Paul Lowe joined the Typhonian OTO in the 1980s, assuming the magickal persona Samael 131 ˚˚ He made many contributions to Starfire in the forms of both image and word and, for awhile, co-edited that publication with Mick Staley and Robert Taylor (who became known later as Robert Agusucci). Starfire came to be the official organ of the Typhonian OTO, and widely regarded as the pre-eminent Thelemic publication and surely one of the finest of all occult journals. In time the cell structure of the Typhonian Order emerged with Mick heading the Lam Cell, Robert the Nightside Cell and Samael 131˚˚ heading the Dreaming Cell. As part of his obligations of the Fifth degree he undertook the Astarte Working which was framed over a period of 18 months but in fact formed the foundation for a further 25 years of magical practice as further degrees were undertaken. During this magical practice a new magickal order was encountered and made manifest, the Ordo Templi Solus Noir. At the heart of the Order are the succubi, the qlipphotic queens of prostitution, demons of Kabbalistic lore. These articulate with 3 Temple Pylons (or doorways); 7 Grigori Sentinels (or Watchers, the angels who found the daughters of men desirable and taught forbidden knowledge) and 3 Guardians. His magickal partner in these operations was Namrael. In this context Samael 131 ˚˚ operates as Samael Grigori, vesica of the Solus Noir current and archon of the Order, articulated with the wider world through the persona of Damian Alexander Sinclair. The nature of the magickal work draws upon Crowley, Spare particularly (most especially his sigil work) and Carlos Casteneda - whose work (despite popularity and academic debunking) has had a marked influence upon practicing occultists. Andrew Chumbley is, evidently, a profound inspiration. Curiously though, that influence appears to have commenced some years before the formal joint workings of the Cultus Sabbati and Typhonian OTO and it does seem to have a markedly different flavour to Cultus Sabbati material. This is not the only instance of Andrew Chumbley, the Adept, having influence far beyond the boundaries of the Cultus Sabbati. Indeed, it was Andrew's explicit desire to achieve this. The items offered here earth the Ordo Templi Solus Noir current, bringing it forth into manifestation.




Samael Grigori, Large format, spiral bound with boards covered with paper marbled with metallic pigments with decorative card tipped on obverse and reverse of front and back of both boards, glassine dustwrapper 108pp. Mixed papers. A collection of works dedicated to Namrael, the author's magical co-worker. Signed "Samael ˚˚" The book contains the following texts:-



Avatars Solus Noir

Portus Lucis Deum, A Masque, by Samael 131 & Namreal 777. The text was compiled in 2007 describing their magical union in 7 acts



Liber Sigillum vel Daath, the Vision (text written 1996) Dreamwork in 13 Octaves including Daathian Intrusions. Illustrated

The Selim, A Tale of Night Walkers. Frontispiece that cunningly employs flashing colours to give the impression of the title hanging in the air. Compiled in 2007 with elements from 1998. Explores sexual emissions and sex magick

Daath, The Palace of Exiles, 2009 text comprising:- Prime Considerations; Daath; Ain Soph Aur; Synthesis. Exploring that which is beyond the Tree of Life

Liber Ananta, The Firesnake Working. Written in 1998, revised 2011 concerns states of consciousness. However, it should be noted that this is, in fact, extracted from the full work. It presents, very roughly, about a third of the entire text.

Portus Solus Noir, The Black Sun, Frontispiece. Invocation of Na'amah

Ely, A Gregori Tale. Frontispiece, magical short fiction

Sunset 2008

A selection of tales, essays, poems and artwork expressing the nature of the Solus Noir and dedicated to Namrael the author's co-worker. Some slight wear to top of glassine dustwrapper Order Ref. DAS01 520









Damian Alexander Sinclair, Grigori Namrael Samael, large format 30cm x 21cm spiral bound, Front and back boards have colour illustrations tipped on obverse and reverse 34pp of photopaper, text and coloured illustrations, Contains Anathema/Book of the Black Sun Signed "Samael ˚˚" This work manifested some way through Solus Noir workings. Order Ref. DS02 375








Damian Alexander Sinclair, Liber Ananta, The Serpent's Kiss, March 21st 1994 - March 21st 1995 (28.5cm x 24.5cm) Side stitch binding featuring numerous multicolour threads and ribbons, card covers with monochrome illustrations tipped on front and back. 52pp in pairs on a single sheet folded once and then mounted on textured card leaf. The front of the folded sheet is heavily sigils as are the inside of the cover. The development of these sigils, executed in metallic and coloured ink, is clearly and important dimension of the work. The text is much longer than that given in the Samael Grigori item. It has many additional paragraphs to the sections given there and whole additional sections:-

Magic - A Model In Actuality

Modes of Consciousness - the Subjective and Objective Argument

Elemental Entities/realities

Patron Entities

Holy Guardian Angel

Stellar Entities

Stalking of Power

Gateway Technology - A Viewpoint

The introduction informs us this text explores the nature of three Typhonian OTO degrees. Interestingly there is specific mention of taking the Crooked Path and the dates given for the origination of this work just predate the joint Cultus Sabbati - Typhonian OTO workings. The text itself emerged as a result of the firesnake ritual consumate with the Fifthe degree of the OTO Order Ref. DS03 575






