3) Some Other Cultus Sabbati Items


These items can be view here:-




Andrew Chumbley, Azöetia, A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, Xoanon 1992 1st Ed Paperback, limited edition of 300 copies. 362pp Illustrated. It is a very low number, No.51 and is signed by the author “Andrew D. Chumbley” with the line of the 'y' extended into a sigil and then a further sigil reminiscent of a lower case omega and one of the glyphs from Spare's Alphabet of Desire.  Presumably one of the very first copies of Azoetia to be sent out into the Universe. A great deal has happened in the subsequent 20 years! This copy is in only Good condition, having s creases  and wear to and covers, and some marks. Order No. 890001  £375









Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, Fulgur for Xoanon 1995 Hardback 1st Ed., 80pp Drawing upon the Yatukih Sorcery of Ancient Persia, the Yezidic cult of Shaitan & the widdershin dance of the Sufi the author manifests an avocatory poem of 72 verses, 11 talismanic Illus & the Rite of the Opposer, the Sabbatic Craft expressed in Arabic terms. Commentary, Glossary etc  There is a fraternal inscription from the author as Alogus Dhulqarnen Khidhir with the sigil of three circles within an inverted triangle of dots Fine in Very Good + (slipght wear) dustwrapper  Order No. 890002  £425





Daniel Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, The Pleasure Garden of Shadows, Xoanon 2005 (xviii) + 520 + (6pp) Illustrated. This being number 45 of 72 deluxe copies bound in full Moroccan leather, gilt blocked) with place ribbon in sturdy cloth bound slipcase with additional 20pp card covered booklet "the Epistle of the Tree"  Most of these illustration depict the genius of particular plants which command their healing powers. The nature of this herbalism is deeply magical and occult. The author displays impressive knowledge of herbal lore and magical practice using plants. This work is an major component of the corpus of books born of the Cultus Sabbatai. Aside from one mark to slipcase (illustrated) all components near Mint Order No. 890003  £1800






David Beth, Voudon Gnosis, Scarlet Imprint 2008 Small format hardback iv + 84pp + (4pp) index. Two coloured plates. Numbered limited edition of 555 copies.  Succeeds in making Michael Bertiaux system of esoteric voodism intelligible. Handsomely designed with serpent blind stamped on black cloth. Nice inscription by author featuring a complicated cross born of an Gnostic ecclesiastic lineage from Michael Bertiaux. Fine (no dustwrapper as issued) Near Mint Order No. 890003  £175