice touches to the design too, which oozes quality!”


Andrew Drylie:- “Simply to handle it is a joy”


Kenneth Grant:- “…thank you for the beautiful memorial tribute to AOS and for all the time and labour  it must have taken you to assemble same. I am sure that Austin would have been profoundly appreciative of the task you set yourself and finished so well - to give due honour to his name and to his wonderful work “

Stephen Mace:- “It is a beautiful book, an exquisite example of the printer's art”

Mor Navon + Julian Moguillansky:- “Your book is... how to say it? Fantastic! We are reading it in joy.”

Stephen Skinner:- “Many thanks for such a lovely production, celebrating someone whose re-emergence into the light has taken a lot longer than his talent deserved.”

Jim Wasserman:- “It is a sheer delight.”

Words:- “A truly fitting tribute and wonderfully well presented.”

This copy missing its glassine wrapper  near Mint Order No. 800210 £200


Vera Wainwright and Austin Spare, Poetry and Art, Three Vols., None given, not dated No. Ltd. Edition of 59, these Vols all being No.18 These hardbacks landscape format, 8.5 ins x 12ins. All three books are uniformly bound in black faux leather elegantly blind stamped with distinctly Sparean profile of face towards for edge of both front and back board. Place ribbon. Unusual binding method. The Vols have no been given arbitrary numbers but comprise:-

Drawings by Austin Osman Spare for V.S.W.,  A drawing book of 24 images drawn by Spare for Vera in 1944 when Spare visited her in Helston, Cornwall. These drawings have only otherwise been published in an edition of 24 portfolio folders, each one containing one of the original drawings.

Poems and Masks. 44pp An illustrated 5pp article reprints the poems and images that was publioshed by Toucan Press, plus numerous preliminary sketches and other additional material.

Poetry and Art, 80pp. Includes 8 short stories by Wainwright which have occult themes. Also reproduces correspondence between her and Spare, and some instruction he gave her in artistic matters  All three Volumes Fine Order No. 800231 £200


Austin Osman Spare & & Clifford Bax, The Golden Hind, Vol. I No.3, Chapman & Hall 1923 Large format (15ins x 11ins) printed card covers. No.3. 40pp. Has a striking full page print of pen drawing by Spare, “Farewell to Synthesis” a woman aroused by the astral Spare represented by his face upon a winged head, its hair sweeping up to her groin, is morphs into a stag / flame creature, an atavistic resurgence. Also a double page lithograph by Spare. Loosely inserted 3pp leaflet describing the new format of Vol.II Some  wear to covers Good + condition   Order No. 800226 £150


Austin Osman Spare & & Clifford Bax, The Golden Hind, Vol. I No.5, Chapman & Hall 1923 1st Ed. Large format (11.5ins x 9ins) card covers 48pp Double page reproduction of Spare drawing the Blasé Bacchante, also full page reporducton of one of his bookplates, light wear along the spine and on covers Very Good   Order No. 800227 £150


Various, Austin Osman Spare & Francis Marsden(Editor), Form, A Quarterly Journal Containing, John Lane 1916 Very large format (45cm x 30cm), card covers, Has a number of drawings by Spare including double page coloured lithograph, "the Holocaust" - this not including the 4pp illustrated essay by Frederick Carter and Spare entitled 58pp.Front and back covers Poor condition being detached, foxed, chipped with loss around edges. Internally binding loose but pages Very Good. Supplied with card folder.   Order No. 800218 £175


Austin Osman Spare (concerning), Agape, Vol.I No.4, 1973 Card covers 60pp Incorporates and edition of Anathema of Zos with blank card covers and on better paper than remainder of journal that is bound around it.  The content that embraces Anathema is first class, having the important essay "Spare Parts" by Lemuel Johnstone plus other lively material  Very Good clean copy Order No. 800248 £70


Austin Osman Spare (concerning), Exhibition Catalogue, Greenwich Gallery 1964 Card covers 5pp Cover carries the Spare illustration "the Sabbatists" 2pp article about Spare by Mario Maya including striking photo of the artist at work. 28 pieces are described  Very Good Order No. 800254 £80


Austin Osman Spare (concerning), Exhibition Catalogue, Oliver Bradbury & James Birch Fine Art 1984,  8pp card covered booklet with Introduction by Nigel Burwood, monochrome reproductions of 5  works, chronology etc Scarce Small Atlantis Books label on back cover  Very Good Order No. 800246 £30