Axiomata de Arte Magica, No.11 of 13, 2011, 7 sheets printed on one side with top sheet of photopaper printed on both sides, front with illustration. Attached with staple in one corner and wrapped in coloured tissue paper, Part published Starfire Vol.I No.5, a treatise upon sigil magic with some diagrams. The author has developed his own understanding of the term "Axiomata" , in this context is signifies the fusion of text, image, graphic and sigil. Message (signed "Damian") in pencil by author to recipient. The sheets are very curled, having been rolled up tight. Tissue paper crinkled, especially at edges where it has been folded into roll, Remains of tape on tissue paper Order Ref. DS04 60









Damian Alexander Sinclair, Songs in Solitude, Reflections in Light and Shadow, LIMITED EDITION OF 1 Card box 24cm x 24cm x 8cm covered inside and out in handmade paper. Inside five sets of sheets rolled up and wrapped in coloured paper and bound with a ribbon. Full examination a privilege preserved for the purchaser Signed "Samael ˚˚" Each scroll is one of the five principle tales Songs of Solitude. Order Ref. DS05 425










Damian Alexander Sinclair, The Selim, A Tale of Night Walkers, Nemesis Publications 2007, boards (30cm x 30cm), outer covers tipped on printed illustrations. Inside and outside of both boards boldly sigilised by author. Side stitches with profuse multicoloured threads and ribbon. Inside 24pp of coloured illustration and text tipped in onto black card leaves. Sealed on one side so full examination a privilege of the purchaser Signed "Samael ˚˚" This work outlines the egregore that came to be acknowledged as the Gregori (or Watcher) principle central to the Solus Noir. Order Ref. DS06 475













Damian Alexander Sinclair, Liber Sigellum vel Daath, LIMITED EDITION OF 1. Very large format card covers (47cm x 33cm - pages smaller) coloured sheet tipped on front and back. Multiple sigils throughout. 28pp, many coloured illustrations, Signed "Samael ˚˚" Unique record of one of the visions that gave rise to the Ordo Templi Solus Noir. There are some indentations on sheet tipped onto front cover Order Ref. DS07 600
















Damian Alexander Sinclair, April Fool, Nemesis Publications 2009. 5pp linked together to form a scroll 148.5cm x 210cm wrapped around hand made paper covered tube and covered with black tissue tied with ribbon. An appendice to the tale of Ely, a principle Gregori Order Ref. DS08 120





Bibliography of Nemesis Publications, 7pp on manuscript style paper Order Ref. DS09 15









Sunset, No. 4 of 13 copies, 5pp on three loose sheets. Order Ref. DS10 75







Damian Alexander Sinclair, Untitled, 17.5cm x 7.5cm x 2mm Order Ref. DS11 25






Sample Graphics, Signed twice "Samael ˚˚ 131˚˚ OTO" Sealed in glassine so full examination a privilege reserved for the purchaser Order Ref. DS12 50







Damian Alexander Sinclair, Na'amah, No. 13 of 13 copies, two loose leaves 4pp Order Ref. DS13 25








Seal 1, Card mount 42cm x 31cm, with handmade paper border and mounted printed sheet, inscribed "Sanctuary Seals 1 Samael Grigori 131 ˚˚" on reverse, in metallic ink, slight bumping to card. Faint marks of having been fixed to wall. Order Ref. DS14 60








Seal 2, 40cm x 28.5cm card with printed image. Boldly inscribed "Our Most Holy Lodge Sanctuary Seals 2 Samael 131 ˚˚" in metallic ink of reverse. Evidence of having been fixed to wall. Order Ref. DS15 60







Seal 3, Card mount 20cm x 9cm, hand marbled paper and printed image tipped on. Reverse inscribed "Sanctuary Seals 3 131 ˚˚" in metallic ink, evidence of having been fixed to wall Order Ref. DS16 35






Seal 4. Card 28.5cm x 12cm upon which hand marbled border and printed image. Reverse inscribed "Sanctuary Seals 4 Samael" in metallic ink, evidence of having been fixed to wall Order Ref. DS17 35



Seal 5, Portus Lucis Noir, Triangular card , side 18cm, inscribed "Sanctuary Seals 5 131 ˚˚" in metallic ink of reverse. Marks from having been fixed to wall Order Ref. DS18 40






Seal 5, Card mount 28.5cm x 7cm, printed image tipped on. Reverse inscribed "Sanctuary Seals 5 Samael Grigori 131 ˚˚" in metallic ink, evidence of having been fixed to wall Order Ref. DS19 35







Untitled A4 Posters, on glossy card. All individually signed "Samael ˚◦˚"



Order Ref. DS14 10 Order Ref. DS15 10




Order Ref. DS16 10








Untitled A3 Poster, Both signed on reverse "Samael ˚◦˚"


Order Ref. DS17 15 Order Ref. DS18 15





Untitled A4 Posters, on glossy card. All individually signed "Damiana"



Order Ref. DS19 7.50 Order Ref. DS20 7.50





Order Ref. DS21 7.50 Order Ref. DS22 7.50




Order Ref. DS23 7.50 Order Ref. DS24 7.50



Order Ref. DS25 7.50 Order Ref. DS26 7.50






A3 Posters, on glossy card. All individually signed "Damiana" on front and boldly inscribed "Sanctum Sigillum Samael Damiana" in metallic ink on reverse. Numbered limited edition of 31



Night of Pan, Order Ref. DS27 12.50 Station to Station, Order Ref. DS28 12.50




Trinity, Order Ref. DS29 12.50 The Avatar, Order Ref. DS30 12.50






Sanctum, Order Ref. DS31 12.50






Damiana (Damian Alexander Sinclair), Sunset. Single A4 sheet printed on both sides signed "Damiana" The Avatar, Order Ref. DS31 10