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 Anon, The "Nielsen" Case, Mr. B. Schouw Nielsen v. Denmark, Report of the European Commission of Human Rights, Published anonymously iv + 105pp large format, card covers duplicated typescript. Giving legal opinion upon a case of where someone was imprisoned for hypnotising someone into committing murder  VG Order No. 100348 £12


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Nick Bamforth, Trusting the Healer Within, Amethyst Books 1989 Paperback 176pp  Fine Order No. 299646 £4


Dennis Bardens, Ahead of Time, The Mystery of Precognition, Hale 1991 175pp Plates Describing incidences from both public and private domains provides striking examples of apparent precognition, this leads to speculation as to the nature of time  F in F DW Order No. 100339 £6


Dennis Bardens (Austin Osman Spare), Ghosts, Non Given 2002 16pp leaflet Illustrated with images by Austin Osman Spare. A noted author upon matters supernatural, and a good friend of Austin Osman Spare commences this discussions of shades of the dead with an experience of his son, a member of the band Fleetwood Mac, and fellow band members whilst on tour. Other striking cases are also described. This item was issued at a talk about ghosts given recently by the author in York  F Order No. 6399 £4


Logie Barrow, Independent Spirits, Spiritualism & English Plebians 1850-1910, RKP 1986 Pb xii + 338pp Illus Written for social historians, but of wider interest, having useful information concerning spiritualists, obscure occultists & their politacal connections OP  Fine Order No. 6139 £12


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James Bathurst, Atomic-Consciousness, An Explantation of Ghosts, Spiritualism, Witchcraft, Occult Phenomina and all Supernormal Manifestations, Harris & Haddon 1892 284pp An original work by an unschooled working man, The bulk of the book comprises anecdotal accounts of co-incidences, acts of telepathy, omens, prophetic dreams and so forth, from his own experiences and in newspapers etc. Though preceeding the cork of Charles Fort by two decades, there is a similarity. In the concluding chapters he argues that the cause and method of manifestation of these remarkable events is that matter itself is conscious! Crease to title page. Slight foxing to prelimaries and page edges. Slight wear and darkening to cloth  VG Order No. 110892 £25


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Paul Beard, Living On, A Study of Altering Consciousness after Death, Allen 1980 202pp Presents and examines many accounts that appear to describe post death experience which do seem to provide some insight into post mortem consciouness  VG in VG DW Order No. 100044 £15


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Timothy Green Beckley, M.I.B., Aliens Amng Us, Global Communications 1971 LF Bklt 30 leaves printed on one side Illus Home produced. Account of the Men in Black that shows these entities, perhaps the most interesting aspect of ufology, first manifested into human consciousness in 1947 when the title "Flying Saucer" was 1st coined. Also presents articl by James Robinson. Some of the info presented is intruiging!  F Order No. 1597 £5


Nicola Beechsquirrel, Sacred Women, Sacred Blood, A Celebration of Menarche, Self Published 1989 14pp card covered booklet Neo-pagan celebration of first menstruation. Author was one of the founders of Pagans Against Nukes  Fine Order No. 440009 £5


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Charles Berlitz, The Bermuda Triangle, Souvenir Press 1974 1st UK Ed. 203pp Plates A classic work considered of interest in psychogeographic terms evn if not to be taken literally. Relevant newspaper cuttings enclosed  VG in VG DW Order No. 100049 £12


Charles Berlitz, The Dragon's Triangle, Wynwood 1989 1st Ed Pls 208pp Author of the Bermuda Trinagle turns his eye to a similar enigmatic area off Japan  F in F DW Order No. 4020 £12


Charles Berlitz, The Philadelphia Experiment, Project Invisibility, Souvenir 1979 1st Ed 188pp Plates. The  suggestion is that in 1943 a US destroyer utilsed intensified force fields based on Einstein's Unified Force Theory to dematerialise with horrific consequences for the ships crew. A classic text which captured the imagination and was made into a film  F in F DW Order No. 84695 £8


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Raymond Bernard, The Hollow Earth, The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History, Citadel Press 1969 paperback 254pp Illus. The Hollow Earth notion has architypal importance in western occult tradition, starting with Bulwer Lytton. This work argues for its literal truth but is of interest to thse who regard the notion as having symbolic significance!  Very Good Order No. 2952 £10


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Henry Blake, Talking With Horses, A Study of Communication Between Man And Horse, Souvenir 1975 1st Ed 172pp Plates. Much invloves listening and observing horses for the sounds and signs they use to communicate, also discusses ESP and telepathy in horse communcation.A practical book intended for the horse-owner nad born of years of experience with horses  VG in VG DW Order No. 100149 £7


H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient & Modern Science & Theology, TUP not dated (1970s?) 2 paperback Vols 1474pp Unabridged  Both near Fine Order No. 700239 £12


H.P. Blavatsky, Nightmare Tales, Aryan Theosophical  Press 1907 139pp + (8pp) adverts and announcements Frontispiece plate here glued to front pastedown. Two full page illustration and three decorated capitals and one decorative vignette. Decorated cloth (red on dark oatmeal - a variation?). This being produced by the off shoot of the Theosophical Society headed by William Judge and then Katherine Tingley where it became united with the Universal Brotherhood. The unfortunate connoctations of the word "Aryan" are not relevant here, the publishing organisations explicitly state they "...desire the eradication of the evils caused by the bariers of race, creed, caste or color." and are clearly liberal and progressive. Very slight damp satin to bottom of front board but  VG Order No. 80127 £45


H.P. Blavatsky, Studies in Occultism, White Lion  1974 Smaller format 190pp  F in VG DW Order No. 7187 £12