Austin Osman Spare (Editor) & Francis Marsden, Form, A Quarterly of the Arts, John Lane 1917 Very large format (44cm x 29cm) 40pp + 8pp adverts. One full page lithograph by Spare, plus double page illustration of his important pen drawing "Allergory". One suspects uncredited designs for decorated capitals and  small vignettes are also by Spare. Has Francis Marsden's illustrated article Form and Idea. Some wear towards edges of card covers Very Good   Order No. 800228 £200


J. Bertram, F. Russell & Austin Osman Spare (Illus), The Starlit Mire, Bodley Head 1911 1st Ed 62pp Ltd Ed of 350 10 full page drawings & gilt blocked horned God figure by Spare. A Worm rose from the mud to reach the stars/And, poised on tail tip, bellowed "I am God"/Then slithered on the slime and tailward fell/Declaiming to its comrades, "God is not"/Out spake a Star: "Be silent, thou that slipped"/The mud that caused thy fall still mirrors ME. A Very Good clean copy, with only a few very small spots of foxing and slightly bumped corners   Order No. 800279 £350


Austin Osman Spare (relating to), From Inferno to Zos Vol.II, The Artists Books (1905-1927), Dr. W. Wallace, First Impressions 1995 Large format 13ins x 10ins xiii + 442pp + 16pp glossary & Bibliography Illustrated Marbelled eps A Substantial investigation of the cultural & occult background of the books, and then a detailed examination of the symbolism & references in the pictures. He argues that the Alphabet of Desire relates to Enochian. He discusses such influences as Blake, Dante, Nietsche, Crowley of course, Kabbala, Alchemy, Ancient Egypt etc. As he examines each picture in turn even those who disagree with some of his conclusions will admire the window openes upon the wealth of symbolism in Spare's work.  Fine Order No. 800243 £80


J.C. Squire (Illus. Austin Osman Spare), Twelve Poems, Morland Press 1916 1st Ed Small format hardback 32pp. Has a striking frontispiece by Spare showing a harpy in front of a tree morphing into enigmatic lines. Handmade paper. Also has decorated capitals and other decorations are claimed by him but in fact are constructed from various early printed books, an example of the plaigarism that, despite his genius, Spare indulged in at this period. 

This copy has pictorial bookplate of R.N. Green-Armytage, noted book collector, friend of Walter de la Mare, Clifford Bas and J. C. Squire. The bookplate was executed by Bristol artist G.N. Hollaway and is dated 1917. Tipped in is original envelope containing two page hand written letter dated 1917. It gives useful account  Squire's publications including one obscene one which Squire had suppressed.after publication.

In the same envelope is a postcard from Austin Osman Spare. Obverse is printed with details of Form Magazine giving address and Spare as editor. With address on reverse there are 50 words in Spares hand ending "from A.O. Spare the black + white artist, Editor of Form" Dated 3/7/1916 it is to Green-Armytage, promising a copy of Squire's Poems when it come sout. He also gives details of price of a vellum edition of another book, but it is unclear how Spare might be linked to it.

Endpapers quite browned, minor marks to paper covered boards.   Order No. 800199 £325



 Various, A.O.S., A Celebration,, IHO 2006 Large Format (12ins x 8is) Paperback 95pp Coloured Illustrations. Approximately 100 copies were printed, this has the 4pp card flier for the Celebration event. On Sunday 14th of May 2006 over one hundred people gathered at St. Brides Hall in London to celebrate the life of Austin Osman Spare. Speakers included Rob Ansell, Clive Harper, Mick Staley and Caroline Wise. Original artworks were on display projected upon a screen. Caroline and Mick are to be congratulated for the organisation of a remakable and very successful event. Every person present received a copy of this book. Spare believed that humans and animals were of the same life current and that by “Atavistic Resurgence” we can share the consciousness of animals and rowse their powers. But this occult esotericism was married with a great compassion for animals and a concern for his welfare. Spare had a particular affinity cats, and this book presents two short memoirs of Spare by Dennis Bardens and Frank Letchford both describing the artist’s defence and care of the strays common after the bombing of London plus half a dozen photos of him in his studio surrounded by the animals. Spare also felt immense compassion for the working horses around him, painting a series of pictures called “Horses for Slaughter” two of which are reproduced here. Spare sold the originals and gave the money to the R.S.P.C.A. and the Dumb Friends League. Other original artwork reproduced in colour shows Spare’s wide range of styles. and include many images not previously published. Altogether nearly twenty items of original artwork and ten photographs of the artist are reproduced. Also presented are  newspaper obituaries of Spare, a letter from him to Millicent Paine and an analysis of his birth chart etc. Finally a 1907 review of a exhibition by Spare is included which unusually relates Spare’s art with his professed Socialism.

