Witch A., The Devil's Prayer Book, Rigel 1974 1st Ed. Hardback 71pp. It represents an early exposure of Wiccan ritual giving obscure variants of the names of the Goddess and God (both beginning with "Z") In fact the author is E. A. St. George. The publisher is a vanity press so the print run would have been very limited. Copies of this book are highly soughtafter Mint Order No. 84598 15


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Anon (Trans. Henry Adam Bellows), The Poetic Edda, Edwin Mellen 1991 xvii + 442pp Fine Order No. 84432 20


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J.W. Brodie-Innes, The Devil's Mistress, Rider nd (elderly) xii + 357 Author headed the Amen-Ra temple of the Golden Dawn in Edinburgh. This work tells an occultist's telling of the story of Isobel Goudie, a witch who had problems with the authorities. Paper covered boards printed with title and decoration. Wear at junction of spine and boards and also at corners. Front free endpaper stamped with a previous owner's name, page edges browned, top edge discoloured Good Order No. 540045 125


Raymond Buckland, Ancient and Modern Witchcraft, House of Collectables Small format paperback 192pp Illustrated. Something of an historical book. The first US publication in which the author announces themselves a witch, and introduces Gardnerian wicca to America Very Good for age and format Order No. 800126 20


Raymond Buckland, Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, Llewellyn 1992 Large format paperback xii + 252pp Deals with history and philosopht of the Craft; Beliefs; Tools; Clothing, Covens & Rituals, Sabbats; Herbalism; Magick; Solitary Witches; Traditions and Denominations etc. Fine Order No. 110465 20


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Deodes Lawson, A Brief and True Narrative of.., .. Witchcraft at Salem Village, U.M.I. 1992 10pp large format 10ins x 8ins Bound photocopy , made up to order, of the 1692 pamphlet concerning the infamous case F Order No. 8231 10


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Aeron Medbh-Mara, Life-Rites, a Collection of Essays, Explanations, Rituals and Questions for those Priests and Priestesses of the old Ways Engaging in Coven or Clan Responsibilities, Thoth 1995 Paperback 136pp This copy has signed and sigiled inscription by author Fine Order No. 440024 5


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Keith Morgan, Wicca Awakens, Deosil Dance 1989 33pp card covered booklet Fine Order No. 440019 2


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Ross Nichols, Book of Druidry, Thorsons 1990 Paperback Author chief of one of the Druid Orders, discusses historical druidism and its renaissance. Magnum opus of modern Druidism Plates 319pp Fine Order No. 440095 4


Ross Nichols & James Kirkup, The Cosmic Shape, Forge Press 1946 1st Ed Led. Ed. of 500 this copy being number 26. 11pp Frontispiece plate by Muriel Metcalfe has been reproduced by collotype. Exploration of \Grail myth and related legends to provide a structure for our making sense of the Universe Fine in VG DW Order No. 299650 12



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Nigel Pennick, Secrets of East Anglian Magic, Capall Bann 2004 Paperback 250pp Illustrated. Truly excellent study by local author which describes the realities of folk magic traditions in this part of Britain rather than wishful thinking of modern neo-pagans, Highly recommended. Fine Order No. 800024 8


Nigel Pennick, The Spiritual Arts and Crafts, Spiritual Arts & Crafts 2006, Paperback 169pp. Modern mass production / consumerist society gives us lots of things but at the cost of dislocation from our world. This work celebrates modes of thought and action that run counter to this. The conscious reaction against industrialisation, commercialisation and centralisation started in the 19th Century and the author describes the spiritual nature of its many forms and how these responses reach forward into contemporary times. Fine Order No. 440145 10


Nigel Pennick, Celtic Art, In the Northern Tradition, Nideck 1991 28pp card covered booklt, self published. Handsomly illustrated, a delightful, self published work F Order No. 80124 6.5


Nigel Pennick, Pagan Book of Days, Destiny 1992 paperback 152pp VG Order No. 300040 6