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Alan Bleakley, Fruits of the Moon Tree, The Medicine Wheel and Personal Psychology, Gateway 1984 1st Ed Paperback viii + 311pp Some illustrations. Author uses Jungian concepts to describe the hidden male, or female, within. However, rather than the psychoanalysts couch being the sphere of endeavour is the natural world explored through the keys of Celtic tree lore, the native American Medicine Wheel, classical myth and fairy tale. Intelligent work.   Order No. 6394 £7


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Gustaf Bolinder, Devilman's Jungle, Dobson 1954 190pp Plates Largely based on first hand knowledge this wok describes the secret societies of Sierra Leoe and Liberia, human sacrifice and cannabalism among the peoples of the Niger Delta and the witch doctors of South Africa  VG in VG DW Order No. 26021 £10


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F. Stephen Clark & Hickory Quist, Congo Devil, Smapson, Low Marston Not dated (c1937) 1st Ed. Ix + 278pp Page edges somewhat browned but  VG sound copy Order No. 110034 £20


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Jack Randolph Conrad, Horn and the Sword, History of the Bull as Symbol of Power and Fertility, Dutton 1957 Plates 222pp The tracing of a symbol though various cultures and systems can be a fruitful approach and certainly is in this case. The artistic motif is traced from cave paintings to Picasso, the sacred symbol from the ancient paganism through Christianity and it use in games from the Cretan bull somersaulters to modern Spanish bull fighting. Some marks and uneven fading to cloth, DW rather worn   Order No. 84558 £15


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H. Cutner, Sex Worship, none given nd (c1938?) small format 222pp Frontispiece. No doubt the publsiher felt it appropriate to be discreet!. The work is a good introduction, drawing on 19th and early 20th Century scholarship. Pages browning  VG in F DW Order No. 3988 £15


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Richard Deacon, Napoleon's Book of Fate, Its Origin's & Uses, Citadel 1977 Gives text & intsructions for this oracle, plus its backgroun which provides useful information about 19th C. occultism & espionage Pls OP  Fine in VG DW Order No. 1775 £8


Percy Dearmer, Body and Soul, An Enquiry into the Effects of Religion upon Health with a Description of Christian Works of Healing from the Nerw Testament to the Present Day,  x + 405pp + 16pp ads Heraldic bookplate, front hinge a little weak, some wear to corners  G Order No. 84542 £8


John Dee (Ed. Gerald Suster), Essential Readings, Essential Readings, Crucible 1986 Paperback 157pp. Prezents extracts from diaries; Propaedeumata Aphorista, General and Rare Memorials Pertaining to the Art of Navigation, letters to royalty etc  Fine Order No. 480135 £8


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Edward Bulwer Lytton, The Coming Race, Routledge nd (19thC) 523pp One of the great occult novels. It's description of a subterranean people with a technology employing the cosmic energy, here termed "vril" was amssively influential  VG clean bright copy Order No. 6079 £12


 M., The Dayspring of Youth, Yoga Practice Adapted for Western Bodies, Putnam 1933 1st Ed Frontispiece and three other monochrome plates 357pp. Has rather more western esoteric lore than Indian. I would msuggest that M., or the Master Moira may be Michael Houghton, also known by his pen name, Michael Juste. He founded the Atalantis Bookshgop in London and operated the Order of Hidden Masters. The dustwrapper includes an advert for his book, the White Brother, even though it was issued by another publisher. Also referenced is Comte de Gabalis as issued in 1913 by "the Brothers" with a cover sharing the same device as found on this book. VG in DW which is quite worn at top of spine and edges   Order No. 650018 £25


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Husein Rofe, The Path of Subud, Rider 1959 1st Ed FrontisSouthern School; Theory & Practice for Westernerssymbol, exploring the origins, & meaningsn disaster, the printer went bankrupt & the new proprietor pulped the remai  VG in G (small tears etc) DW Order No. 1534 £5


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Kurt Seligmann, Magic, Supernaturalism & Religion, Penguin 1971 342pp Many Illus. Given the author was a surrealist artist this surprisingly ordered account of occultism up to the 18thC is testament to how influential knowledge of esoteric traditions was in that movement  F Order No. 5562 £12


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Robert Temple, Conversation's with Eternity, Ancient Man's Attempts to Know the Future, Rider 1984 1st Ed 206pp Pls. Discussion of the principle methods of the ancient world:- Descent into the Otherworld, Oracular establishments and divination by entrails (a substantial account of this method, strangely neglected by modern fortune tellers, psychic fairs etc.). Also discusses the principle eastern methods, I Ching 7 divination by bones. Excellent work by author of the Sirius Mystery, that describes the underlying principles rather than just techniques. Recommended  VG+ in VG DW Order No. 4303 £15


Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery, BCA 1976 xi+ 290pp PlsIntelligent work which discusses real enigmas, the Dogon of Africa have specific knowledge of the nature of Sirius that we gained only through late 20th C. telescopes . Rated by Kenneth Grant  F in VG DW Order No. 3472 £10


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J.M. Upton-Ward (Trans. & Intro.), Rule of the Templars, Boydell 1998 viii + 200pp presents the rules & regulations that governed the medieval Templars, useful reminder to imaginative esotericists that the Order was, above all, intended for warfare. Perhaps its rules of obedience hid heresy, but they were intended to ensure that on a battlefield a company of knights could act as one  F in VG+ DW Order No. 5058 £20


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Various, The Church of Light Quarterly, Vol. 12 No.1; Vol.13 Nos 2, 3, 4;  Vol.14 Nos. 1, 2, 1938 - 1940 6 large format 4pp leaflets. The Church of Light was established by Elbert Benjamin (aka C. C and is in fact a continuation of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor and issued some of its blander teachings as a correspondence course. This publication does not display these roots though, it principal agenda being to establish astrology as a legitimate science  VG Order No. 110795 £15


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