A number of people who have been prominent in the raising awareness of the Spare have contributed pieces which describe how they encountered the art and philosophy of Spare and its effect upon them. These essays carry many insights into the significance of Spare’s work and the nature of the man’s legacy.  The variation in style and approach is a delight. The contributors are:-

Rob Ansell, Co-founder of Fulgur Press– publisher of Spare

Ruth Bayer, Photographer

Ossian Brown, Mucisian & Artist (Cyclobe, Coil)

Clive Harper, Spare Bibliographer

Phil Hine, Chaos Magician

David Knight, Musician (Shock Headed Peters, Daniel Dax, Lydia Lunch)

Carl McCoy, Musician (Fields of the Nephalim) & Andrew Collins (psychic quester and author)

Alan Moore, Comic Book Artist

Anthony Naylor, Proprietor of Mandrake Press – publisher of Spare

Michael Staley, Typhonian O.T.O.

Caroline Wise,  Theatre producer, writer and esotericist  Fine Order No. 800211 £135


Various, Abraxas, An International Journal of Esoteric Studies No. 1, Fulgur 2007 Large format (30cm x 24cm) 128pp. This is one of 171 copies given a hardback binding and including an additional wood engraved plate, signed and numbered by the artist, Francesco Parisi. Articles include Roberto Migliussi - Automatic Drawings; Daniel Schulke - the Green Intercessor; Stuart Inman - Uncertainty of Illumination; Anon (author of Liber Niger Legionis) - Sorceries of the Threshold. Elegant designed , a work of significance, Now  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800077 £180


Various, Atua, Voices from The Société Voudon Gnostique, Fulgur 2011 Hardback 197pp landscape format. One of 808 copies bound in black cloth with elegant blind stamping of skull motif. Other Voudon motifs designed as cutouts realised by blocking on pastedowns and endpapers. Lavishly illustrated  Fine in Fine DW Order No. 800085 £50


Various, Austin Osman Spare, Cockney Visionary, Jerusalem Press 2010 Large format (30cm x 22cm) hardback 95pp No. 20 of 100 deluxe copies bound in quarter leather and shimmering cloth in dustwrapper in shimmering cloth bound slipcase. Published in association wih important exhibition, profusely illustrated. Essays by Rob Ansell; Geraldine Beskine; Stephen Pochin; Michael Staley, Gavin Semple & William Wallace who provides commentaries to full page coloured reproductions of Spare's pictures. Special emphasis on Spare as a Cockney, and the exhibition included previously unsceen pictures in the collection of the local government authority. As a deluxe copy, loosely inserted are 3pp leaflet, the Geometry of Theurgy with addition Spare picture reproduced and commentary by William Walladcde, signed by him; limitation card signed by contributors;  1pp prospectus for book; 3 copies publicity flyer for exhibition; sheet giving details lectures given in association with the exhibition; invitation for patron's bview; 3pp printed list of puictures exhibited; signed compliments slip from publisher; DVD in printed sleeve of "The Bones Go Last" by Richard Millington and Thomas Oldham featuring  interviews with Robert Ansell, Phil Baker, Stephen Pochin, Dr. Richard Wallis. The cloth on the slipcase is fraying somewhat along the edge, oterwise all Fine   Order No. 800244 £120


 Various, Austin Osman Spare 1886-1956, Divine Draughtsman, Beskin Press 1987 Large format (11.5ins x 8ins) Card Covs 40pp Illus inc. Cold Pls. Ian Law on Spare's life; Genesis P. Orridge - Time Mirrors, the Art of Spare; Lionel Snell - Exploring Spare's Magic  Very Good Order No. 800079 £50


Various, Starfire, The Official Organ of the Typhonian Order Vol.II No.3, 2008 Large format card covers 189pp  Richard Ward - Magic of Folly; Alistair Coombs - Sinister shades of Yellow; Oliver St. John - Stone of the Stars; Stephen Dziklewicz - Marantha, a Blessing or a Cure, caradoc Elmet - Tzaddi is niot the Star; Daniel Lett - the Aphotic Oracle; Richard gavin - Nightmare Sorcery; Peter Smith - the Altar; Joe Claxton - A Very Personal Tantrum; Michael Staley - Instrument of Succession, an Apology; Kenneth Grant - looking Forward; Michael Staley - the Letter killeth, But the Spirit Giveth Life; Martin Starr - 100 Years Hence; Andrew Collins - Calling Mr. Crowley; Margaret Ingalls - Evolution of Maat Magick  Fine Order No. 800204 £65