Nigel Pennick, Secret Lore of Runes & other Ancient, Alphabets, Rider 1991 Paperback 240pp Illus OP Hebrew, Greek, Runes, Oghams & Bardic Alphabet, Magical & Alchemical Alphabets. Excellent! F Order No. 2590 12


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Ken Radford, Tales of Witchery and Sorcery, Chancellor 1989 207pp Collection of tales from around the world, sourdces ranging from court records to oral histroy, incldes Meon Hill, Pendle, Aberdeenshire, Salem, Flintshire, Llandona etc. Fine Order No. 110540 6


Sorita d'Este & Rankine, Hekate, Liminal Rites, Avalonia 2009 Paperback 192pp A study of the rituals, magic and symbols of the torch-bearing Triple Goddess of the Crossroads Fine Order No. 800075 8


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William Rennie & Others, Society of the Horseman's Grip and Word, Society of Esoteric Endeavour, 2009 23cm x 23cm 184pp One of 100 deluxe copies. Full leather limp binding, using the same leather used in horse harness. Tipped in is a tradityional manilla wages envelope in which has been placed horse hair, knotted in the special manner used to indicate an invitation to join the Society. Tipped in plates. Gives the full ritual and lore of this clandestine Society with commentary explaining the significance and symbolism of its ceremony. Signed by William Rennie Mint Order No. 110997 200


William Rennie and Others, Society of the Horseman's Grip and Word, Society of Esoteric Endeavour, 2009 23cm x 23cm 184pp one of a limited edition of 900 standard copies. Illustrated. Gives the full ceremony and lore of this clandestine Society, with commentary explaining the significance and symbolism of its ritual and teachings Mint in Mint DW Order No. 111012 25


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Ronald Seth, Witches & their Craft, Oldhams 1967 1st Ed 255pp Pls Illus When 9 the author witnessed an act of hostile magic in an isolated fenland village which started his interest in the subject. This work examination of historical witchcraft VG in VG DW Order No. 1306 8


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Robin Skelton, The Practice of Witchcraft Today, An Introduction to the Beliefs and Rituals of the Old Religion, Hale 1988 1st Ed 204pp Written by an initiated witch, this work is provides rituals to celebrate the witches calendar, which includes many supplementary festivals as well as the familiar ones as well as handfasting etc. It is particulalry strong for the spells given for all manner of aims070903225X F in F DW Order No. 8201 12


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E.B. Trigg, Gypsy Demons & Divinities, The Magical & Supernatural Practices of Gypsies, Sheldon 1973 1st UK Ed xii + 238pp An eye opener for the depth & wealth of occult lore uncovered, soughtafter OP F in VG+ DW Order No. 341 20


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Various, Cauldron, No.113, 2004 Large format leaflet 44pp Articels include Shani Oates - the Cochrane Legacy; Nigel Jackson - Dame Alchemia; Liddell - Calls to the Horned One Fine Order No. 99165 4


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Lesley Wilkinson, Burn Witch, Burn, Media Hype & the New Inquisition, Wyrd Press 1994 In Britain the evaporation of prominent cases of supposed Satanic Ritual Abuse (in the Orkneys, the supposed Satanic covens were in fact Quaker meetings!) has led these scares to be recognised as a strange delusion of the late 20th Century. 100pp Pb Fine Order No. 2315 8


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A. Witch, The Devil's Prayerbook, Rigel 1974 1st Ed 71pp Born of an early variation of Gardnerianism as it uses the "Z" words for the God and Goddess, it eschews use of the scourge. Gives skeleton of rituals for festivals and the three inititiations culminating in the Great Rite. Also a lot of practical advice so the author clearly a practioner. Scarce F Order No. 400062 15


Ly Warren-Clarke & Kathryn Matthews, Way of Merlyn, The Male Path to Wicca, Prism 1990 Paperback 185pp Fine Order No. 440042 7