 Various, Starfire, Vol.II No.4, 2011 Large format (30cm x 21cm) this copy being No.45 of 111 deluxe copies hardbound with DW in slipcase, signed by Mick Staley. 303pp many illustrations. This edition published for the first time Ithell Colquhoun's writings concerning Attaturk from her never completed book about Crowley. Aside from providing much information concerning Crowley's son Ithell record the account given by Pat MacAlpine's (Attaturk's mother) of Crowley's death including his actual final words ("so you are here - and not afraid"). At last these are finally published. She also explains the truth behind the Cornish Crowley associated "Coven" that has generated so much speculation. Also Daniel Schulke - The Ophidian Sabbat and artwork, Mick Staley, Steven Dzicklewicz etc  Fine in Fine DW in Fine Slipcase Order No. 800080 £45


Various (Re Austin Osman Spare), Fortean Times, John Brown March 2001 Large format 66pp Many Illus. This issue features Austin Osman Spare 8 pages of text and illustrations and the front cover dedicated to him. The main article is a intelligent account by Phil Baker whose full length study is anitcipated with interest. Mark Pilkington gives a good account of Spare's magic  Fine Order No. 560021 £8


 Various (re Austin Osman Spare), The Borough Satyr, The Life and Art of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 2005 Landscape hardback, this being No.11 of 93 deluxe limited edition signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant in a stout slipcase. Top edge gilt. Enclosed is the errata slip and a Fulgur postcard reproducing a self portrait of Spare. A masterly and authoriatative introduction by Robert Ansell precedes eleven essays and articles on Spare:- Anonymous - Boy Artist at the R.A. Daily Chronicle 1904; Richard Straus -  Austen Osman Spare, A Note on his Work 1909; Grace Rogers - Symbology and Aestetics in Relation to the Work of Austin Osman Spare 1925; Hannen Swaffer - Artist as Agent of the Unseen 1927; Clifford Bax - Sex in Art 1936; John Smith - Spare and Southwark 1949; Philip Paul - Psychic Artist Enables you to SEE Beethoven's Fifth Symphony 1954; Kenneth Grant - Appreciation 1955; Ithell Colquhoun - Heaven and Earth, Portrait of a Magician 1955; Haydn Mackay - Austin Osman Spare 1956

Steffi Grant - 1999. However, and as it should be, it is Spares art that leaps off the page. Stunning coloured images of many of the pictures exhibited, their detail and the vibrancy of their colour magnificently reproduced. They present the full range of Spare’s genius. Quite a few are full page illustrations and the landscape format lends itself to large illustrations combined with a column of text. The book is the same format and size as the very elegant Fulgur edition of Kenneth Grant’s Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare and shares some design features though enriched by the coloured reproductions. Given that it is virtually unheard of for any occult book to appear on time the publisher is to be warmly congratulated for producing such a substantial and important book within the deadline created by its also being a catalogue for an exhibition. Loosely inserted:- Fulgur stele card; 2 copies Fulgur Borough Satyr card; compliments slip.That greatest of rarities, a Fulgur errata slip - usually by gracefully realised as decorated card bookmark  Mint in Mint DW in Fine slipcase Order No. 800253 £225


Vera Wainwright, Poems & Masks, Toucan Press 1968 1st Ed. 24pp card covered booklet with half a dozen visages executed by Spare for this work. It also has an account of Spare written by Ms. Wainwright, who knew also Victor Neuberg, Algernon Blackwood, the Powys Brothers, Walter de la Mare etc. Staples rusted & slight marks but Very Good   Order No. 800207 £75


William Wallace, The Early Work of Austin Osman Spare 1900 - 1919, The Later Work of Austin Osman Spare 1917- 1956, Catalpa Press 1987 & !989 1st Eds. Card covers . Early Work has (viii) + 21pp with coloured frontispiece plate and 25 monochrome plates loosely enclosed in pocket in rear. Later Work (x) + 30pp with three coloured plates including frontispiece plus 24 monochrome plates. Both volumes are elegantly designed and printed to high production values by a small press on quality paper. Scarce  Both in Very Good clean condition Order No. 800191 £95